I'm Officially Drowning

So yes if you read the title I am drowning, drowning in homework and a class schedule that I may have taken on more than I can handle.

To give ya a brief, between 7am-Noon I am with classes. Starting last week I began taking an hour break at noon to go for a trail run. Then I am back onto the school stuff and doing homework literally for another 6-8 hours each day, even having to use my Saturday's to stay on top.


Well, taking this a year early, I don't regret it. But it is so time consuming. My biggest set back a week ago I finished the first 25 pages of the source gathering and writeups on those sources. Met with my mentor and she asked me to re-write them all with a different thought process.
I wanted to cry,  I had already spent 40 or more hours on that and I still had several more to go...

Well, I did what she asked finished the rest of them and submitted them, and she said I crushed it and gave me a higher grade than possible. It made me feel better about all the work.

But now I have to do the second half of 40 sources, which right no my paper is around 50 pages and I still haven't edited it.... That section is due this Sunday so guess what I'll be doing all week.


I'm getting there, we had a stupid comic strip project, the instructor said it would take 8 hours. But I am quickly learning it takes me double or triple as long as he says. While I am starting to get the functions down better, I am still a little behind and a little slower on this, but at least small progress is good!


I'm doing a little better in this class, the assignment I was given to insert myself into a photo from history and get all the shading correctly was supposed to take 4 hours and I pulled it off in 2 and it looks pretty good. I'll show it to you as soon as I save it in a smaller file. It's historical and of course I chose a running related photo to use!

However, originally I thought as soon as I learned how to use Illustrator and Photoshop well I'd make all these amazing images on my blog and photoshop all my photos and make them look FAB. Well, it takes freaking forever to do stuff like that, so sorry to say other than a rare occasion I don't plan on using those any time in the near future to make my pictures and images on my blog better!

ART in the Era of VIETNAM

Well, I mentioned this one a while back that it was way more artsy than I thought. I still have zero idea what's going on.
But Google, well she knows all. So I quite often google what something means (especially paintings and poems) in class when no one is paying attention to me to find something profound to say and sound as smart as the rest of them, even though I have no idea what I'm really saying.
Happy to report this method has been working great!

Of course, I couldn't take this with me to do tests. But I scored 100% on my first big test on that class and I'll tell you what I did. I B.S. my entire way through it. I memorized titles, artists and dates and what was going on during that year in history and basically B.S my way through it by pure guess on what the hidden meanings where, and well it worked LOL I was the only one in the class to score 100%.


I absolutely LOVE this class, it's so informative and we are going into the details on the business start up behind it. We have amazing speakers come in.
Last week was a guy who is the owner of a company who hosts all the Half Marathon's in the different National Parks around the country.
Thanks to him, I got my idea for my senior thesis project that I believe I am going to do next semester, I have to get it approved but it was really an idea that came off something he said entirely.
I'll have to share more on these adventure sport, and running speakers sometime, I've taken notes that I think would make great blog posts, if I ever get the time!

Boring I know, but that has been my life lately!
The only reason I have time to do this is because I showed up for my first class and their computers crashed, so class was cancelled,. I figured I'd write a quick post and jump around and visit a few blogs today with the little extra time!

It's spring here, and the temps have been FABULOUS! My favorite hour of the day now is the one where I break from everything and go for a run, I seriously think it's the only thing keeping me sane right now!

Hope everyone's been doing great! I hate missing out on what's going on with my blog friends, so tell me something I missed over the two weeks that you've done!