Running with my Tendon Injury

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I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record, because every fitness activity I do seems to revolve around the stupid tendon injury!  However, this week I have been running with the injury.

On the good note, every morning when I wake the injury is HARDLY noticeable.  I have been running daily this week and WHILE I have been running I've only barely noticed the pain and even then it's only on the uphill portions.

However, on the down side.  Between 2-5 hours after I run I can barely walk....  But all the icing and evening/night rest by each morning the pain is back down to hardly noticeable again.  So all I can say is thank goodness for high heels, because without them I wouldn't be able to walk at all in the afternoon and evening:)

Normally I would never push the running with the injury.  But with the appointment with the Surgeon 13 days away, I figure what more damage can I really do to it at this point, (in theory).

Regardless, I have felt great this week.  Even if my mileage is very small and maybe not worth mentioning - But I still will anyway:)

Monday - 1 Mile Running
Tuesday - 2 Miles Running
Wednesday - 1 Mile Running
Thursday - 2 Miles Running
Friday - 3 Miles Running
Saturday - Rest day - I've 2 weddings to decorate this day, so that will be enough Workout:)

On top of it all, I have successfully started working on a 2nd goal.  Which is to quit drinking Pepsi, except for 1 day a week:)  (Gotta have one splurge day:)  If I make it through today, then I will have gone 6 days without it.  I've had minimal headaches and I think this has also attributed a lot to my feeling so great!

All in all, it's not much.  But it's been a successful week for me, and despite the injury, its been great!!

So tell me, what successes have you had this week?  Any races this weekend you're looking forward too?

Runners Spotlight Let Me Introduce EMMA

Every runner has a story, which pushes and drives them to do what they do. Because it's fascinating learning about others.  In return it also inspires and motivates us, so each Thursday I run a Runners Spotlight.

This week I'd like to introduce EmmaI asked Emma several questions, to tell part of her story and introduce you all to her. 

Emma Blogs at
A Mom Runs This Town

Tell us what distances you like to run.
I love running 13.1.  It's enough to challenge me but not enough to make me feel like I want to puke afterwards, usually.

How long have you been running?  Or at what age did you start running?  

I started running seriously after college, and have been ever since.

What made you want to become a runner?  What is it that keeps you at it?  

I ran after college because I was a gymnast and needed some way to stay in shape.  It was free and I was/am cheap so it worked out well.  Now I've discovered this passion for it and my competitive nature is satisfied by racing!

What has been your favorite race and distance you have run?  Tell us why?  

I love running our town's Monument 10K just because it's in my backyard and 40,000 + people turn out to run it every year.  Not to mention it's a perfect distance for being able to walk to the restaurants and bars afterwards to grab a mimosas and stack of pancakes!

If you could run any race in the entire world, where would it be and why?  

I would love to run Boston- but I would love for someone to run the last 13.1 for me.  I really want to do the Napa to Sonoma Half one day (all by myself).

Since your a mom, do you get your family into a healthy lifestyle too?  Are any of them runners as well?  

My husband does Ironman so to say he's a runner is an understatement.  My daughter is only 1 but as soon as she's up walking we will start entering her in some 5K's ;) but only if she wants to.

What are your tricks to juggling family, running and life?  

Both my husband and I get everything done before my daughter wakes up.  We are usually up and fully functioning by 4:45AM and she usually starts stirring by 7AM (we are very fortunate).  Saturdays are usually my husband's longest training days, but he always makes sure he's back by the end of her morning nap so we can hang out the rest of the day together.  We also schedule our workouts with each other so that one person can stay home on the treadmill or recumbent while the other is out on the town exercising.

9.  Your also a personal trainer, do you love that job?  

I am studying to be a personal trainer but am a certified group fitness instructor at the moment.  I just started my own business called Pretty FIT Girls and am hoping to open up my PT and Health Coaching branches as soon as I get certified.  I love helping other people discover how much better healthy tastes than anything else!

Have you experienced any trials/injuries/health issues that you have had to overcome?  Tell us about them. 

Nope!  I even did gymnastics competitively until I was 22 and managed to come out unscathed!  Knock on wood!

Tell us what crossing the finish line in a race feels like to you.  

It's a bittersweet feeling.  It feels great to be done running and sweating and hurting, but it also means the end of those butterflies in your stomach and that particular journey.  That's why I'm usually signed up for another race by the time that one is done!

Do you have a specific distance and PR that you are proud of?  Tell us about it.  

Right now I'm working on running a half in 1:30.  I've only completed one other half marathon before and raced a 1:38.  In my training last weekend though I ran a 1:32 half.  Hoping to shave 2 minutes off for my next half Sept 15th!

Your husband it also a runner (Ironman) do you both enjoy running together?  Do you have fun picking races together, or do you both enjoy doing your own thing?  

HA- I can't run with him... he either runs too fast or too far!  And Ironmen don't appeal to me whatsoever.  I love watching him and rooting for everyone, but for me, no thanks!

Do you have a funny running story to share?  or funny experience while running?  

I run out in the country and am always coming across roadkill.  I have to ALWAYS look down or I get critter juice on my nice running shoes!

When someone asks you why you run, what do you tell them?  

I tell them because I can.

You just ran your first 1/2 marathon this year  Tell us about your amazing experience doing it.  Do you have plans to do more?  

Yes, my first one was a hilly one!  I think we climbed almost 1500 feet by the end.  I don't know why I chose that to be my first- maybe because it would make all the others seem easier?  I have another half planned Sept 15th and a final one this year in November.

What states have you run races in? 

Just VA and Maryland.  I need to get out more!

What is your favorite kind of running, solo running or running with a friend or group?  

I love doing training runs solo because I like to lose myself in running.  But, if I'm just going out to get a workout in, I love being with others, especially girls.  We gotta recap the Bachelorette and Real Housewives shoes!

Do you listen to music while you run?  Give us the top 2 running songs on your playlist.  

I never listen to music.  Ever.  I'm so bad.  I listen to music for my daughter and constantly have the Itsy Bitsy Spider in my head.

Do you cross train?  What types?  

I do yoga, lift weights and do some cardio videos when the babe is sleeping.

What other hobbies/sports do you do besides running?  

I love food.  I can't cook, but I love researching healthy meals, trying to make them and then just ending up going out to dinner and ordering something similar!  I also love working with kids.  I'm starting a kids program through my Pretty Fit Girls and am looking forward to getting kids up and moving too.  I used to teach 2nd grade so I need my kid fix every now and then!

What type of things motivate you and push you towards success?  

My daughter, just watching her push through her struggles of adapting to this world makes me want to be a superwoman for her!

What is your must have running accessory?  

I have to have my Garmin Forerunner or I am lost!

What is the best thing you have learned from being a runner?  

I've learned how to push myself to limits I never knew existed.

Favorite pre and post run food?  

Pre- almond butter toast  Post- organic pizza and a glass of red!

What do you do with your race t-shirts and medals?  Do you do something unique with them?

We thumb tack them into the wall in our garage.  It's not that pretty but it's a good tribute to our hard work!

Tell us something unique about you, that you'd like us to know.  

I drink hot water.  I used to drink tea but somehow progressed to that!

You can find Emma on her blog at:
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Thanks Emma for letting me spotlight you!  I love that both you and your husband are active and enjoy the same sport, but you both make it your own!  And what an adorable cute little girl you have to cheer ya on and hug ya after the finish of a great race!
I am beyond impressed at how early you guys get up to keep your lives functioning just the way you want, that is so motivational, I really need to take a page out of your book where that is concerned:)  Good luck with your future goals and successes to come!

Book Review FRAMED by Clair M. Poulson

This is an author who has written over sixteen novels and I have read and loved every single one of them.  Not to mention I own almost all of them as well.  When I picked up Framed by Clair M. Poulson I already knew I was in for a great story.  I believe because this author was once a Sheriff and then a Judge this is the reason his novels always have a tendency to grab the reader and keep them entertained and guessing throughout the entire book.

Adriana Chambers pulls over to use her tire changing skills to help a stranded motorist in her neighborhood who looked like they needed some help.  The only problem is, her good deed turns into much more than she bargained for and she soon discovers she is the only witness of the man Jerzy Grabowski that morning.  Which wouldn't mean much, except that same man shortly thereafter was pulled over and brought in and charged with murder.  Murder of one of her own neighbors nearby where she changed the tire.
There is one big problem with Jerzy's arrest, he's innocent.  The other problem, Adriana's the only one who believes he's didn't do it.

Brad Osborn is the detective assigned to the case.  He falls immediately for the beautiful Adriana when he took her witness statement.  The best part is, it appears she might return the feelings.  When she walks out the door Brad wonders if he'll ever see her again, that question is quickly answered when Adriana's thrown into a tangled web of conspiracy's and mob dealings that may or may not be related to her estranged father.  Adriana's curiosity gets to her, and she begins to investigate and find out for her own what is going on.  She stands true to her feelings that Jerzy is innocent.  The only problem is, the more she digs the more danger she is in, and her life may be at stake.

Framed is fast paced and filled with the perfect amount of suspense to keep you guessing up till the end.  I really enjoyed this book.  The only thing I didn't like was Adriana's character flipped just a little in my opinion through the book.  She starts out this strong independent girl who pulls over to change a mans tire.  But I found a few times later on in the book that the character lost her strength a little and I would have rather seen her remain strong, sufficient and more independent and less needy throughout.  But that may just be me.  I love a great and strong female character in a book.  But others may not always agree and I assume trials like in the book could break any strong female character.

That aside, this is a fabulous read, and it won't disappoint!  This book is a clean read, with Christian LDS standards throughout.  So you won't have to worry about bad language, which for me too much bad language in a book can be a total turn off!  I recommend this book to adults of any age, who love suspense, mystery and crime drama.

Disclaimer: I was not asked by the author or publisher to read/review this book.  All thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.

Visit Haleakala National Park

For Travel Tuesday I'd like to take you to Haleakala.

Haleakala National Park is located in Maui, Hawaii.  This is one of those places that even though being on the small Island of Maui, those who visit the Hawaiian destination often overlook Haleakala.

First, if you are going to go if you really want to get a chance to see the best views of the park, you are going to have to get up early.  I got up to leave around 4 a.m. but many will get up to make the drive around 3:30 a.m.  (My trip was in January, different times of year the time you will need to get up will vary.)

Second, even though you are in Maui, you'll want a good warm jacket, or blanket and even gloves and a hat to keep you warm.  The temperatures at the top before sunrise or after sunset can be below freezing.

You'll take a bit of a drive, up a very dark and very curvy road as you basically climb in elevation from sea level up to around 10,000 feet.
Park in the parking lot and walk over to the viewing area, and wait in the icy cold wind in the dark at the overlook with the other park visitors.  Get your camera's ready, because what you are about to see is spectacular.

First you'll start to see the yellow glow of the sun as it rises and lights the puffy clouds below you.  While the old volcano's will start to take shape in the area below you.

Each second during those minutes of the morning you will watch as the sun starts to move up and catches the clouds and each cloud will start to look as if the edges are lighting on fire.

It's literally a spectacle that is fit exactly for the word BREATHTAKING!

I bet if you have a extremely fancy camera you're pictures will turn out better than mine.  But even if you just have a digital camera that cost a bit less than $200, you'll still be able to capture pictures like these.

Once the sun is up over the clouds, the scene changes quickly.  As the clouds begin to slowly fade away until they are non-existent.  In return the temperature starts to warm, and you won't feel like your nose is about to fall off.
Once the sunrise is over, you can take a drive further up the road, and hike around to stand on top of Haleakala's tallest peak.  At which you'll have fabulous views of the island and even all the way to the big island of Hawaii.

After, I suggest taking the day to hike around and explore Haleakala.  There are plenty of hiking trails, and yes it does warm up:)  You can even arrange to take a bike trip down the steep curvy road to Haleakala National Park.

You can also stop at the different look outs, and view the old volcano's and hike around the old cinder desert.  It's beautiful, and so full of different colors.  You'll love it!

You're park pass is good for 3 days, so after you can go the next day up the Road to Hana (I'll have to do a separate travel post on this area next week.) There you will be able to visit the other side of Haleakala National Park, which is a total transformation from the desert area, to lush tropical forests.


Get up early, don't try to sleep in until the last possible minute.  Once the parking lot at the top fills up it is closed off, and you may have driven all that way and miss the spectacle of the sunrise.

Bring a warm jacket and gloves as well as a stocking hat.  Just small items to fit into your suitcase that will otherwise be filled with beach gear.  But honestly, if I didn't have gloves with that cold wind, I wouldn't have been able to stand taking any pictures.

Check the weather first before you go.  Although my pictures and my morning ended up being ideal, it isn't always that.  It could be freezing rain or yes even snow.  You can't control the clouds or lack of, it's probably a different experience for everyone.

Bring lots of water if you plan on hiking and definitely bring your camera!!!

Plan to spend the day, or at least half the day.  Don't think you can do both this and the road to Hana in one day.  I'm sure you could, but you won't have any time to stop and see anything, as you'd barely have enough time to drive the two roads.

As for driving, if your rental car has a lower gear when coming down off the mountain put it in the lowest gear so you can avoid using the break.  If you don't have this option, try to keep your pace slow and avoid pushing on that break as much as possible.  For me, I popped it into a lower gear and didn't have to use the break except for the couple of times I caught up to other vehicles.

Aren't the pictures amazing!  Can you believe that so many people go to Maui, Hawaii and stick with the beaches and never get to see these amazing Maui sights!  Pure crazy, huh!

Injury Update

I've had a tough go with these past now 8 months.  Obviously this year has not turned out any way in which I had hoped, cancelling plans for 19 marathons...  But that is how life is and it's all a matter of accepting what comes your way, right!

I've had a few set-backs.  A few weeks ago, just as I was set to bump the mileage up and progress a little in the physical therapy.  The injury started to hurt quite a bit more.  My fault I was working 10-12 hour days at work, and it was just too much for my foot to handle.

The creek behind my campground last week.

So instead of bumping the mileage, I had to quit running again.  
Things still hurt, but they aren't hurting as bad this past weekend.  So I intend on starting up running again this morning.  Not much, only a mile or two.  I'm not too worried about making things worse, because running doesn't seem to make it all that much worse, as long as I don't go too far.  It's actually working at work on it that makes it worse. (Which is why I am keeping my eyes open for a new job.)

I should mention, our family enjoys BIG white-man Fires:)
On the plus side, you can sit 10-20 feet away and still feel warm
Plus, this way the whole big family can sit around and enjoy it together:)

It's the oddest injury these days, I can hike several miles climbing up and down mountain terrain and have virtually no pain, or any post pain or swelling.  I can only run a couple of miles on it before I start feeling slight pain.  However, I only need to be at work (where the injury occurred) 15-20 minutes before the pain can hit the higher levels.  (Needless to say, I've been doing quite a bit more hiking the past few weeks:) Which is definitely a positive thing!)

Such a weird situation, and I am beyond ready for it to be over.  On the plus side in about 2 weeks I have the Dr. appt. with the Surgeon to find out if there is a chance I can ever heal this on my own, or if surgery will be required.  Either way, I am still hopeful!  I mean at this point I really have to be, otherwise it all gets me too down:(

The lighting is not the best, but we hiked up this mountain for this beautiful
view of the canyon valley below, as well as the lake in the distance.
Saw one of my biggest deer ever up here, over 18 points....  Awesome!!!

This week, I am really going to be working on correcting my unhealthy eating habits.  See the past 3-4 weeks, as things weren't looking so good on the injury front.  Lets just say I dropped my idea of cutting out Pepsi for the most part, and sadly I ate out at least once each week.
The plan is to only drink a Pepsi once this week, and bump back up my water intake.  I've put on a few pounds, or at this point more than a few.  So I hope to cut out the eating out, altogether!  Dropping back down to a 1,200 a day calorie diet.  It's not much, but its a start back in the right direction.

Don't you just love these summer wedding colors together?
This was a wedding I did for a bride a few weeks back
Brides colors were Coral Pink and Apple Green - So bright and fun!

I also have 2 weddings this week, and I love decorating for weddings.  (This is not the job that caused the injuries.)  So I have a busy, yet exciting week to help me use towards making some postitive changes pointing me back in the right direction:)

So I leave you with a few quotes that I am really taking to heart this week.

So let me ask you.  Have you ever had a series of bad luck, injuries, etc that were out of your control... That prolonged so long that it got you down and you started making mistakes? 
What types of things for motivation did you use to help you get out of the funk?

Diet-To-Go Food GIVEAWAY

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Runners Spotlight Let Me Introduce Shawn

Every runner has a story, which pushes and drives them to do what they do. It's fascinating learning about others, and in return it also inspires and motivates.

This week I'd like to introduce ShawnI asked Shawn several questions, to tell part of his story and introduce you to him. 

Shawn Blogs at

Color Me Run

Tell us what distances you like to run? 
Right now I am focusing on around a 5k. I plan to reach marathon distance, but honestly, the distance that I like to run is where I just run. I have had times where I just end up in the zone and gone 6 miles when I meant to do 3. Those are my favorite runs.
How long have you been running?
I have always liked running. I did not do track because I had a fat track coach, but I was focused on sprints back then. I got into more distance when I went to college. That way I could spend a lot of time on the treadmill next to cute girls.
What made you want to become a runner?  What is it that keeps you at it?
For me it is a huge stress relief. Also, when I run I have ridiculously deep thoughts, I think that I kind of fun.
 What is the furthest distance or race you have ever run?  
The furthest that I have ever gone is 12 miles, but by this time the farthest that I will have gone will be more than 26 miles.
What has been your favorite race and distance you have run?  Tell us why?
I have only ran 2 official races at this point; the first was color me rad. That was just for fun...and it was. The second was a real 5k and I was proud of my finish. I finished 92 out of 666 racers, that is not bad for it only being my second race, and I was in the top 11 of my age category...I did get beat by two 11 year olds and a 10 year old...but they were not in my age category!
 If you could run any race in the entire world, where would it be and why?
 I think it would be fun to run through the trails of the Amazon...I don't know if that is a race...maybe I should start it.
 Do you run for fun?  Or run to compete?  Both?
 I run mostly for fun, but sometimes my competitiveness comes out.
Bum Run

Have you ever won a race or placed in your age group?
 In 4th grade we had a bobsled race. We had groups of 3 that designed the bobsleds, ours was a cardboard box that a fridge came in cut and duct taped to make it more aerodynamic. We had one person from our group sit in the sled, and then the other 2 pulled the sled in a race...we won that one. They gave us a rock, about the size and shape of the Olympic medals, painted it gold, and tied it with ribbon around our necks. Life was great back then.
 Have you experienced any trials/injuries/health issues that you have had to overcome?  Tell us about them.
 We have all had trials, but in regards to running...When I was 22 I had an operation in my chest. The Dr burned some of my nerves off on my spine. While he was doing this he accidentally burned little holes in my lungs. About a week and a half later my lungs had separated from the chest cavity and were mostly deflated. I had to have an emergency chest surgery (WITH NO ANETHSTETIC!) to press my lungs against my chest, re-inflate them, and let the holes heal. I have not been able to breath like I use to since. When I work out my breathing always sounds so labored.
I also had my ankle ran over by a 1/2 ton truck about 3 months ago, and I had a torn meniscus about 2 years ago, but this cant stop me from running.
If you run races.  Tell us what crossing the finish line feels like to you.
I race against myself mostly. I really don't care right now where I finish in relation to others, my goal is usually to beat my PR.
Have you ever ran a race in costume?  Would you?  
NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Do you have a funny running story to share?  or funny experience while running?
 There are a lot of people who like to walk on the trail that I run on. I love to sneak up on people as I am running (usually they are talking and not really paying attention) then as I pass them, just inches separating our shoulders, I kick it in a gear. Usually I get 'oh' they stop walking for a sec, then they laugh. I was doing this to a couple who was about 60. She let the sharpest shrill out like she had seen a mouse and ended up stumbling into her husband. She tripped on his feet and fell to the ground. Then she started laughing. I felt bad and went back to help her up and we had a good laugh about it.
 When someone asks you why you run, what do you tell them?
 I tell them that when I run it is just me and the wind. That is what I love about running.
 Do you hope to be a lifelong runner?
You mean do I want to finish a 5k with a walker...I think that would be awesome, and would probably get me on the news.
 What states have you run races in?
 What is your favorite kind of running, solo running or running with a friend or group?
 I love solo running. I have not found someone who works with me as far as a group run.
 Do you cross train?  What types?
Right now I am playing with the idea of a tri. So I have upped the amount of time that I spend on a bike. I know that I should get in the pool more, but I am not the champion swimmer, and so I am putting it off.
What other hobbies/sports do you do besides running?
Ultimate Frisbee every Thursday!!! Does NASCAR count as a hobby...or a sport? My dad says that it does not. Reading: The Ant and the Elephant is the best book ever.
Do you have any tips of suggestions for someone who is thinking of starting up running?  
Find your schedule and stick to it! With that schedule include stretching and nutrition too. Also include breaks and rewards, these will help prevent running from seaming like a chore.
 What is your must have running accessory?
 What is the best thing you have learned from being a runner?
The best thing that I have learned from being a runner, solving life's problems. Running does not have all the answers to life, but I can not tell you how many times I have been stressed or confused or lost in life and I go for a run to find a solution.
What do you do with your race t-shirts and medals?  Do you wear them proud or display them for all your guests to see?  Do you do something unique with them?
The races I have gone to put out cotton shirts. Running in cotton is not the best for your training. The shirts usually are not cool enough for me to wear in everyday things, so they turn into my kids PJs and my play shirts.
Tell us something unique about you.
My secret dream is to get a pilots license and buy a Cessna 172.
I am a published Poet (only one poem and it was in 8th grade)
I recently looked over my drivers license and it does not have the correct height, weight, or eye color.
 What is something I didn't ask that you would have liked me to ask?
My favorite color is Green.

You Can Find Shawn's Blog At:
Shawn is also on Facebook At:

Thanks for letting me spotlight you Shawn!  I agree with you, running is SUCH a stress reliever!!!  I love your sense of humor through your answers, I look forward to reading your blog!  I bet you will be finishing a 5k one day in a walker at 100.  Best of luck with getting into the triathlons and marathon that you'd like to do!  Oh, and I have to say how impressed I am that you are running after having your ankle run over a few months back, that is incredible!  You must be blessed with fast healing powers:)  Good luck!