Travel Tuesday, Making Packing Easier

I saw this great new mini bag, that looked quite intriguing to try for packing.  So I asked to review the product.  I want to let you know although this review is entirely my opinion.  I was given the product complimentary to test out.

Usually if I am just going away for a night of two, I may not worry about packing shirts and I would probably worry less about wrinkles.  But if I am going somewhere for a bit longer, or somewhere that I may want to look better than just a t-shirt and jeans.  Then packing in a way that allows me to not have to worry about ironing or wrinkled mess is a definite plus!

Which is why this 15 inch packing organizer looked like it would come in handy.  It also came with a folding board, so you can fold your clothes into it perfectly.

This organizer states that it will: 

* Hold up to 7 shirts or pants.
* Reduce wrinkles and maximize your packing space.
* Keep everything organized and easy to see.
* Help keep your privacy during security inspections.

I knew I could fold shirts well, but I have to be honest having the folding board really did help fold them even better and more compact.  As well as allowed me to fold them to the perfect size for this bag.

If your wondering if it fit all 7 shirts, or pants?
Yes it did, in fact I actually found if I used it just for shirts it even held more.  I guess it just depends on the type of shirts/pants.  But yes, it definitely does hold exactly what it says it will, and possibly like it did for me, it may even fit more.

Did it reduce wrinkles?
Well to be honest I left them in there a few days just to see.  Other than the folding creases yes it does reduce wrinkles.  I wasn't traveling on a plane of anything, but I believe based on how compact and secure they are in the organizer, even in your suitcase you'd experience the same.

Did it compare vs. just a suitcase alone?
Normally when I pack a suitcase, I roll things up.  Which lets be honest, does create a lot of wrinkles. So having things folded like this, in this organizer did actually allow me to use the space better.

I couldn't tell you if it helps keep privacy during security inspections, because I did not take it on a plane.  But assuming you don't put anything shaped like a knife in it:) and just pack your clothing.  If your suitcase was opened for further inspection, yes I believe the items in it would be more private and not get moved around and wrinkled while they searched the bag.  But then, if they opened it for some reason, then there would be no guarantees.

Will I continue to use it?
Yes, I like it.  I don't mind having the folding creases, I would actually much prefer to have folding creases than wrinkles.
I am planning a trip soon, and I am excited to use it!

Did I find any con's?
The first time I put it in the suitcase, I didn't press down on the velcro straps enough and when I went to pull it out, all my shirts/pants started to fall out.  But I think that was user error.  The 2nd time I secured the velcro straps better and I didn't have the problem then.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, if you are not the best at packing or in need of a little organization when you do pack.  I believe this would be a product that would benefit you!  I also think anyone who would prefer to keep their clothing with just fold creases, instead of wrinkles will also enjoy this.

I received the red one, which was perfect for me because I own a red suitcase.
However, they do come in lots of different colors!
The pricing is also pretty reasonable since they only run $17.95, (per the day I ran this post.)

You can check them out HERE
As well as purchase them on AMAZON.

So tell me, what do you do to help keep organized when packing?  What do you do to avoid wrinkled clothes on trips?  Is this packing organizer something you'd be interested in?

Great Week, Crazy Week...

Last week started out great and wonderful.  I even treated myself to Insurgent. Then took my niece and nephew to see McFarland USA, which might I add is an absolutely wonderful movie so inspirational! I highly recommend it to anyone, but runners especially those who ran cross country will really appreciate it!

I will admit last week I didn't do as much running as I should have.  I don't know what my problem was, I was just being lazy if I am going to be honest.  I hope to turn that around this week.


Thursday I was on my way to work and my car started to go crazy, then my brakes went out.  So I veered it to the right and grabbed the emergency brake to stop it all the way.
Thankfully, it couldn't of happened in a better spot.  I also have an awesome dad who came right after I called him on the phone, then took me to work and then took care of getting my car home for me.

For those who have followed my blog for a while you may already know my car issues last fall. Well I finally realized I have been really lucky, and possibly this was the vehicle saying, my time is up.  So I told it thanks for only breaking down at spots and in ways where I have been lucky to get help, and then I said goodbye!


The next day I went to look at cars, and thanks to having a brother-in-law who works at a dealership he was able to get me an excellent deal.
Which is good because I hate car payments, I bought my last new car in 2000 and I haven't had a car payment in well over 13 years....
So I walked away with this cute little red beauty, fully loaded and all the upgrades possible:)  It's already been named.  I call it PEPPER:)
It was actually a woman I work with at one of my jobs who came up with the name, but it's cute and I like it so it's stuck!

Funny thing, after I bought my first car in college and then when it died a tragic death from a guy who couldn't drink coffee and drive.  Then after another accident in my friends car shortly after, I swore I would never drive or buy a car ever again.  I was terrified of them.  Which is why I stuck with trucks and SUV's... However, I should really learn to never say never...

So now that I have a dependable car again, I am thinking a trip is definitely in order.  No idea when or where.  I am not going to plan anything.  But knowing myself, if I am in the mood I will probably just leave town with less than a moments notice.  I am thinking it will probably happen sooner than later!


I was also asked this week if I would accept a calling to work with the young women in my church.  I decided to do the christian thing and accept.  Not that I will probably be any good, I don't even know if they'll like me.  But I said I would give it a try.  The woman who asked for my help, said some very kind things about why she chose me, and she really believes my free spirit, I can do anything I put my mind to attitude will be great for these girls who are Juniors and Seniors in high school.
I don't know if she will be right, but it will be a challenge and I guess I am always up for a challenge!


So ya, fun stuff and crazy stuff.  I think I have officially been to the movies more times this month than I went all last year. haha..  I have a sporty cute new car and I am reminded at how much I absolutely love the "New Car Smell".  If I can get my butt back in gear this week with running, I think things might just start going great again!

What happened with your week?  

Blog Link Up and Blog Hop Etiquette

I get emails all the time by new bloggers who say something along the lines of.  I would love to join your link up, but I am a new blog is that okay?  (The answer to that is always, of course!)
Or they will ask questions, about what it is, and how they are supposed to participate. So this is to answer the questions of those who just aren't sure what they are or how to participate.

One thing to keep in mind as you read my tips and suggestions.  These are MY opinion, it doesn't mean you have to follow it exactly, and it doesn't mean there aren't other ways.
However, I have found success in what I do, so if you consider them it may set you on the right track especially if you have questions about them and how they work.


Although there are several kinds of each out there.  Mostly you'll find the difference in this:

Link Up's - Usually these are 1 day link ups, or some even have weekly link ups.  You'll have a host(s), who may or may not have rules on what types of blogs/posts can link up.  You will link up a current post that you created specifically with their link up topic in mind.  You should always comment on the host post, and then visit as many other bloggers in the link up that join for that day an comment on their blogs.

Blog Hop's - Generally these are mini events, a group of blogs who join up together to host or do something. And everyone in that group will write posts on that "said" topic, launch them as directed. There are usually links to every one's blog on every one's blog post(s) so that viewers can hop from one blog to the next easily.


Although their are some differences in them, they are the same in one aspect.  They are both great chances to network and grow your blog while meeting others.


DO Link up if you're new to blogging, or looking to meet other bloggers and have time to participate.

DON'T Link up, just to link up.  Make sure you have time to visit at least 3-4 of the other bloggers that day who are in the link up and leave a comment on their blog.

DO Link up a relative topic.  If a link up has a theme.  Make sure the post you link up falls within the topic or guidelines.

DON'T Link up an old post, unless the host has specified it is okay.  Generally link ups are for new posts on specific topics and not posts you linked up in weeks past, or something you wrote a year ago.  TIP: If you wrote a great post in the past, and want to link it up.  Why not re-write it, freshen it up and improve on it and recreate it as as a brand new?

DON'T Link up posts that have nothing to do with the hop.  If you do, expect to have the host roll their eyes as they may or may not delete you from their link up. (You break the rules too many times, you can expect to be banned or asked to not link up with that link up.)

DO visit and comment on the host or host's posts. Not doing so is just rude and shame on you:)

DON'T take a minute to link up, and have no intention of doing anything else.

DO take the time to visit any other new/old blogger who took the time to visit your blog and comment as part of the link up.  Also, make sure you are responding to the comments left on your blog post you linked up.  DO leave a thoughtful comment that shows you read their posts, DON'T leave 1-2 words or say something like, "nice post".

DON'T be the blogger who joins but is totally in it for themselves and is clueless about the rest.

DO be the blogger who sets a name for themselves by networking in these opportunities.  Trust me others notice, especially the hosts. Want to grow your blog, these are one of the best opportunities IF you are playing by the rules.

DON'T join a blog hop and forget you joined and forget to participate.  Bloggers who host these take a lot of time out of their schedules to make these things run smoothly.  If your not sure what your signing up for, then don't or wait until you do.  Or wait to sign up until you know you're schedule will allow it.  If you are confused, ask the host or email them, they want others to join so they will gladly try to help you any way they can!

DO join a blog hop and participate fully.  Usually these can last 1-2 weeks on average so this gives each blogger plenty of time to visit as many if not all of the other participants in the hop.  If its a giveaway hop even if you're not interested in a particular giveaway, it's always a nice thing to stop by and even if anything just leave a nice comment.

DON'T join blog hops or link ups and visit the blogs to share any negativity.  We may or may not agree with what a blogger is writing.  But when you are linking up, this is supposed to be a fun networking opportunity, this is not the time to ridicule or be rude.  You don't have to agree, but you should be polite when you participate in these as they are supposed to be fun:)

DO mention or add a link to the hosts blog.  This is not (usually) a requirement, but it's a really kind thing to do. As a way of saying "thank you for taking the time to create this and host this."

DON'T link up a post, and have one post for several link-up's.  I've seen this so often, where someone will link up and mention one host at the top, and another at the bottom for the same day and sometimes the post fits only one or neither link up requirements.
This is one of those things where their may be a little gray area as some hosts may not mind (ask them if needed).  But when I have talked to other host bloggers, we seem to agree.  You should generally pick one link up, for your one post that day.  If you want to do more than one, then link up one of your other relative posts, or maybe it's a double blogging day for you:)

DO have fun with them, that is the whole point!


There are several types of bloggers out there, and there is nothing wrong with any kind.  But if you're joining a link up, or a blog hop one would assume you are interested in growing your blog and meeting other bloggers.  At least that is what the majority of the others linking up are doing.

If this doesn't sound like you, then link up's and hop's are probably not for you and that is okay too. Not everyone is interested in growing their blogging friendships, and not everyone is interested in meeting other bloggers.

Hopefully this gives a little clarification.  I know I was fairly to the point on my Do's and Don't and I did not write to offend anyone.  Or hurt any one's feelings if they link up and didn't realize all they should be doing or not.  

This is just one of those subjects that its so much easier to explain by being frank instead of beating around the bush.  And like I said above, this is just my opinion:)

Another thing to consider, if you are not sure what is required or what isn't of a link up.  Or your not sure about the rules.  Just email the host, or ask them on their blog.

Host's generally want their link ups to be as successful as possible for everyone involved, and we don't mind answering your questions especially if it means adding a great new "follows the rules" participant to it!

Do you participate in link ups?  Do you host link ups?  Do you have any other Do's or Don't comments to add?

The Soup Club Cookbook

I asked to review The Soup Club Cookbook through Blogging for Books, I was given a complimentary copy for my review.  But as always all thoughts and opinions below are my own.

The Soup Club

The reason I wanted to review this cookbook is because I love soup!  Usually they are easy to make, and at the right time they can just totally hit the spot!
Soup Recipe'sThe great thing about soup's is you can eat really healthy and not necessarily sacrifice on taste as you occasionally have to do on other things.

While it's true this book gives you idea's on how you can create your own Soup Club locally and take turns making soups for each other once a week.  For myself, this wasn't the reason I wanted the book.  I wanted to see the recipe's!  But if you have a family, and local friends who also have families.  This soup club idea is seriously something to consider!

So many different soup ideas, and so many ways to use fresh produce or items from your garden in these soups.  Not to mention, making large batches in advance to store and eat later on.  Some of my favorites were Chestnut Soup, Winter Minestrone.

Additionally there are chilled soups, like Cucumber-Yogurt Soup YUM!  Or Avocado-Arugula Soup and Watermelon Gazpacho:)

Plus, what better things to go with soup but salad.  They give you several recipe's to make your own Vinaigrette's and Dressings!  I actually haven't tried any of these yet, but I am looking forward to making up some of my own salad dressings this summer and bottle them!

For those who know me, you know I love to garden and I always can pickles.  This book even had a new canning recipe that I can't wait to try as soon as I plant and grow my cucumbers this year!

You know how you go to a restaurant and order soup.  With it usually comes some yummy breads.  This book also has some great breads, corn breads and shortbread recipe's that are sure to add
to the soup for a side or even for dipping!

There is actually so much more to this book, I literally only have scratched the surface.  I haven't even had time to make a dent in them when making them on my own.

The great things about this book are the beautiful pictures, I love knowing what things are going to look like before I set out to make them.
The instructions are detailed and really easy to follow.  Additionally, you will find explanation for a few of the things that may pose questions in your mind.
Overall, I really like this book and I am thrilled to have it added to my cookbook collection!

These are the lovely ladies behind this great book.
Courtney Allison - Tina Carr - Caroline Laskow - Julie Peacock


You can learn more about the authors HERE. As well as PURCHASE information.

So tell me, do you search for great cookbooks?  Do you love soups?

Going to the Sun, Glacier National Park

This week for Travel Tuesday I want to take you on an adventure that you can see all from the windows of your car.  However, I highly recommend getting out and taking a few hikes along the way.

This is the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

What is the Going to the Sun Road?  It's 50 miles of pure beauty!  A winding mountain road, that climbs, and climbs and allows you different views from each turn and every mile.

One thing that a lot of people expect when they visit Glacier National Park is to see lots of Glaciers. While many years ago, this was true. Now you can really only see them from a distance, or you need to hike in to get to them.
I highly recommend getting to Glacier National Park as soon as you can, because they predict that all the glaciers within the park may actually be completely melted by 2030.

This park is actually open year round.  However, depending on what time of year you visit you may or may not have access to certain areas.
You an always check their website if you'd like to check out driving and weather conditions.

Why visit Glacier, besides to catch a glimpse at actual glaciers?  Well, if your a hiker, it's a hiking paradise, they have hundreds of miles of trails, I believe close to 700 miles of trails.  Everything from easy afternoon hikes, to long all day, or backpacker hike in for a few days hikes.

If you're lucky you may even catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife.  I saw this Grizzly bear one day there.  Not the best picture, as I didn't have my camera ready when I saw him, and he was on the run to get away from us.
But there are lots of bear sightings, if you are lucky and keep your eyes open.  I saw bear almost every day there, both black and grizzlies.

Or maybe you'll even catch a glimpse of some mountain goats.  These beauty's were just sitting on the mountain within feet of the vehicles passing them, catching some rays and probably doing a little people watching!

Or take a morning or evening and go fishing.  This is me and my dad doing a little fly fishing one evening in the main river.
I have told you before I wear a lot of pink.  Yes, if you can tell in the picture, I do own a cute pink fishing (girl) vest with matching hat:)

They also have lots of beautiful lakes.  Certain parts of the rivers, have that beautiful milky like glacial melting look to them.  From the milky gray's to the milky turquoise blues.

Also lots and lots of beautiful waterfalls.  Some are easy to see, others require some binoculars or a hike in to get closer.  Some like the one below, flow right down and under the road.

A few places of interest along with the road, that I recommend.  Visiting the Lake MacDonald Area and spend some time playing around there.  St. Mary Valley, also stunning and beautiful, lots of hiking up and around this area I found.
The Two Medicine Area, not a lot of people take the time to travel up to this area.  But I will tell you, it is more than worth it, there is so many trails and waterfalls and lakes up in this area.

There are a lot of pullouts along the way, that you can get out and take snapshots of other stunning views, and view the river and decent below.


* If its your first time, I recommend stopping at one of the visitor stations first, get some information and maps to help you get the most out of your visit.

* This is a national park, they do charge an entrance fee.  But your entrance fee's pays for unlimited trips in and out of the park for 7 days.

*  There are lots of campgrounds and lodging in the area.  I actually stayed in a nearby town up at a lodge at a ski resort when I visited.  I highly recommend making reservations before you come.

* Have a passport?  Cross the Canadian boarder and visit Waterton Lakes National Park (in some ways it's connected to Glacier National Park.) Check out the famous Prince of Wales Hotel.  (Hint) Some of the best views of it are from the middle of the lake:)

Have you been to Glacier National Park before?  If so, were you able to drive the entire road, did you do some hiking?  If you haven't been, is Glacier a place you hope to visit?

Current Events and Random Facts

About You
You may have noticed a little less blogging from me the past few weeks.  To be completely honest, I had just gotten a little burned out from the blog hop last month.  So I decided to cut back a bit for two weeks, so I could come back refreshed and still loving to blog.  Because for me, that is the main point, to keep it as a hobby I love.

I was going to give you a rundown of all my happenings the past few weeks.  But instead of giving you a really long post with lots of paragraphs and bore you all to death.  I decided to do it in more of a random facts post and just hit some of the main points.  
To keep it different, I will do random facts, mixed with current events.  So here it goes:

* I went to see the new Cinderella movie twice last week.  I love it, so much I could have hugged it if it was possible after.  Disney did a fabulous job with it.  I love that they didn't change the original storyline, but also made Cinderella smarter and I love that the movie was all about kindness to others. Such an important thing to remember in today's society!

Jem and the Holograms
* I saw the dvd case JEM from the "Jem and the Holograms" when I was working at the library, boy that brought back memories.  My sister an I loved that cartoon when we were younger, I can still even sing the theme song, LOL.  I almost wanted to check it out, but I didn't:)

* In high school and college I loved Beverly Hills 90210, watched it religiously and had 90210 parties with my friends when we watched it.

* Sadly I am only down 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  On the plus side, I am still down 3 pounds.

* I am addicted to the Kim Kardashian game, so is my sister (who hooked me) and my niece.... I know the shame... I have already been told by close friends I can never be the same in there eyes.  My only defense is it could be worse and I could be sending Facebook requests to all on my contact list on a daily basis like some of those other games do, LOL

* I need a vacation terribly, this is probably the longest in the history of my life I have gone without taking a vacation.  (Not kidding.)  I haven't taken a trip since last September.  I may actually go crazy if I don't soon!

* I don't drink alcohol, and if I enter a race that gives a free beer or wine at the end.  I always give my ticket away to a random runner who looks like they'd appreciate it at the finish line. (I know you want to see me at the end of my next race, huh LOL.

* I wear a lot of pink when I run!

* My weird pain I had in my foot that kept me from being able to walk, has left for the most part (hopefully), but it did flare up a little or the work injury in the other foot.  I have been dealing with it pretty good.  On the plus side, like always running doesn't seem to bother it so I have been able to keep that up. I am about back to where I was 3 weeks ago when I had to take a couple weeks of running again.

* I will be coming up on my 200th wedding soon.

* More often than ever before I am loving Dry Shampoo, Not Your Mothers Brand.  Let's just say if I don't have a day I go for a run, I get a tad lazy:)  FYI, I love that stuff, it also gives my flat hair so much more volume!!!

* When I cook, I have a horrible time following directions exactly.  I can't help but attempt to add my own new spin on it, even if it's the first time making it:)  Lets just say, they are not all fails:)

* I am starting a new business venture.  One that is really risky, going to be extremely stressful in fact some say those who do it have the most stressful job ever.  But if I could pick any dream job to go with my wedding company this would be it.  I am not ready to share what it is just yet, but you will definitely hear lots and lots about it in the coming months, whether you like it or not haha!

* I worked on my blog so much on Sunday, as well as created all this weeks posts.  That at exactly 8:44PM I had to say to myself "walk away from the blog, you can do it, walk away." So I am, and so ends this post! LOL

Okay, so now tell me some random facts about you or random current event facts.

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast by Melissa Lemon

I've read both of Melissa Lemon's previous adaptations of other fairytales and I really enjoyed them (Cinder and Ella & Snow Whyte. Which is the reason I looked forward to reading her newest one Sleeping Beauty and the Beast.

Melissa Lemon has great ability to take a common fairytale and weave it into a new story, one that will delight readers who enjoy originals and remakes.

Taking Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast and combining them at first I wondered how she would do it, but as soon as I started I decided I loved how she was doing it.

Magnolia is a witch in a country that has outlawed them.  If any witch is found she is put to the death and any children they have born are taken from them.  The minute Magnolia is found she wraps her beautiful daughter Ovinia up and takes off on the run. Even though she has already foreseen the future, a future she knows she cannot change no matter what she does.  Seeing the future is one of her greatest gifts or curses in this case.
Caught and robbed of her child, she knows her daughter is going to be taken into a life that no child should bare, a life that will rob her child of everything she deserves one that will turn her into a beast.

Magnolia knows, there is nothing she can do about it, it has been foreseen.  So she instead decides to curse those who created the laws of the land.  Those who created the rules of the kingdoms that brought witch hunts to her, and stole her child and took her into a future unimaginable.

Eglantine has lay still for longer than she can remember.  Alive, but in a sleep she is unable to awake from.  She can hear everything going on around her, smell and feel the touch of those who visit her. But not matter how hard she tries the curse keeps her from being able to wake up and speak to the others around her.  Instead she lives in a dreamlike state, one where she has to create her own adventures.  In her dreams she can see people, run though fields say and do what she wants.  It feels like reality, but no one can see her or hear her so she isn't sure if they are real or not.
That is until one day when she happens upon a prince, Prince Henry of Fallund and he can hear her.

Prince Duncan has wanted to escape the palace for as long as he can remember.  Born a minute after his brother, he is nothing but glad that becoming the King will not fall to him.  Duncan enjoys dressing up as a peasant and visiting the villages.  One day, he happens upon a group of men who are beating and fighting a beastly looking woman.  Beastly because her hair is a knotted matted mess, and she is bruised, bleeding and filthy from the men trying to control her.  He orders them to stop, only to find out they are trying to secure her to prison to await her trial for murder.
Duncan knows he should let it go, but he can't help but be drawn to this wild woman, a woman who not only looks wild, but appears to have the mind and nature of a rabid animal.  But yet he feels there is more to her.
With the help of an old woman, Duncan begins to spend more and more time with the one they call the beast, determined to find a way to connect with her, find out why he is drawn to her and discover the truth behind her before she is scheduled for death.

Prince Henry although he's taken a bit too long to claim the throne that is his birthright, he's always considered himself of sound mind.  That is until he begins seeing the sleeping princess of Cray, and the ability to converse with her, when no one else can see or hear.
Enchanted by her, he soon discovers he doesn't care what others think, she is even if only he can see her, quite possibly the woman he has always hoped to meet.

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast takes the reader on two fairy tales and two love stories.  With characters you quickly grow to love.  If you enjoy stories that leave you with that feel good, want to hug a book as you finish feeling.  Then this is one you will want to pick up.  This book is adult fiction, but is very clean and appropriate for any audience.  If you enjoy a great fairytale this is one I loved and highly recommend!

Spring Into Fitness Giveaway Hop

I am excited for today, it's the Spring into Fitness Giveaway Hop!  I am linking up with more than a dozen other bloggers below.
All of which are offering their own fun fitness giveaways on their blogs.
You can find the full list of participants at the bottom of this post.  Make sure to stop by and visit them all, and enter the giveaways for lots of chances to with some awesome new prizes!!!

Big thanks to Mom Who Tri's for helping me Co-Host this fun Giveaway Hop!

This time around, I am giving away several prices, and I am going with a RUNNING theme.

There will be 3 WINNERS on my blog.  I will do a random selected winner on Rafflecopter for the first winner.  After they have chosen their prize, I will select a 2nd winner.  Once they have picked which prize they want, I will then email the 3rd and final winner with what they won.  That sounds like a mouthful, but hopefully it makes sense!


Free race entry to a Spartan Race

Are you a hardcore athlete, or do you want to be?  Spartan races are an awesome experience of sweat, mud, fire and great obstacle courses.
You can select any race as long as it is within the continental United States.  With races all over the country, you are bound to find one nearby you to enter.


Free season pass; 4 Geek'd Out Running 5k Series Races 

Enjoy Harry Potter?  Are you a Star Wars or Dr. Who Fan?  Maybe you're a Gamer?  These fun 5k's are great for the whole family.  If you're the lucky winner, you'll get a season pass into all 4 races.
These races are in Utah in the West Jordan area.  Although they do have a virtual race series, these season passes are NOT for virtual race entrants.  The season pass is for those who may want to attend the race, and pick up their own packet and race info.


Paperback or Kindle copy of The Running Revolution

Which is one of the top books on the current market for both new and seasoned runners.
Winner of this prize, will have to tell me which version they would like to receive.

So how do you get a chance at winning one of these amazing fun prizes?  Pretty simple, you just enter on the Rafflecopter form below.
This giveaway runs through Midnight on March 25th.
Winners will be listed on my blog, and will be emailed with the email they register with in Rafflecopter.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond, if no response prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since this is a giveaway hop, here are many other fabulous Fitness Blogs that are also offering their own giveaways.  You have until Midnight March 25th, 2015.  So take some time and visit and enter as many other giveaways at you'd like.

Lot's and lots of chances to win!!!

Are You a "Geek" Who Loves to Run?

Disclaimer: Although this is a review announcement for the Geek'd Out Running Club.  I am not being compensated in any way for writing this post.  The race director of this series is a friend of mine, and I am sharing the info for pure information for others.

I'm going to tell you about a few races you might not of heard about.

What is the Geek'd Out Running Club?

They are a series of fun run 5k's, that are great for the entire family to join in and participate.  Additionally a large portion of the proceeds go directly to various Utah based charities.

They also have a couple of different options this year.  You can register for just one race of your choice, or if your interested you can buy a season pass that will include you in all of the races.

Additionally, if you purchase a season pass, you will be getting into what was announced as their "secret" fourth race.


All of these races are within the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. However, if you think these are medal's you just have to have? you can also participate virtually.
Virtual runners will also receive a t-shirt, bib and race medal.


These races are pure family fun runs.  The races are not timed, although they do acknowledge the first place finishers.
In other words, the entire family is allowed to come and share in the fun.  They even allow strollers, although I would assume like most races if you are bringing a stroller you'll be placed in the back of the race field at the start for safety reasons.

They are all about just having fun and finishing, so everyone who participates receives a finisher's medal. (Yes even virtual race participants.)

Additionally first place finisher's will find creative awards, that run along the lines of Darth Vader and Potter Wands.

You can dress in race attire, 
have fun and dress in costume!


You're race registration will get you access to the pre-race party.  Where you can mingle with volunteers dressed in character, for a few selfies.
Celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday with some yummy cake, that you can run or walk the calories off the next morning.  A few other fun event surprises as well.  Visit each individual race Facebook page for more details on these.



Star Wars Themed 5k Walk & Run
Galactic Party - May 1st, 2015
Race: May 2nd, 2015 - 9:00am - West Jordan, Utah
Proceeds for this race benefit The Adoption Exchange.

May the Fourth Registration Page HERE
Visit the Race FACEBOOK PAGE


Harry Potter themed 5k Walk & Run or fly on a broom:)
Harry's Birthday Party - July 31st, 2015
Race: August 1st, 2015 - 9:00am. West Jordan, Utah
Proceeds for this race benefit HopeKids Utah

Potter Run Race Registration HERE
Visit the Race FACEBOOK PAGE


Doctor Who themed 5k Walk & Run
Time Lord's Ball - September 18th, 2015
Race: September 19th, 2015 - 9:00am. West Jordan, Utah
Proceeds for this race benefit American Childhood Cancer Organization

Time Lords Race Registration HERE
Visit the Race FACEBOOK PAGE


To run this race, you must qualify by participating in the other three races in the Geek'd race series.

By invitation only - Or for Geek'd Out Season Passport Race Holders.
Race: October 3rd, 2015 - 10:00am - West Jordan, Utah

If you register for the season pass, you are automatically entered for this race.

Visit the FACEBOOK PAGE for more details



Regular season passport $80.
Virtual runner season passport $100.

You can purchase a season passport HERE.

As of right now if you'd like to register for the individual races, the prices are:

$22 for those attending the race.
$30 for those running entering as virtual runners.


Check back on my blog on Monday, when the Spring into Fitness Giveaway starts up.  As well as other fitness prizes, I will also be giving away a Season Pass to the Geek's out race series.

So what are your thoughts on the themed races?  Are these races you'd like to participate in?
What types of themed races have you ran before?

Healthy Meals Shipped Right to Your Door

diettogo logo
I have been a Diet-to-Go Brand Ambassador for a couple of years now.  For those who read my blog, you've probably seen my posts from time to time.  I was excited this year to join their Ambassador program again.  The truth is, I really do enjoy their meals, they are a great company who takes a lot of pride in their meal service, meal taste, quality and everything from the preparation process, shipping and arrival to your door.

If you're not familiar with Diet-to-Go, let me tell you a little about them.  They have 3 menu options to choose from, to basically fit any type of meal preference.

* Traditional Menu, for those who have weight loss goals, but still want your meat and carbs.
* Vegetarian Menu, for those who, enjoy a meat free diet.
* Low Fat Menu, for those looking for less fat, but lots of taste and a filling meal.

Each one of these menu's had dozens of meal options to choose from.  I have eaten meals on the Traditional Menu Plan many times over the past few years, and rarely get the same item.  Their menu is vast and full of delicious options.


That's right, they do the calorie counting work for you, so you can fill up on everything they send and know that your within your daily calorie intake goals.
You choose between a 1,200 or 1,600 calorie a day meal plan depending on your diet needs.
They ship you Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner meals for each day.  The meals arrive directly to your door. In a cooler with the meals packed to be cool and frozen.  You place them in your fridge until your ready to eat, most meals cook up easily in just a few minutes.
They have both microwavable and conventional oven bake options.


You pick, 5 meals a week or 7 meals a week.  That is to help for those who still enjoy eating out and don't want more meals than they can eat.
You can also pick 2 meals a day, or 3 meals a day.  This option works for those who may take their breakfast at work, or enjoy grabbing their own early morning meal and snack.


The best part is the pricing, it is well within reason.  Figure how much you already spend on a meal or what does your weekly grocery bill come to?
I have done the math on their meals.  I estimate it comes to roughly $7.50 a meal and that is at full price.
Which if you eat out, even if healthy.  If you're having someone else prepare a gourmet meal for you, I doubt you will be able to find prices that beat theirs.

Even better, you are all welcome to use my discount code if you'd like to try it out yourself.  This code will take 25% OFF the regular price.  DTGA116
Which means that quote I gave you above, is going to cost you much less to give them a try!


I am not one of those people who can eat anything I want and never gain a pound.  I am pretty much the opposite.  I also struggle with creating my own healthy meals, especially when cooking for one.
What better way than having someone else prepare a meal and have it shipped to my door.  Not only that, I don't have to worry about portion control or calorie counting, they've already done it for me.

Additionally, like I mentioned above I enjoy their meals.  I have found very few that I haven't liked. My favorites are their grain breads.  I absolutely love them and could almost eat one of their breads or rolls for lunch every day!

The portions are huge and filling!  I remember the first time I tried their meals a few years ago.  I was skeptical and figured they would be these tiny portions and I would be hungry after eating.  I couldn't have been more wrong, and even the meals I ate a few weeks ago prove they are still pretty large.  I'll be honest, many times I can't even finish the meal, so I will set the rest aside to eat as a snack later on.  I love that fact, and I love that I can always feel full, and know that if I am hungry I can eat all of it, and still be in control of my daily calorie intake.

Last, you can even go in and select which types of foods you enjoy.  Don't care for fish like me, don't worry they won't send it.  Have allergies, no problem just let them know.
In fact you can be a pretty picky eater, and still find a vast selection on their menu board.  Trust me I know this, I am one of the worlds pickiest!

If you're wondering if I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every single meal I have tried.  I will be honest, not every single entree has been a hit to my taste buds.  But for the most part, I'd say about 90% of what I receive when I eat their meals, are ones that I do enjoy.  Like I mentioned, I am a picky eater, so there is a good chance the problem is more me.  But in their defense, I have picked items up at the grocery store and found a lot of hit and misses too.
The great thing about their program is when you order as you have likes and dislikes you can make selections to fit your needs and choose the items that your taste buds will enjoy!


You don't even have to be on a diet to have Diet-to-Go fit your lifestyle.  So many of us just want to eat healthy.  Let the experts at Diet-to-Go worry about the vitamins and nutrients.  Let them figure out how to make veggies and healthy foods taste good.  Save yourself a little cooking and give them a try.
I think their 5 day meal plan would fit most perfectly.  That way, on day's you're not at work and have more time to cook on the weekends, you can prepare your own.  But on work days, where you get home and don't want to hassle with meal preparation, you can just grab one of theirs out of the fridge, cook to be ready in 2-10 minutes.

I promise, I wouldn't continue to promote this company and their meal selections if I didn't enjoy them myself!  So if they sound like something you're interested in trying, why not give them a try and see for yourself.

I mentioned above I can give you a 25% off your order.  Use this at checkout: DTGA116.

Want to learn more about their company and their meals? Visit their website HERE.

Disclaimer: I am a Diet-to-Go Ambassador, I was provided complementary meals for my review, however, I am not compensated for the review itself, and I was not asked to write a positive review. As always with my reviews, all thoughts and opinions above are my own.