Motivation, Weightloss & Continuing Goals

-Just a note, I am not a Dr. and any information in this post, should not be used as advise.  You should always contact your own physician before beginning/changing your exercise regimen.-

     I love to run, and love my goal to run 26.2 in every state.  But even I struggle with keeping the motivation, especially right now while I have been cutting back my mileage to let some lingering injuries heal up.  (14 marathon’s and 2500+ miles logged in 1 year oddly takes its toll on the body, LOL)

Plus, traveling around so much from state to state and race to race, regardless off all the miles I run, eating out so often pretty much made losing any weight kind of impossible!

So there I was with some extra pounds and reduction in miles and finding it hard to get/keep motivated.  Not to mention the fact that we’ve had a month straight of temps never getting above freezing, which has pretty much kept me from being able to get outside and run. 

But then one morning I was watching the Today show and saw Online Diet Betting and realized what better motivation then a little competition with myself and my money that I want/need for 2013 racing.

So that was the beginning, I entered the game.  Using myself as my BEST competition!  How it works, I am guaranteed to get my money back as long as I can lose 4% of my body weight.  So for me that was step 1.

Next I needed to get creative with the treadmill and workouts.  So I changed out my running tunes and added a bunch of new fun songs that make me just want to sing and dance to while I runJ

To assist in the weight loss, I read that running on an empty stomach helps put you into the fat burning zone sooner (sounds good at least.).  So wake, run, then try to eat within 20 minutes of the run.  I also started taking Pre-Natal Vitamins and extra iron and Vitamin B supplements for energy.  (A Dr. recommended them to me.  They are a great multi-vitamin for even non-pregnant women.)  I also added a lot more water to my diet (sorry Pepsi).

For me running on a “dreadmill” is just that dreaded, boring and let’s face it I have been far more likely to cut a workout short just from sheer boredom.  So before I step on the treadmill I tell myself exactly how far I am going to go.  Then after I warm up and I am feeling good and actually glad I got up to run, I allow that little inner voice that says “Hmmm you’re feeling great, why don’t you add a mile or two more to the run today.” 

Now I won’t lie, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But since I pre-set my mind a certain set of miles before I stepped on the machine I at least go the pre-determined amount and consider any additional just a lucky bonusJ

Now, a couple of weeks into my “diet betting” and using myself as my own motivation, I am happy to say I have already dropped 8 pounds and have already hit my 4% weight loss goal to get my money back and get a cut of the pot that everyone who doesn’t hit their weight goal must forfeit.  My final weigh-in isn’t for a couple more weeks, so my idea is enter another competition bet to keep myself on track so the weight loss and motivation continues.  

Just FYI I did lose this weight still drinking a few Pepsi’s a week and an occasional burger and fries…  (Hey you cut out all the good stuff it just makes you want it more.  I just decided to cut back significantly and if I want say a Pepsi, I just drink one and I don’t feel bad about it even a bit, LOL.  For me this works and helps motivate me to cut back on them!)

As for goals, they have changed just a bit.  Originally I was planning to run the remaining 19 marathons I need this year between March-November.  However, since this year I decided to go with the “wait to book” method or “no planning”, I already got hit with the You Snooze You Loose…  A couple of races I wanted already sold outL So, I have been forced to re-think and re-work how I want to finish up my goal.  Right now I am going to go with 15 states this year, and finish up the remaining in spring 2014…  Not exactly how 
I planned for everything to go, but then maybe it’s all for the best because this goal is insanely expensive and since I am already over my original goal budget with 19 still to go this will give me time to earn more of what I need to continue it all on. (In theory, LOL)

So that is where I am at, finding motivation in strange places.  But it’s all about finding something that works for me, not necessarily something that works for someone else.  I’m also excited about my weight loss and have pretty high hopes that my new method might just get me down to my goal weight (finally, YAY).  I’m also looking forward to racing again (next marathon’s in March), a little drop in weight, might just knock off a little time on the race clockJ  I have one more injury to heal, this one kind of snuck up on me a few weeks ago and I don’t think it’s running related, but it’s annoying regardless, so here is hoping this injury kicks the bucket ASAP!

What are some of the motivational tips you have or use that help you?

My Favorite Recent Reads

   Since this time of year is my marathon running downtime, I have been able to catch up on a few great books that I have been wanting to read.  I would love to write a review on each, but that would require time that I seem to not have right now with wedding season beginning.

     So, here are a few of my most recent FAVORITE reads, that I highly recommend to anyone.  FYI, you'll probably notice they are all YA.  Hey I can't help it, there is just some great YA stuff out there right now.

Ruby Red - By Kierstin Gier
Blood Red Road and it's sequel Dust Lands - By Moira Young
The Selection by Kiera Cass
The Birthmarked Trilogy by Caragh M. O'brien
Variant & Feedback by Robison Wells
Reached by Ally Condie
Breath by Sarah Crossan
The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite reads or book suggestions.  So if you have a minute please leave me a comment:)