Me Monday, My Updates and Share Some of Yours

I am pretty sure all of my college professors were all on the same page last week. Because I was seriously overloaded with homework and projects to get done. I literally sat on a computer writing papers for 6 hours two days in a row.

Crazy busy, but I stayed on top of it and got it done and surprisingly enjoyed it!
On the plus side, I didn't walk into any walls this week, LOL

The final week of the blog hop, which is an online event I enjoy putting together each year. Well, that was sort of the icing on the cake of busyness.

My only regret, although I did follow all of my own rules for the hop (kinda have to as the host, LOL) but normally I like to try to visit more than the required, but this year I didn't quite get a chance to quite as much extra as I usually do.

Was the hop successful? I think overall it was for those who fully participated. Participation was at about 80% on one hop and 75% on another. A larger than in the past fully non-participation rate. Which is kinda a bummer because the time commitments were half of what they normally are and I made it quite reasonable to maintain dropping all the past stuff that seemed to eat up too much time.

Oh well, overall I am happy with the things I heard from it, and if it works great for the majority then that is all that matters! I've found a few new great bloggers out of it, that I am looking forward to following so it worked for me too!


We've had some great weather, it's been literally perfect running conditions. We are starting into the fall here so mid 80's.
I'm starting to build a much stronger base, and I'm getting better the longer I run. (My body has always liked distance.) I almost wish it was in the budget to run a half marathon this fall/winter I think I'd enjoy it! But I will resist, as to keep myself on a budget for this college thing:)
On the plus side, I dropped 6 pounds in October. I have a lot more to go but it's again what I'd like to call a great start.

On the plus side, it's not been bothering me at all to run so I haven't had to slack off on the running. (It's only bothering me going up or down stairs or when I twist wrong.)
I came across another new trail, I found this part along a river and glanced through the tree's and saw a trail so I took it. Best, part is it's very close to my home and in a safe area so definitely plan on adding it to one of my weekly runs!


After the busy week, I decided Friday night to unplug and stay off of the blog and internet (mostly) for a couple of days. Went over to my new hiking playground in Zion National Park Saturday and hit up a hike that I haven't done since years back in my high school days with my family.
I've always loved hiking through portions of the Narrows.

I literally got to a point in the hike, and I stopped and just stared up and looked around and decided I am so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty and even more blessed to be the adventurous outdoors type that enjoys hiking in it. I know that sounds stupid, but hey a girl can be a dork with her thoughts sometimes!

I've got a lot more great pictures, I'll have to so an Travel Tuesday Post on it, eventually:)

I know it's Halloween, so I hope you are all having an awesome holiday. I love dressing up, but this year I skipped it. I know lame!
Want to know even more lame, I didn't buy any Halloween candy to hand out. I've seen very few kids living around here and I doubt kids trick-or-treat apartments anyhow. Plus with all the trunk or treats, I passed on on my run the other day. I figure, I probably wouldn't get any anyhow. Plus, if I did buy a bag, I would be the one who would end up eating it all.

Just in case, I think I will just avoid being home in the rare chance someone does stop by! Yes, it's okay to dislike on me for that, I'm not proud of it!

So that was a few bits of my past week, tell me about yours?

Do you enjoy fall hiking?
Do you totally dislike me for the Halloween candy thing? it's okay to tell me!

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Tips to Make it a Great Race

You've picked your race, booked your flight, made your hotel reservations.  You've put in all the training and your eager and ready to head out and travel to run the race you've been looking for.
So what can you do to insure that everything else will go as planned?

I've compiled a few suggestions and my own tips to help anyone who is thinking of traveling out for a race, to help you be prepared for a great race and great trip.

*  Before you pack, make a list from head to toe on what race gear you want to use and bring with you.  Then as you pack your bag(s) cross each item off the list.

*  Don't wear new running shoes or new clothes on race day. Run in what you've already trained it and what you already know will be comfortable!

*  When packing for your race think about where you are going and plan to dress for ANY weather! No matter where I go, I always bring rain gear, warm layers, etc..  No matter what the weather man is saying, it's always smart to plan for anything!  Because the one time you think it won't matter, it will!  (Learned this the hard way myself a few times!)

Anchorage, Alaska Marathon Start
*  If flying: Pack all your race gear in your carry on.  Do not put it in checked luggage!

*  When you arrive at your hotel, take a minute to unpack your race gear before you head to the expo and do another run through it to make sure its all there.  That way if by chance you did forget something, you can pick it up at the expo.

*  Make sure the week leading into the race you're paying extra attention keeping your body fully hydrated.

*  Don't forget the most important aspect of the taper process, don't do anything the week leading into the race that could harm or injure your body in any way! Don't try any new workouts or stretches.

*  If it's a big race, get to the expo early or go on the first day.  You'll avoid the crowds and enjoy walking around it quite a bit more!

*  Whether you are driving to the race start or walking to it race morning, take yourself in advance and get familiar with the route.  Decide where you are going to park etc...  Plan it out ahead of time, so you'll know how much time to give yourself race morning.

*  The day before the race DON'T eat anything new!  Stick with foods and liquids that your body is already used to. This also means skipping any fancy restaurants you aren't sure of.

NOTE:  Carb loading ONLY the night before the race really won't help!  Correct carb loading should begin about 3-4 days leading to the race.  It takes time to correctly build up the carbs to fuel your body.  Also, if you're not used to eating pasta's the night before long runs, now is not the time to experiment with them!  Well that is, if you want to avoid spending lots of time before or even during the race in the fabulous port-o-potties:)

*  Dinner before the race, eat it earlier.  (I like to be sitting down and eating no later than 5-5:30)  Don't wait until 7pm or later and don't overeat just because you think you'll need to. Otherwise it may not digest fully by morning and you'll be running with a heavy gut, or hey you may even be running with the runs.. ewe you don't want that!

*  Night before the race, lay out all your race gear.  Put your bib on your shirt.  If you are using any race belts or packs, get them all filled up and ready to go.  If you use or plan to take a tracker, plug it in to fully charge. Set your alarm, and then set up a back up alarm or ask the hotel to give you a wake-up call.

IMPORTANT to NOTE:  It's always smart to write a little information on the back of your race bib.  (Even if they don't ask you to!)
I always put my name, any medications or supplements I may be taking, allergies or list no allergies to medications, emergency contact person and emergency phone numbers (it also doesn't hurt to list the hotel you are staying at.)  I hope they'll never have to be used, but if something ever did happen I feel far more comfortable with that on me.

*  As you go to bed, make  2 race plans for the next morning and go over them in your mind.
Plan A, everything goes great, you feel great, it's going to be your best race ever or the race you trained for and what you'll do when you know your doing great and can push it more without risking ruining your great race!
Plan B, what are you going to do when things go wrong?  Maybe the weather, maybe it's raining, maybe when you start running you just aren't feeling it.  We all hope these things don't happen, but they can and if you run enough races they will happen.  So it's better to have your mind prepared ahead of time so you'll be able to fight through it and have the mind set and motivation to get through anything!
New York City Marathon Finish Area

*  Race morning get up, eat and drink.  (Not too much, you should already be hydrated, you don't need to over hydrate before the race.  Well unless you like to spend time in those lovely out-houses:)  I personally like to eat about 2 hours before the race starts. I also don't drink anything about an hour leading to the race. That gives what I did drink with my breakfast time to run through and less potty time!

*  Make sure you have everything you're going to need before you leave your hotel.

*  I like to get to the race start about 30 minutes before they start (in smaller races).  But 1+ hours in the larger ones.  And then there are some larger races (like NYC) that require 2-3 hours.  No matter what time you arrive, if it's cold make sure you do what you can to stay warm.  If it's windy or rainy find somewhere to stay out of it as best you can.  (Note, if your not sure on when to arrive, its always best to go early!  That way you can relax, and make your way through the bathroom lines before it starts.

HINT:  I always bring a large garbage bag with me to the start.  If it's cool I can stick my head through a hole in the bottom and cover myself in it.  You might not think a piece of plastic can do much good, but it's the BEST thing to use, REALLY!  As you walk around or even start your race in it, if it's cold or freezing out your body warms up much faster in the plastic.  As you get warmer you can stick your arms out and then eventually loose the whole bag!  It's a very cheap way to keep warm!
**  But if you do need to stay in the bag when you start the race, make sure once you start to sweat to get out of it!  If you don't you'll be covered in sweat and when you loose the bag, you'll end up just freezing!

*  If this is your first race or especially your first marathon.  Don't get caught up in the first mile and go out too fast.  It's better to start out a little slower and let your body warm up and get used to the race.  The biggest mistake any new runner (and even experienced runner) can make is starting out to fast.  It can ruin the rest of your race!
Atlanta George Marathon Start

**** Because I am a marathon runner, here are a few tips to help those who are going out for the longer distances. ****

*  Keep hydrated, but not over hydrated during the race.  Although you may not feel you need the liquid early on, you do!  What you drink or don't drink in the first 8-10 miles of a marathon will set you up for the rest of the race.  In a long race, once you get the feeling of thirst it's really over, there isn't going to be anything you can do to make up for it.  It's also highly important not to overdrink So drink smart! Drink how you did in training.

NOTE:  Some races have water stops every mile.  You don't need them each mile!  I like to start drinking water at mile 2 or 3 and then only every 2 miles or so.  I go with an odd and even miles method.  I only stop at water stops at say even numbered miles.  That way I can make sure I am getting the correct amount of liquids and not too much!
If you drink at every stop there is too much risk of other problems and even death if you over-hydrate.

Connecticut Marathon Finish
*  In the higher miles of the race, play mind games.  I have several pre-determined things I am going to think about or play in my head whenever I have moments of need.  Sounds funny, but if you are having a hard time and struggling and you already have a list of things to help you through it, you will get through it!

*  Remove all moments of doubt, if you feel one coming on just start talking to yourself.  You did this, you trained for this, and you are going to finish no matter what!

*  If you're feeling good after miles 16-18, then pick it up, push a little harder.  At this point of the race and especially after mile 19, there is NO point of conserving energy!  You came to run, so run, push yourself if you can!  You'll love yourself/your race even more if you do!

Most importantly no matter the race or distance, HAVE FUN!  You run because you can and you love it, you trained for this, you deserve to enjoy all of it, so do!  There is that saying, pain is only temporary but the pride of finishing is forever!  (It's true!)

Those are a few of my tips!

So tell me what are some of your race tips?  
Or what are some great ideas for race preparation you use?

Hiking Angles Landing

It's Tuesday and that means Travel Tuesday on my blog. For those of you visiting my blog for the first time in the hop, when I blog on Tuesdays I like to showcase a different part of the country and a place worth seeing!

A few weeks back when I drew my spotlight date for the hop, I decided to save this to share today. Because Angles Landing happens to be one of my most favorite hikes. I can easily say I've done it at least 20 times in my life and I started hiking this with my dad around the age of 10. It's been a favorite since then, even if the hike itself has changed a bit from how it used to be, which I will explain later.

It's quite the hike too, not one for those afraid of heights. In some ways you could also call it quite the climb, so let's begin and I'll take you on a few photo stops along the way of the adventure.

Today, I'll be taking you along the way to the top of the peak in the middle which is called Angels Landing. We'll be climbing about 1,488 feet. The hike itself is about 5 miles round trip. So yes, it's a hike to get your workout on too!

We start out on nicely groomed trails, near the river, before we begin the switchbacks that will make you sweat bullets and will make even those in great shape huff and puff a bit as they feel the burn.
To think when I was a kid I used to be able to run up them, LOL Clearly I am not as in great of shape as then, I stopped a few times to catch my breath LOL

From here we'll begin taking a set of long switchbacks as we climb up to that notch you see in the middle of the above picture. If you look close you can see others on the trail on their way up or down.

I didn't take a lot of pictures of the climb, but as you can see I'm a decent way up from the canyon floor I started at by this point in the hike, you can also get an idea of how steep these switchbacks are by the step, like I said it's a climb and we haven't even gotten to the real climbing yet and it's been full on sun the whole way.

About a mile in now. I've made it up to the notch and now I am heading back into the canyon to take me to the next climb. I've always loved this section because no matter what time of day you hike you'll always get cooler temps and some shade. In fact, I believe it's called Refrigerator Canyon. Which is great to enjoy because it's nearly the last time we'll see shade for a while.

Heading up more switchbacks to get to get higher up and out of Refrigerator Canyon

The famous Walters Wiggles, obviously my photo doesn't do it justice. But here you get 21 steep yet like all the previous trail well-maintained switchbacks.
It's also the fun part for many hikers because at the top is when the awesome part of this hike begins.

At the top of the Wiggles you'll come out to what they call Scout Overlook. It's here you can decide if you have an adventurous side to finish the hike. Or you can split off and head up the West Canyon. Or turn around or watch others make their way up to the top.

I'm going to try and keep the sights you see in order, but before you wonder what is wrong with the coloring. Some I took on the way up, and the majority I took on the way down.
(Coming down was late afternoon.)

Why? That day it was crowded and it would have been rude of me to stop to take a picture while others were waiting behind me to move on.

From the minute you start up the next sections, you have 1000 foot drop-offs on both sides of you, and at times you have not more than a foot or so to walk on with the drop-offs on both sides.
After you make it up the first section, you have a little room to take a break, catch your breath before making it up the steepest and most technical portion of the last fin.

Next, we get to climb down just a little before making our way up the next fin that you can see pictured above.

On weekends and holidays, this popular trail can get crowded, if you are in a hurry you could risk your life or someone else. It's very rude to try to pass others or force them over to a ledge they may not be comfortable on away from a chain to wait for you to pass. So be courteous. I never saw this happen years ago, but because this trail is so popular now I saw it many times happen to others in front of me. Nothing is worth getting down so fast that you risk your life!

I gotta tell you what's changed in the years.

Years back when I used to do this hike in my youth with my dad or even when I was in college (the first time).
The only chains were at the beginning other than a few here or there. There were never chains in this sections as you see above this is all new to me.
I remember because you used to have to be really careful coming down if you jumped not to fall over the edge here. I may or may not of had a few close calls in my youth, LOL

Same with above, there never used to be chains here either. I was talking to my sisters and we guessed they added more because so many people have died on this hike and it's just getting too popular.
If I'm going to be honest, I liked it slightly more before they added all these extra chains, it had more adventure risk to it, now it's lost a little of the risk charm. LOL

Now you just get a steep climb on the way up, and literally unless you're being an idiot or hurrying too fast you can't really fall, because there are chains to grab if you loose your footing or get tired.

It's also made it easier to go up. Before you literally climbed with no assistance.
Now, you can pull yourself up by the chains if your legs aren't strong enough to get you to the top. Or many may even notice you don't need them most of the time but they are there just in case.

So in some ways for those who are okay with heights but aren't good climbers, they've now made this hike more accessible for many different types of hikers.

Not sure when they added all the extra chains, if you've done it and know let me know. Otherwise, I'll have to ask a ranger next time I'm there and find out to satisfy my curiosity.

Yes, they've even added chains to this last big steep climb before the top. You probably won't need them, but I saw a few using them to pull themselves up.
But there are what I'd like to call nature's steps so while it's a climb, it's not that bad if your legs are in good shape. Except I could clearly tell at this point that I am not as young and in shape as I once was. I used to go up this so fast, and I was stopping to let people come down as I took a break to let them pass me many times, and what they didn't know was, I was enjoying that break, my legs were burning, LOL

One of my good friends is coming to town next spring to hike this with me, guarantee I will be sure I am in great shape so she doesn't see me huffing and puffing worse than her, LOL Hey, can't help the little competitor in us all, right!

I didn't mention before, but this is in most sections only room for 1 person. So when you get spots like this you can move over to the side and let those coming down have the right away.
Most hikers are very courteous, and most going up like I was, don't mind a minute break to let someone come down.

On my way up, right here, it was perfect timing to let someone coming down pass by and allow me time to turn around quick and grab a quick shot.

Even though this is a favorite hike, I haven't hiked it for many years until a few weeks ago and it's still every bit as worth it as it was the first time!
This is one of the first views you can get from the top as you make your way across the fin to the highest point and best viewing area.

If your interested and follow me on INSTAGRAM you can flip back a few photos and see a quick panoramic video of the views from the top. 

Here (Above Picture) is where I like to plant my butt for a few minutes and enjoy the view, grab a snack and drink before the climb back down!
Isn't it stunning? Seriously there are no boring views from start to finish on this hike, it's all breathtakingly beautiful!

My Instagram feed is about 95% all travel, hiking and outdoors pictures. So if you love beautiful pictures from all over then FOLLOW ME HERE I try to only put up some of my better ones! I also follow back if your account isn't private and blocked!

Have you hiked Angels Landing before?
Is it on your bucket list?
Or are heights and drop offs not your thing?

Getting Sand Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

This was one of those really crazy busy weeks at school, I swear the instructors piled on the homework, tests and projects. Which is fine, but I had so much else going on during the week, I barely had time to sleep.

Not to mention keeping up with the Grow Your Blog Hop, which I am enjoying even if it's meant some really late nights for me!

Monday - Wednesday was all school, I purposely worked ahead to get everything I needed to get done for the week done.
Because my sister and her cute kids were arriving late Wednesday night and I knew I wanted to hang with them as much as possible and the more I worked ahead, the more time I would have with them.

This week while out running, I found a new trail with a hidden gem along the way. I made a mental note of it so I could take my sister and her kids to it later that week when they arrived! (Which they loved too by the way!)

The past two weekends my car was in the shop when I was up north. Luckily all under warranty, but apparently even keeping my car two weekends in a row they didn't fix the problem.

Friday I noticed it again, thankfully my sister was in town so she helped me drop it off at a dealership here.
Problem is, they didn't finish with it Saturday, so I literally have no car or way to get anywhere and I am not a bus person. So if the weather is good today I am going to wake early and take the 2 hour walk around the mountain to classes. Then the hour walk to the dealership after classes.

If it's bad weather or too hot, I'm calling for a shuttle or demand a rental car. Fingers crossed I get the car back this evening, and even more hope it's fixed!

I'm really enjoying my classes even more. I'm getting to know the different students in them, and we have a lot of fun conversations and debates it's really making the social aspect of attending college again so fun!

Like I said my sister and her kids came to town.
We had a new park open up, it's very cool one of those all abilities parks. Seriously you could fall anywhere and not get hurt the ground has a soft spring bounce in it.
Best part is, this park is free for anyone to use!

It's new, so it's quite popular, plus it was fall break so it was a busy time. But my niece and nephew had a blast in it.
Playing in the waterfalls, choo-choo train rides, and all the swings and volcano eruptions and dinosaurs, yeah they had a blast.
Even better so did my sister and I. Yeah it said the park was for kids of all ages, so since we never grew up, yes we decided that meant for us too!

After we took my car into the dealership on Friday morning I suggested to my sister we change our plans and head to Zion National Park for the day.
The kids had never been before and as my niece put it when we asked her what she thought about all of the red and white mountains. "It's so amazing, I just can't take my eyes off it."
We laughed, but she had it right!
I apparently had my camera on the wrong setting for the evening, so sorry for the not so great image above!

Saturday we went hiking and exploring in Snow Canyon State Park, they really loved climbing up on the boulders and then we ended up in the sand dunes. Yeah, we pretty much all got buried up to our necks in sand, and my niece and I had fun having contests who could roll down the sand hills fastest.
Needless to say, I will be finding sand on my body for weeks, LOL

I even jumped in the pool for a few hours after hoping that would take the sand off, but then when I got in the shower after that, I still had a pile of sand on the floor, LOL
But it was fun so that's all the matters!

Have to show you the shot above, not my favorite shot with the camera I missed the best time of day to take the picture. But this is one of my most favorite mountains, I have loved it ever since I was a little kid.
Depending on the time of day it ranges in all different colors!
The picture 6 above is another one that I love taken around sunset as me, sis and kids were heading to dinner that night.

That was my week, well the short version with the more interesting parts.
I didn't think you wanted to hear about the 5 hours I spent trying to figure out Photoshop, for my Digital Design class, LOL

Tell me something fun you did this week.
Do you have a favorite mountain or spot?

Come on my Run

A few weeks back, I thought of a fun idea and decided to save it for my Spotlight day in the hop. So for those of you who are visiting for the first time welcome!

I did a couple of things I don't usually or ever do. I went for a run (well that's a usually do, LOL) and actually brought my phone, which is rare for me. Second, I actually took the camera out and snapped a few pictures along the way. Why, I had this fun idea to take you on my run with me, virtually of course.

Let's start out, originally the plan was for 5 miles on a trail I had not been the entire way on before. We start out on this bridge that crosses what normally this time of year can look like a little stream, The Virgin River.

Heading out in the evening, partially cloudy but mostly a sunny 90 degrees. May sound hot, but it's actually quite a bit cooler than it has been! Fall is definitely in the air!
But I also love running in the heat so it's a win win!

I didn't even get across the bridge before snapping a quick picture of the river below.

Gonna put the phone away, gotta climb a bit of a lengthy hill now, to get closer to the top of the ridge you see in the picture above.

Phew, that was a steep climb, but only about a 1/8th of a mile to get to the top. Already the views looking from above are stunning. Full on sun now, since we no longer have the mountain to the left shading the trail. Which means lizards are out sunning themselves, which means try not to squish one, not even kidding about that! LOL

I'm already starting to tell that continuing to put my phone inside and out of my Flipbelt for snaps along the way, is starting to add a lot more time to my run. Oh well... just this once, I'll keep it up.

Quick view looking over the rail at the river below. It looks like the river from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. But for the chocolate lovers (I'm not one) gonna guess it doesn't taste as good as the one in the movie!
It's so muddy because of the storms up in the red canyons ahead, which I am guessing a few miles down the road we might start running into more.

Okay, enough rail pictures, I haven't even made it a mile and I think I could have run two by now, LOL I'm thinking a GoPro would be awesome to use for this instead, but unfortunately I don't own one yet:)

Remember the lizards I mentioned I didn't want to step on, well at first I couldn't believe this one let me get a close-up shot usually they run. But I think the guy in front of me on the trail must have stepped on it, he/she was a bit stunned and not going anywhere for a minute.

Still alive though, I thought about putting it out of its misery but my luck some other runner would come up on me throwing rocks at lizards heads and my luck they'd be some environmentalist freak with a camera and I'd be a You Tube sensation, LOL

See told ya it's easy and a valid fear to not want to squish a lizard on the trail, LOL

Had to put the camera away and get some actual running in, the sun is starting to set, and now only a little over 2 miles in. Well maybe a little more, I couldn't help myself taking a little side trail to see where it went, it took me up into some fancy neighborhood with homes the size of hotels hidden in the cliffs. (Some people have too much money, but all power too them!)

Now we get to cross the river and see what it's like on the other side.

It's evening and the rabbits are active and everywhere now. Jumping back and forth across the trail, probably hoping to get some last minute dinner in before sunset.

Most of them didn't stop long enough to get a shot, but this little guy apparently was curious enough about me he stayed in the open for a bit. I love rabbits, they are so cute!
Fun fact, a bunny was my first ever pet besides a fish!

One thing about the desert, there isn't much living but cactus and sage brush, except along the river. As you can see it's almost lush like. And look at those beautiful storm clouds moving their way closer in. On the plus side, looks like I will miss the storm afterall!

Lots of farmers and golf courses along this route closer to the city. 

I couldn't keep stopping to take pictures it's starting to get late and I keep taking too many little detours off the main trail.

These little wood and mud hut looking buildings are what a lot of farmers use to keep things cooler in, similar to how the Indians did. Those buildings even when triple digits out actually stay cool inside.

Sorry, the sun was full on in my eyes, so I couldn't tell that I ruined the picture with a sun-spot. I little mini waterfall from looking down one of the bridges.

I took another detour. After I climbed back up from the river floor, and then crossed the river a couple more times. I saw another trail that went down deeper in. Couldn't resist just a little bit of a run into it to see a little bit where it goes.

It's the adventure seeker in me, I always want to know what's around the next river bend. If you're thinking Pocahontas, I was too, writing this now I am already singing Disney's "What's around the river bend" LOL

Found a sign that said it goes for another 2.4 miles, guess that means I can save it for another day! But love how it actually has some tree's and shade even if only for a short bit, you don't find much of that here!

Time to go back up again.

It's getting late and the sun is down over the cliffs, but it still hitting the storm clouds, they really are making for some beautiful picture stops.

I've really got to pick it up, I am not huge on being on trails out in the dark by myself. Ya, know safety reasons and all:)

Usually, the sage brush is pretty dead. But we've had a little more rainfall than normal lately and look it made them bloom beautifully!

Now I didn't take a picture of this, but the entire College Cross Country team just passed me and started on the trail. Good thing they were going the other way, they sped past like they were on a mission. They must have been train racing each other, because props to several girls who were ahead of the guys on the hill they were climbing to pass me on, LOL

Okay, one more snap of the sky, it was so pretty! If anyone is running behind me and seeing me keep stopping to photograph this, they probably think I'm one of those crazy's who can't workout without proof, LOL I guess this time, they are kinda right.. oh well all in fun!

(No offense if you are a fitness camera proof crazy, I mean we are bloggers crazy is just at times the name of the game!)

It really started to get pretty dark after this point, so I put the camera away and picked it up a little to get back to the trailhead that I left my car at. 

I probably added 40 minutes to my time just snapping pictures alone on this run. I'm not even kidding. My phone barely fits in my Flip belt so it takes time taking it out, putting it back. I took a few more pictures along the way than I showed, and each one added way too much time. But it was fun to try once!

Well, I finished a sweaty mess. On the plus side, when the sun went down I was able to finish in a cool 85 degrees with a slight breeze. 

However, a quick look at my tracker showed all those detours, made my 5-mile run turn into just over 7-miles. In other words, story of my life, LOL

But who cares, like I say: better to be the type that adds more mileage than the type that shortens a run!

Will I do this again? The trail definitely!
But take the camera and phone??? Maybe once in a while, but only on days like today where I had all the time in the world to get my run in... Well, all the time until dark at least!

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