Outdoor Country Wedding - Purple & Turquoise

Our Garden Arbor and Brown Backdrop, used for an August Outdoor Wedding.
Brides colors: Bright Purple and Bright Turquoise

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Garden Arbor on Brown Backdrop

Decorated Garden Arbor

Eggplant & Silver Wedding

     Below are pictures from a brides indoor August wedding.  The brides colors were Eggplant and Silver.  This particular set up is part of our Mid-Room package, with added chair covers and sashes.  We used Eggplant Satin Overlays and Sashes on White linens.  The backdrop satin swags were done in the same matching satin eggplant color.  Since the brides 2nd color was silver, we incorporated this with just small hints around the room, one of which is the satin bow runners on the tables.

We are a Utah based mobile wedding & event decoration company, we operate out of Salt Lake County.  If you like what you see, and are interested in our decoration services.  Please visit us at: www.simplyenchantingevent.com
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Eiffel tower centerpiece - Orchids in ice on mirror and Silver Satin bow

Lighted ice-like looking gazebo with lighted cake table 

Room View 1
Backdrop - Roman Pillars with satin eggplant swags

Backdrop - Center close-up

Book sign-in table

Room View 2

Close-up of cake table


Room view 3

Table View

Our secured locked gift card box

One of our silk floral arrangements
Aerial room view, lights dimmed

Aerial room view, lights on


Emerald Green & Peacock Blue Wedding

Below are few pictures taken from one of the weddings we designed.  Brides colors were Peacock Blue & Emerald Green and Whites.  This room was one of the larger LDS Stake Cultural halls.  When we design using our packages we are able to make excellent use of the larger room's space, at the same time bringing the entire room together for a more romantic reception center feel.
If you are interested in our services in and around the Salt Lake, Utah area (or other area's inside Utah or nearby state boarder cities in Wyoming, Idaho or Nevada.  Visit our website: www.simplyenchantingevent.com

Our Roman Pillar Backdrop, wrapped in satin swags with satin swag centerpiece topper

Banquet, Refreshment Area

Book Sign in Table

Close-up of Lighted Cake Table

White Cart, additional picture area

Centerpiece - floating fake flicker candle, colorful rocks

One of our Silk Floral Arrangements

Cake Gazebo area with lights on

Cake Gazebo Area with Lights Off

Our larger picture area for brides that have 12-25 portraits for display

Entrance Table

Room View 1

Room View 2

Room View 3

Room View 4

Room View 5