A 5K, Fun Times and a Fabulous Fragrance

How has your week been?
Mine has actually been really great.

I ran my first 5K, in I really can't tell you how many years, but lets say more than 10 years ago.
Literally even a few years back when I was racing consistently it was only Marathons.

I hit up the packet pick up Friday. This was seriously bitter sweet I tell ya!
I loved the opportunity that I was given to participate in this race. (Thanks to Alaska Air for the Sponsorship!!!)
When I went up to the area with the different race sections for bib numbers. Having to pass the marathon runners bib station and not stop was tough. But I got over it (a little) and hit up that 5K table with a big smile.

On a side note, don't you just love those huge chandeliers? This packet pick up was at one of the historic buildings at the Utah State Fair park.

Race morning, last minute decision I grabbed what I call my sports bra/body corset. LOL Yeah, I haven't quite lost all the weight I want yet and it's basically one of those full upper body sports bras, and since mine is like several sizes too small I knew it would suck in all my extra stuff, and make me feel better about wearing a tighter race shirt. (Laugh, it's okay, because I do ha ha.)

I know, I know some people think not loving your body the way it is, is body shaming. Well frankly I don't care what people think.
I knew I would feel a little uncomfortable with the tightness around my upper body from having it all sucked in, but when I looked in the mirror and liked the results better it made me feel better about myself and that's more important for me!

When I walked out to my car and had to scrap the frost off my windows. I decided all the extra layers and including the tight corset, LOL. Was a good choice!

I cranked up seat warmers on high, and turned up the heater and headed out.
I took the drive up into Salt Lake City, and being a local gal (even though I rarely go up to SLC). I wasn't going to pay for parking unless I had no other choice. Drove around the block down the street a bit from the finish and Oh Yeah, found an awesome free parking spot. SCORE!

I got there a bit on the early side, so I just sat in my car and stayed warm until about 15 minutes til race start and then I walked the less than half mile to the start.

There were a lot of runners out there, that years back you probably wouldn't have ever seen getting into the fun of a 5K.

I'll tell ya, when your alone at a race. You are a BEACON for groups to grab because there must be some sign that says, single girl grab her to take our group photo, LOL.
I really don't mind, this used to happen to me a lot at marathons too.

Of course that was until one group that after I said yes, each person in the group hands me their individual phone to take the same picture with.  Seriously, in the age of text and send. They couldn't forward a picture onto each other?? Oh well, I grinned and did it anyway. Then walked into the corral so I could avoid additional amateur photo opps, LOL LOL

The race starting temp was 38 degrees, and when I finished it was still 38 degrees.

In other words absolutely PERFECT running temps! I bet the marathoners were absolutely loving the running conditions!
In case your wondering this event also hosts:
Full Marathon
Half Marathon
10K Skate
26.2 Mile Bike Tour
Kids 1K

The 5K course, super easy basically close as you get to a flat course in Salt Lake.

The race was fun, and very well organized.
Gorgeous spring weather and surroundings, with beautiful snow capped mountain peaks around you, could you ask for a better race/day?

On a funny note: I was a little shocked at how many stop in a 5K just slightly more than a mile into the race to grab a drink and walk. But it was okay by me, I think I passed 100 people at that water stop and only counted 2 passing me a few minutes later.  BONUS!

Truthfully, I was running this purely for fun. I had no plans, other than to run the whole thing and have fun doing it. I also decided not to run with any music, so I could people watch and enjoy the crowds and conversation around me. After all, this is my first race of any kind in over 3 years since I got the work injury that damaged a few tendons in my left foot.

Because "runner" people watching is awesome!!!!!

On a side note, a father and his 4 year old and 6 year old running with him, passed me effortlessly, yeah and beat me. It just made me wish I had thought to bring a young niece to run with, LOL. Next time, I will do just that

I did pass a 92 year old, who called himself "one of the young guys out that day." He made me smile, and just love that some people are able to stay active into their 90's, that is just awesome!!!

On a 2nd side note, after noticing the finishing times in my age group for the 5K, I realized if I had been in marathon shape I could have easily placed or won my age group. Definitely something to consider for the future, and I who knows I just might run it again and try ya never know:)

I had a great time, and while some people enjoy a fastest ever PR, I had a different kind of PR, I had a "My worst Ever 5K time PR", LOL LOL
(Could I of run faster? Possibly, but I decided to use what I like to call my "I can run this pace forever", pace.)

Not even kidding about that, It was my absolute worst by far. But who really cares, I didn't!
I was out there having fun. I can't even tell you how entertaining it was to listen, watch others.

Not only that, but how motivational it was to hear some talk to their friends and push each other. Many of these 5K runners these days I noticed, this is their first race ever, or first time getting into running. Their reason's why are all different, it's an entirely different experience than running a marathon on so many different levels it's a world I have been away from for a very long time, too long!

Overall, I actually think I walked away from this opportunity with some valuable lesson's learned. One was, I was far more proud for total strangers who didn't even realize I was listening/people watching them. Than I was for anything I had done that day, and I really enjoyed that learning experience!

I even heard the best comment ever from one of the organizers on the speakers as I was leaving.

He said, even if your not out to try and win. We give you 26.2 miles of uninterrupted running, biking or 10K skating through salt lake with zero traffic stops, the only time you'll ever get that in the city.
I smiled because that is a great way to look at any race. Even if you aren't there to compete against anyone but yourself, you really should look at a race as a fun/great opportunity to run with no stoplight limitations, LOL

The Salt Lake City Marathon is a very well organized event.
The finishers area was huge and I tell ya like a runners buffet.

I grabbed a banana for a quick breakfast and a water. Skipped everything else, in my mind I couldn't help thinking about those middle and back of the pack marathon runners who would be coming through several hours later from when I was there.

While I am sure they had plenty, I decided one less 5K runner taking some would leave a bit more for one of the endurance runners who would enjoy it/need it more than me!

Although, I will say I was highly tempted by the freshly cooked pancakes hot off the grill, LOL But those would have put me way over my calorie intake for the day, ha ha.

(They gave nice looking shirts out for the 5K didn't they!)

When I finished I stayed long enough to see the first place half cross the finish. Would have enjoyed staying to see the marathon runners finish, but I didn't want to wait in the cold and knowing me it would just make me bummed I couldn't be one of them.

Back when I used to do 5K's you never saw finisher medals unless you won, or you were a kid. I don't know why but I still think its odd they give them in every race now.

I know, I know I am from a different street race era I guess I gotta get with the times. LOL
Not sure if I will keep it or just donate it to one of those charities that use them at Special Needs sporting events.


My running improved this week, still not where it should be now nearly 2 months in. But I decided to bump things up a bit a few days, and my body responded nicely and actually liked it better than the easier mileage I had been doing in previous weeks. Oddly the extra miles run together didn't even bring any soreness. (Which was kinda a bummer, LOL.)

On the plus side, we are into spring here. Which means snow one day, rain rain and more rain other days with the occasional pop of sunlight on other days. Even the ducks think it's spring, as I saw my first group of ducklings on a run this week. One of my tree's that I call the purple one is in bloom too and thanks to all the rain and snow this week, everything looks so fresh and green, love it!

What else have I been enjoying this week?
Well I participate in the Influenster program, and each month lately I've really been enjoying all the fun new products they send for me to try.

This month I am really enjoying this Ralph Lauren "Tender Romance" fragrance.
The best part about it, it's not just a trial sample they sent, it was a small bottle so it's going to last a while.  Which is awesome because I love the scent!

So that is a little bit about my week.

Have you run a fun race recently?
Are you like me, do you enjoy taking it all in and get a little more enjoyment of listening and watching others, than from your own accomplishments too?

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Do You Over-Hydrate in a Marathon?

This is a subject I am a little passionate about. I get worried for others when I see runners making hydration mistakes in training and in races. While this post is mostly written in my opinion and is written in all my own words.  I did however, take tips and suggestions from qualified sources to prove point. Sources are sited below for those interested.

Runner Type 1  I once met a guy during a marathon who made it a goal to not stop and drink at any of the water stops the entire 26.2 miles. I've also met a few runners who have told me in a marathon they may only stop 2-3 times the entire race to take a drink.

Runner Type 2 I have seen runners who are stopping to drink water every single mile during a marathon. And others who carry hydration packs and fill them at water stops so they can sip on their own drink in-between each of those water stops between the mile markers.

Let's test your knowledge. 

Whom of those two types of runners listed above are at greater risk of death or other serious problems?

If your an experienced runner, you probably already know the answer. But if you are newer to distance running let me tell you. 

It's the runners who stop at every water stop or who carry hydration packs and sip on them between water stops then also drinks at the stops who are far more likely to have health issues and risk death during a race.

It's true.

FACT: Did you know there is actually no known case of a runner in a US marathon ever dying due to dehydration in a race? BUT there are several cases where runners have died from over-hydration during a marathon. (Hyponatremia is the official term for over-hydration.)

Yup, in fact, more runners will over-hydrate in a marathon than under-hydrate and that is even in the hot races.

For this reason and the fact that many runners aren't using their marathon training schedules to learn how to hydrate properly. There is a push from the Road Race Medical Community for races to begin to decrease the number of aid stations, to ONE every 2-3 miles along a race course.  Since some runners can't teach themselves to drink correctly, having the water spaced out more correctly on a course can help teach them and help them out so they will have less chance of hurting themselves.

I personally think this is very wise, and I give a lot of props to the races whom have already conformed over to this.

Many think marathon training means getting in shape and learning to stay on your feet for 26.2 miles. Which is correct.

However, so much more should be put into your training.
One of those is learning how to hydrate properly and learning to teach yourself not to over drink. While it can be dangerous to become severely dehydrated. The risks apparently are far higher to start getting into over-hydration drinking habits in races and even in training.

A few interesting facts I learned while researching for this post:

* Studies have shown runners who are losing 1.5%-3% of their body weight during a race from dehydration have actually performed better in a race, than those who over-hydrate.
(In case your wondering, 1%-2% body weight loss they found was a fairly decent average for most runners in a marathon by the end.) 

* Some marathon runners will finish a marathon weighing more than they did when they started the race, purely because they are over-hydrating. This is extremely dangerous for some and those doing it probably don't even know how big the risks are!

* Always start a race fully hydrated, especially an endurance race.
If you do, hydrate properly you should never need to stop at a water stop in a 5K or shorter races around that distance. On a side note, not stopping to drink in shorter races can improve performance and your race times. As well as drinking correctly and not over-hydrating can improve performance in a marathon as well.

* 3-4 miles is the perfect distance between water stops even in hotter temperatures. However, you may find in winter or colder months you can easily go a few miles further between stops. 

If you are currently training to drink more frequently already, you can easily begin work on correcting this in your marathon training plans.

* Getting headaches after you run, or feeling lightheaded or dizzy towards the end of a run or in the hours following a run are possible signs your not hydrating enough. Additionally, if you find you are cramping up far too often in a run or after may also be signs you are not hydrating properly.

* Urine test. As a runner you should aim to have your urine looking like the color of lemonade. If it's too dark, your under hydrated for your daily training. If it's too clear, you may be over hydrating daily.

* Don't get into the, I'll drink a gallon of water a day fad. For most people, that could be way too much. While the 8 glasses or 8 oz. water a day is a pretty steady rule for most, even that rule of thought is outdated info. (FYI: 8 glasses at 8 oz. is only about half a liter.)

Want to know how much you really need? Take your total weight and then divide it by 2.
The answer you get, is how many ounces you should be drinking each day. (For your normal hydration purposes - See below to add your water for workout purposes.)

* If you work out, you obviously need more water than on days you don't. While most people can tell based on signs and thirst factor, not everyone is intuitive with their bodies actual needs. For those who fit this, you can use the sweat rate test. 

Weigh yourself before you go out for a (1 hour is a good one) training run, then when you return weigh yourself again. For each pound lost, example 1 pound means you should drink about 1 pint of water to recover from your sweat rate.
Granted this test isn't fool proof. Weather, temp, speed and distance may each play a role in this test, so you may need to adjust for different circumstances.

* You can't hydrate properly for a long run or a marathon in a day or two leading up to a race. In fact, leaving it to last minute won't help you much at all.
You should be fully hydrated 8-10 days leading up to any long run or marathon.

* If you are training for a marathon, especially when you get to the longer runs and months leading towards the race. It's best to cut out all alcohol consumption, as drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration.

* MARATHON DAY TIP If running a marathon, drink your morning water 2 hours before the race start, and try not to sip on anything while waiting for the race to start.  Some runners find doing this, and a quick swallow or two of water just before the gun goes off reduces the need to stop at one of those not so lovely port-o-potties during the race. 

(FYI: This is what I learned to do, and it works amazingly, I rarely ever have to stop and use a bathroom along the course!)

* To keep you from getting too scared, One thing to note is, about 99% of the time most marathoners who finish a race are slightly dehydrated or slightly over-hydrated and they are perfectly fine and it is completely normal.

How do you know if your drinking too much water in a race?

* If you find you are stopping to have to pee often in a race.

* If you are stopping at every single water stop at a race that offers them each mile and you are drinking more than 2-3 oz. each stop. 

* If you finish a run and are weighting more than you did when you started the race/training run.

Informative resources I used as a guide for this post:
(Disclaimer, I was not asked by any of these news sites to promote their material. I purely used them as educational resources.) http://www.wsj.com/articles/ease-up-on-the-water-during-that-marathon-1424715632

Did you learn anything today?
If you train for marathons. Do you find you drink too much, or too little or just about right when you race?
Do you make sure to practice hydration training along with any race training?

Disclaimer: I wrote this based on research and my own opinion. I am not a doctor or trainer and information in my posts should only be taken as my opinion not be taken as advice. If you have further questions on this subject, I recommend asking your doctor or a skilled nutritionist/trainer on the subject.

Dole Plantation, Hawaiian Pineapple Fun for Travel Tuesday

This week, I want to show you a fun place in Hawaii. If you ever find yourself on the island Oahu, I highly recommend you take the drive over to the Dole Plantation, which is near the famous North Shore.
It's both fun for you and fun for the family, with lot's of things to see and do while your there.

You can take a Pineapple Garden Tour, or run around the Pineapple Garden Maze. When you're done, head inside and have lunch right off their tasty grill.

Of course if your not in the mood for lunch, you must add one of their famous DoleWhip's. They are delicious and a great way to cool off on a warm Hawaiian day. (In fact I absolutely love these!)

Need a little more fun, hop onto their Pineapple Express Train Tour. This is a fun short 20 minute tour, they'll take you around a couple of miles of the plantation. Giving you stories and history along the way.

They also have a great gift shop, you can buy a souvenir, send some pineapple home to family or friends. Or buy some creative fun local favorites.

This is one of those places that are fun to visit. You could spend an hour or a few and relax and cool off in their gardens.
If your traveling to the North Shore for the day, it's definitely worth stopping at either on your way there or way back.

Have you been to the Dole Plantation before?
If you have, what's been your favorite part about it?
If you visit Oahu, is this a place you'd like to visit one day?

Sometimes you have to remember to FOCUS and keep the DESIRE in your heart!

This week's been filled with more job interviews. Yes I did accept the job I mentioned last week, but a girl's definitely allowed to keep her options open, right! And I am doing exactly just that!

One was a really fun department interview, where everyone sat in a circle and they each took turns asking me questions.
It was fun, except I had a massive headache, near migraine. I kept loosing my train of thought, or I couldn't think of something quick. So I eventually just started making up things since I couldn't think deep anymore, LOL  (Normally I would never do that, but when in pain, just do whatever to get through it quick and get out!)

Later in the week, they offered the position. While I really liked the people and the job sounded pretty fun, in the end I decided to turn it down.

I did a little better with running and working out this week, but not great and it's my own fault really. My headache was so intense I could barely stand to keep my eyes open so I only ran 3 days.

To be completely honest, I am not adjusting getting back into running very well. I let stupid things get in the way, and take precedence, when normally I would never be that way.

Keep Running in Focus

Crazy as it sounds, I was talking to my mechanic while I was getting my registration done. He is also a marathon runner and has been for many years. Since he's trying to decide if he wants to make the comeback after his 2nd knee replacement. (yeah, he's a bit older.)
We got into talking and realized we had many commonalities in relation to the marathon.

I am an endurance distance runner, I would take a 16 mile run any day of the week over a 3 miler, in fact I do better the further I go. It takes my body 5-6 miles just to get into the run and begin to work out all the kinks and start enjoying it. I know so many people are build for different types of running, but for me having run various distances, this is one thing I know about myself.

Of course getting back into running now, obviously I can't jump right back into 16 milers. Well maybe I could try, but I might leave a lung or two on the road, LOL

Doing the 1-3 milers right now, are messing with my mind and I am just not enjoying the runs as much as should, I can't get into the "zone" and relax and enjoy. They are either over too soon, or over before the body starts adjusting. I hate that I can't force my mind to just pretend to like it all!

My mechanic who apparently is like me in his love for distance running, said because his wife is trying to push him into running 5K-10K's since his surgery. "When your built for distance running. It's hard to make others understand but there is just a different feeling/rush/love for it you get running a marathon than shorter races or distances."
Myself alone most the time it takes me until miles 12-16 to really just enjoy, relax and get that oh I love run this feeling, so all I did was agree and we had a great conversation about it since we both could totally relate.

Anyhow, I walked out of there that day, with more than a new sticker for my license plate. I realized, I am completely normal in not enjoying this short distance build up period, and that's okay!
I know all I have to do is keep on wanting it, and I'll get passed this part and onto the parts I will enjoy soon enough!

Keep Desire in your heart

However on the subject of running, I did get my first evening run in, in what I swear has been over 6 years. I used to run evenings all the time, I've been a morning person for a long time. On the plus side, I didn't mind it as much as I thought. Just far too much traffic out and different people on the road and trails!

OH NO! On a bummer note, I apparently shouldn't of been driving one day because of the headache. I made a very stupid mistake and let's just say scrapped the entire undercarriage of my car up on one side. Not good!
I couldn't figure out what I was more mad about. That I hurt my car, or that I wasn't in a truck like I used to drive where this wouldn't of ever happened. Or that I had no one to be pissed at but myself, and I pulled one of those "super dumb" moments. Thankfully no witness, that I know of :)

I really prefer dumb mistake moments when I can put the blame on someone else, but then don't we all at times. LOL

On the weight loss front, I lost a pound early on in the week, and then gained 3 more towards the end. But I have ZERO worries about it. At the risk of giving you too much info lets just say it's the wrong time of the month to weigh myself and likely next week I will drop some big numbers, so I am looking forward to next week!

Those are a few bits and pieces about my week.

Have you ever had a dumb moment and done anything stupid driving your vehicle?
Do you have certain distances your body enjoys and prefers over others? 

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How to Know if you Did Your Best in Your Race, Even if You Aren't Sure

As runners we can be pretty hard on ourselves at times, when we probably shouldn't be.  At the same time, many runners may find they don't quite believe they worked hard enough.

So, this post is purely to give a little food for thought on the subject.  As for, if there is a right or wrong in any aspect of it, well that is up to each individual runner to decide.
As, all runners come in different shapes, sizes.  All have different goals, speeds.  Every runner out there is awesome, and it doesn't matter if they come in first or last, they are after all out there running and for that it deserves some respect!

However, if you have ever found yourself asking any of these questions, this post may give you a little bit to go on:

How do you know if you really did your best?  

Was your best good enough? Could you have done better? 

Or are you being too hard on yourself?  

Or maybe should you consider be harder on yourself?

Asking yourself a few of these questions below MIGHT get you the answer your looking for.

I finished my race, and missed my goal time by X amount.  Did I do my best? Maybe I could have done more??? If you find your asking these questions after your race, try asking yourself these.

Did you put in all the training time needed, not rushed?
Did you put the miles and/or speedwork in ahead of time in training to get you to your goal you wanted to achieve?
Were you healthy, injury free the day you ran the race?
Did you remember it was a race, did you push yourself as you practiced in training?
Did you put it all out there, as you crossed the finish line did you feel you gave it the best you could the entire race?
In your training, did you train for the terrain and climate the race had?

If you answered YES to all of those.  You did your best, you gave it your all, there is no reason to come down on yourself or put yourself down for not doing better.
Be proud of your AWESOMENESS, because you did the best you could do.
If you want to do better in the future or hit higher goals, go back to the training board and start a new training program that will help you achieve the different goals you want to hit.

If you answered NO to any of those above.  Then there is your answer, right in the question you answered no to.  You can still be proud of your efforts, as all efforts are something to be proud of.
But try not to come down on yourself, because if you didn't put all the work in ahead of time or didn't train correctly for the goals you wanted to achieve. Those are things that are definitely something that is easy to work on for the future. Maybe knowing you can do better will be the exact thing to drive you and push you harder in the future.

If you were sick or injured, that is something totally and completely out of your control. So its best to never feel let down about how a race turns out in situations like those. Not every race will be this way, and you can just look forward to the next when you are healthy without the uncontrollable holding you back.
The key is to be happy with how your race ended. After all unless your an elite athlete your out there doing it for fun, and doing it mostly for yourself or as inspiration to others.  If you want to do better, next time put the work in, do what it takes to hit new goals. After all, that is the great thing about running, you can try again!

Next Question

Why am I not getting faster?  Is it even possible for me to get faster?
If you find yourself asking this, POSSIBLY the below will help you with finding a solution:

Are you well trained?
Did you build up your mileage first and did you get very comfortable running the mileage before you began any speed work?
Did you do speed work? Did you practice in training to push and build yourself to new speed levels, and trained for the race pace you were hoping for?
Are you running consistently, are you training enough?
How is your weight, are you at a healthy weight for your body height and type?
Are you training specifically for one race, to hit your goals?

If you answered YES to all, then you are PROBABLY on the right track.  However, if you're not hitting faster goals, consider your age. It's possible, you may have already hit all your PR days, and now it is time to re-look at things and start aiming for placing in the top in your age group or seeing how many younger runners you can pass and leave in the dust instead? (Don't worry about this, we will all hit that point eventually!)
Or consider taking a look at the races you are choosing, maybe they are not suited for you based on your training or where you train.
 Also, so many runners these days get caught up into race after race and forget that the body needs time to heal correctly. It can become impossible to train for PR's if you are racing too often and not allowing the proper recovery time and training to make it for one big goal race.

If you answered NO, to any of the above, then POSSIBLY you aren't putting in enough work. Getting faster is possible for most anyone but if it was easy then let's fact it, everyone would be running sub 3 hour marathons or 15 minute 5k's.
Instead, look at your weight, do you need to lose a few pounds?  Those extra pounds lost can actually shave minutes off your time alone with no additional effort or training than you are already doing.
Are you working on distance and speed at the same time?  Because if you are, you are already training incorrectly, you should always work on distance first, then after you can start on speed, never both at the same time as it can easily bring on injuries.
Maybe you are running too many days a week and over training, adding 1-2 rest days weekly are actually needed for many runners to run at peak performance.  Or maybe your running too few days a week, you can't hit most goals if you are only running a day or two a week.
Re-evaluate what your doing, and consider your options and come up with new plans and goals, after all that is the beauty of running we can always go at it with a new approach until we figure out what works best for us!

Those are just a few examples of questions and things to consider if you find yourself wondering if you did your best or if you can become better.
Because let's face it, we are only human and those thoughts come through likely many runners minds from time to time or after each race.

However, not everyone has it in them to push and PR and shoot for goals, nor cares to. If you don't then just enjoy your runs. Fun runs can be just as satisfying if that is the type of running your into.
The key is train properly regardless of fun or goals so you don't risk injury or death but I think the most important part is to just have fun. Enjoy the fact that you can run, because not everyone can!

Have you ever asked yourself if you are doing your best?
What process do you use to narrow down the problem area's you want to work on in your running?

Sightseeing Canyon Country in Utah

This week for Travel Tuesday, I'm going to take you on some sights you may not ever think to stop an view, if you are ever driving through Southeastern Utah.

These views, are looking east towards Colorado, as you can see the Colorado Plateau's in the far faint distance. The skies in this area are just stunning, as this part of the country is far away from large cities and major pollutants. So not only can you view beautiful blue skies, but you can see great vast distances around you.

While this part of the country is mostly just viewed from above as drivers and tourists stop for a rest. The truth is, if you are adventurous there are roads and trails that can take you down into these Canyonland Country areas.
The canyons open up deeply at times nice and wide, and other times just enough for slot canyon explorers.
I often tell people if I had weeks to just explore and get myself lost in the beauty, getting down into these canyons and taking the different turns of exploration would be high on my list. As there is so much to see, and lifetime isn't long enough to see it all.

Until then, I visit from time to time and get down in and see different areas.
You can start viewing these stunning sights of canyon country just south of Moab, or even S. East and S. West as you venture into different area's of Canyonlands National Park and the surrounding areas.

So if you find yourself on a drive through this part of Utah. Trust me, you'll definitely be missing out if you don't stop at the different rest stops and overlooks. As you can see stunning views like this with not much effort at all.
But if you love to explore, let me tell you there is a beautiful world down in those canyons below. I'll have to show you some of them in future travel posts!

Have you visited Utah's Canyon Country before? If so, what area's have you been to?

Temporary Job - Alaska Airlines Ambassador - Fun with a Mermaid - In Other Words a Fun Week

Have you ever had a week where it seems that everything that you wouldn't think would go wrong, ends up going wrong?
I've had one of those weeks.

Don't get me wrong, it was a pretty good week despite just a couple of things. But I let those couple things get the better of me early in the week, and I swear it just brought on more bad things until I finally said enough and told life, no more bad!  It mostly worked, LOL (Broken laptop, Unexpected Bills, just the un-fun stuff in life to name a few.)

I did pretty terrible this week with fitness/running. I only have myself to blame I allowed a few things to get in the way, and instead of working around a few days, I got lazy.

With that, I don't have any weight loss to share this week, in fact I actually gained 1 pound. But I am not as bummed about that as you'd think. Because this week I started to notice my clothes are finally starting to get loose. So I ended the week, with being at 11 pounds down on my goal, but still happy about it.


In one of the things I am working on, which I will excitedly announce my plans in 3 weeks or less, I am just waiting for a few little details to happen and then I will share it with you all.
But part of that process means doing something I literally hate, and although it will only be for a short time, I can't tell you how hard it is to get used to the idea.

That thing I will hate, I'll say in short it means taking on a certain job short term. It's not exactly the job I am cringing about, I mean it will only be for a short time. But its the schedule I will be asked to work, which starts at 6AM. EEEEKKKK
I will get up to run in early hours, but getting up to work at those hours? I think I am losing my mind! Ha Ha.

I will tell you, it was the fasted job I have ever landed. Since I didn't care whether I got it or not, I went into it beyond relaxed and just decided to play a little game.
Years back I use to interview for jobs, just for fun. It was a game to see if I could get offered a job and how quickly I could convince them to offer it. So I went into this on Monday with a game to see if I could convince them to hire me on the spot.

I find this works best when you don't care too much, and you have zero nerves. In fact one of the interviewers even said to me that they have never seen anyone so relaxed sitting down for an interview. LOL (Oddly though, I have been told that before in interviews. I just don't see what's to be nervous about, they don't know me, I don't know them no reason to be nervous.)

It took me an hour, but I scored a win as I did manage to get them to offer me the job by the end of the interview.  I did accept the job a day later. (But I won't start until May.)

However, they almost made me quit before I started.  A few days later making me come in for the full hiring process that I swear took a couple of hours (even though they told me it would take not long at all.) With all the security, finger printing, and drug and background check's you'd think I was starting a job with the FBI, yikes.  I've never had a job do all that before, but I've worked for myself for many years so I guess things are changing.

I told them, with security checks like this, it makes me wonder what crazies they've hired in the past that warranted all this. They laughed, but I was serious LOL LOL


Took 4 of my cute nieces and nephews to see the Kung Fu Panda 3 movie. They were lots of fun and the boys ate far more popcorn than I thought a 3 and 4 year old could LOL!

After, we did a little hot tub time at my sisters, my niece wore the mermaid tail I made for her several months back for her birthday. Have to admit, it looked awesome. It's fun to see that she likes it so much and has so much fun with it.
I'm in the process of making another for one of my other nieces, I am just waiting for the Monofin I ordered to arrive.

I played hookie from real life one morning and took myself to see the new Allegiant movie. I loved the book series. But at first I was disappointed in this movie. Granted it has been a while since I read the book, but I distinctly remember an entirely different ending in the book, I didn't like that they changed the movie so much and I couldn't figure out why. Don't worry I won't spoil it for you:)

That was until the next day I was mentioning it to a friend who also loved the books and she told me that this was only part 1, and part 2 was coming next year.  Wheeeew
I wish I had known that before, I think I would have been less confused watching it, LOL Oh well, glad it will eventually end like its supposed to end and now things make far more sense:)


This week, I am a little more motivated to not let daily life get in the way of a morning run.

Those of you who follow me on social media may already know this.
I was offered an Ambassadorship with Alaska Airlines, they sponsor several races and marathons around the country.

Even though I am an after the fact blogger, after careful consideration I decided to make an exception in this instance and share this with you all on here as well.

I considered it quite a bit before accepting, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to participate in their program and most importantly any races I was offered.
(I am not one of those influencers who accept ambassadorships but do nothing with them after. I like to participate in the programs as much as I possibly can. Which is why I a picky about the ones I accept and join.)

Once I accepted, I was given the first marathon they'd like me to run under the program, it's in April. So Obviously I am not ready for a full marathon yet, but I talked to them about it and fortunately the race also has a 5K, so it looks as though I may be doing that one instead.
More details will be shared on social media, and I might do a recap or share more on my blog as well after the race but I haven't decided on that yet. However, you definitely will see more details on my various social media channels.

So those are a few details of my week.
Tell me something that happened in your week. 
Since I will be racing in April, tell me about any April races your excited about.

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