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Another Little Piece Book Review

This was a book I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  Sometimes when you pick up a book like this, it generally goes into a loved it or hated it category.  Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn was one to add to my loved it list.

Annaliese Gordon wakes up and makes her way out of the woods with no memories and no clue where she is or who she is.  The authorities find her and match her as the missing girl who had gone missing a year prior hundreds several states away.   Annaliese Gordon, a girl who had vanished from a school party after she was seen drenched in blood and screaming at a school party.  Of all the things they tell her, the only thing she is certain about, is that she is not Annaliese Gordon.

Annaliese is brought back to live in what they tell her is her home with her parents.  She tries to fit back into the previous life that everyone tells her was her own.  But things aren't fitting and the memories they tell her about aren't coming back.
Then, little by little pieces of memories come into her thoughts and both haunt and terrify her.
Once she finally has enough of the pieces put together to figure out her past and where her future is leading she realizes she might just be in an endless cycle that she has no control to change.  The trick then becomes to figure out enough of the pasts secrets to escape a terrifying future.

This is the absolutely perfect read for October.  I love to read a great thriller around Halloween, and this one certainly did not disappoint me.  There are just enough twists and turns to keep you flipping the pages, craving for more.  Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn is a book I recommend for anyone ages 16 and up.

Traveling to Acadia National Park


Today, I'd like to take you on a visually stunning tour of Acadia National Park.  Acadia is located on Mount Desert Island, Maine.  Accessible just outside the town of Bar Harbor.
This is one of those National Parks, that if you can find time in your life, it is definitely worth adding to your bucket list.  I visited the park during the fall, however I imagine Spring and Summer would be just as amazing!  Most of the roads in the park are closed during the winter months.

Acadia is one of those National Parks that if all you can do is take a drive by car, you'll still be able to see a lot of it!  The roads climb and wind all through the park, giving you amazing vantage views of the ocean, mountains, rivers, lakes, granite cliffs and more.

The park is famous for all of their 17 different stone carriage road bridges.  If you can go off on foot there are 120 miles of hiking trails or walks along the old carriage roads.  I recommend doing both, take a day or two and travel by car and get out and take a few walks.

In the fall, the colors are absolutely amazing.  Blood reds, brightest of corals, many shades of yellows, oranges, reds and more!

Make sure you bring your camera everywhere with you while you travel the park.  There are many stunning pullouts, trailheads and points of interest along the way.

Although Acadia is mostly beautifully green lush forests, there is also a lot of beautiful granite rock.

You'll find the beautiful granite.  Both high up in the mountains, and as well down along the coast.

If your lucky, you might even get a chance to see some wild life, seals along the coastal waters, or possibly even a moose in the morning hours drinking from the lakes and rivers.

One of my favorite stops was to the Thunder Tidal Blow Hole.  Sometimes this may be closed off closer down for your safety. (It was when I was there.)  But it is still a beautiful event to watch the tide come in and shoot up into the sky as it hits the blow hole.

On this particular day, if you stood too close, you got a little wet:)  But there was actually a Nor Eastern going on on this particular day, so normally it isn't likely so windy.

Enjoy the 27 mile loop drive along the ocean shoreline and coastal lush forests.

Drive along Somes Sound, the only Fjord along the eastern coast of the United States.  This large body of water, almost splits through the entire island.

Enjoy walking along the rivers, and viewing the many waterfalls throughout the park.  Most of which can be seen by a short walk on foot.

There are many old carriage houses, and old brick buildings covered in vines that are just amazing to look at.  Additionally, there are so many beautiful inns, and bed and breakfasts to stay at around the island that give you a feel for being in a time long ago.

I never got bored just driving through the forest.

Even on the rainy day I was there, it was still absolutely beautiful to get out and drive around and see all the colors.  The granite rocks have so many more colors when they are wet, I discovered from the next day when it wasn't raining.

Acadia also has some spectacular sunsets, whether you are driving around the park loop, or sitting a top Cadillac Mountain watching the sun go down.


*  Closest small airport is Bar Harbor - Closest larger airport is in Bangor, Maine.
*  The National Park has several campgrounds, or Mount Desert Island has many tourist hotels both inland and seaside to stay at.
*  There are fee's to enter a National Park, but a pass is good for 7 days.  However, if you plan your trip along the FREE park days, you won't have to pay at all.  Visit HERE to see what are the free days.
*  If you enjoy running, try the Mount Desert Marathon in October
*  You can also see Acadia via Air Tour, Boat Cruise
*  You can even enjoy a day at Sand Beach (on a warm day).

Have you tried Bestowed?

Have you ever wondered what all the best health foods and snacks taste like?  Where to find them?  Or wanted to try different ones and find great ones you like, but you haven't wanted to either go to the trouble of finding them at selected stores, or spend the money to buy a case of something you may not end up liking?

If anything in that sounds like you then BESTOWED is the company you have been waiting for.  They are amazing, they have Nutritionist and Author Heather Bower hand select the best assorted healthy snacks, beverages and other items each month for you to try.  Then each month you receive a box in the mail like the one pictured below.

In this cute little orange box, are the items in full sizes for you to try out.  Additionally, you'll find healthy recipe's, tips and advice.  The best part is, once your a member you'll get a box shipped out to you every month on the 15th with various new items selected for you to try out.

Let tell you a bit more about the individual items that came in my October box.  The exact same box, that if you are interested and order before October 31st, you can get too!

 The Good Bean, Crunch Roasted Chickpeas.  These were probably my favorite, oh so YUM!  In fact I just finished the bag off only seconds ago while writing this review:)  They have just a hint of lime, and a smoky chili flavor to them.  They are crunchy, but not a super hard crunch that hurt your teeth.  They are just a great lightly crunchy snack. 
Not to mention SUPER HEALTHY gluten free, no-gmo, nut free, soy free and vegan!  They have as much protein as two cups of broccoli (I know crazy great, huh!)
I ate mine just straight from the bag.  But Bestowed provided some extra tips that suggest trying them as a crouton alternative in salad. (I think that would be delish!

Nature's Path Love Crunch - Dark Chocolate Macaroon Granola.  Bestowed offered a fun tip to try them on vanilla flavored yogurt.  Or you can just eat them as a fun snack.  They have a resealable bag to help keep them fresh.  
I'm not a huge coconut lover, so I was glad they didn't really contain all that much shredded coconut.  As for the rest, it was a delicious sweet yummy treat.  There is also 13 whole grains per serving!

Who would have thought, chocolate and peanut butter cups that are healthy?  Well Bestowed has them!  These are a great tasting candy (I thought they tasted a lot like reeses peanut butter cups) but the really great thing about them is they don't contain any junk:)  No hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, GMO's or artificial colors or flavors.
Not only did they give us a taste of these great bars, but you'll also get a copy of the exact recipe in your Bestowed box, so you can make them at home and enjoy them again and again!

When I first looked at this to try, I won't lie I was a bit skeptical.  Not that I disagreed it was healthy because I knew it had lots of packed protein.  But I was afraid that it would taste like a lot of other protein drinks I've tried in the past, and well lets just say the others (Me not like so much).  The first time I mixed it up I mixed it with the Orange Juice like it says on the package.  I added the Hemp Pro 70 Green powder to the drink and mixed it together.  After an apprehensive first sip, I realized this was actually pretty good.  It didn't taste chalky or have any strong flavor to it.  It was pretty mild and I mostly just tasted the orange juice.  After two sips, I realized I actually liked it.  Downed the rest in no time.  Bestowed recommended mixing with ingredients to make a smoothie, so that is what I did the next time.  Loved it with all the extra fruit the 2nd time even more!  This one has me sold, it's a great tasting healthy protein drink!

This Fiber Love bar became a quick favorite of mine too.  It's a delicious SOFT fiber bar.  (Not hard and break your tooth crunchy like a lot of them out there.)  Additionally, it isn't too sweet and I loved that!  It's packed with 48% of your daily fiber in 1 bar!  How cool is that?  I could eat one of these for breakfast a couple of times a week that is how delicious they were!

Sometimes you just need a quick snack you can take with you on the go.  These Not nuts!  Seed and Fruit mix (Mountain Mambo flavors) are perfect.  There is a perfect combination of fruit and various seeds.  There are also small chocolate chips in them as well.  If you're a chocolate lover, you'll love that.  For me, I don't really like chocolate mixed with things (yes I know I am weird).  So I actually just pulled those out as I poured them into my hand to eat.
They are nut free (allergy friendly) as well as gluten free.
Bestowed suggested try them by sprinkling them on your yogurt, or on the top of pumpkin bread before popping it in the oven.  I bet those would taste fabulously!  But I loved them so much I just at them alone as a snack!

This easy to make drink that you only have to mix with water is another great way to replenish nutrients you have lost during a workout.  This one is a grape flavor, there are NO sugars or artificial ingredients.  Only 15 calories and stocked full of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.  It's a perfectly easy quick way to take with you on the workout.  Not to mention, it tastes pretty good too!

These chips, I could seriously just adopt to be my favorite chip of choice!  Way Better Snacks - Black Bean Tortilla Chips.  These chips are packed with whole grains, seeds and beans.  They are not overly salty, in fact they have a perfect light amount of sea salt in them.  Additionally these yummy little crunches of grains are Vegan, Gluten Free, No GMO's, Kosher and very low in sodium!  Additionally each serving has over 340 mg of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and we all know how important those are in your daily diet!!!  I seriously loved these.  I had about half the bag plain, and I tried the other half with a homemade salsa dip, they tasted fabulously both ways!  Love Em!!!

Plus the Bestowed Box also sent a one-year subscription to Women's Health Magazine - So cool!!!

I mentioned before, you can actually try each of these yourself for only $10, as long as you order before October 31st.  Visit BESTOWED HERE and use the code HELLOTEN103 when you order and you can get your first month's box for only $10.  This code is valid through November 20th, 2013.  However, if you order after Oct. 31st, you'll receive the November box, instead of the October one with the items above.

Give Bestowed a try, this is a fabulous way to taste test new healthy products without having to pay a fortune for them when going to the health foods store and buying something you may or may not like in a larger quantity.  This way, you can taste test it and if you like it just buy more.  If not, you never have to wonder again:)  I love that about this company!!!

Disclaimer: Bestowed provided me with the October box for my review.  They did not require a positive review, all thoughts and opinions above are my own.

Best News In a Long 10 Months

On Wednesday I had my 6 week follow-up appointment with the Specialist.  Within the first few minutes of the appointment I was all smiles.  

All indications point to the Injury (Achilles Tendon) about healed..  I was told they were moving me over to Physical Therapist immediately.  At the Orthopedic Specialty Hospital I was at, they have a PT who is specializes in Achilles Tendon injury healing, she is one of the best in the state and has many written medical papers on the process.   I decided to take this as an excellent sign, things are finally headed my way for the better!!  

I met her and we set up our first PT session for next week.  She also gave me the great news that I can begin the slow transition of getting out of the boot.

Wed. & Thurs. I got to take the boot off for 2-3 hours each day.
Fri. & Sat. - Boot off for 4-5 hours each day.
Sun. & Mon. - 6-7 hours off
Tues. & Wed. - 8-9 hours off - 1 hour of PT
Thurs. & Fri. - 10-12 hours off
Next Sat. - I get to take the boot off for good as long as I can tolerate it.  In other words November 2nd is going to be a GREAT night of sleeping without the darn boot!


If you can't tell I am pretty excited about this.
The best part is the Dr. told me that I healed faster then most people do. I laughed because I was like 10 months is fast???  But then told him I was glad, and that I wore that boot 23 hours and 45 minutes every single day for the past 6 weeks as he asked.  
He told me, he could tell because I would never have healed so much if I had done as most do, and took it off at night when they slept (against the Dr. orders). 
So I decided I deserved a Gold Star on my forehead:)  All the torture and sleepless nights, were worth it.

Additionally, I asked about the swelling (my ankle is swollen double in size and has been for 6 weeks straight, as well as very tingly toes because of the swelling.)  He said it was nothing to be concerned about, some people swell up when in the boot.  It will go away in the coming weeks:)

From the words of Jane Austen in one of my favorites, EmmaIf things are going untowardly one month, they are sure to mend the next.” 

Last, here is the best news.  He said I WILL be able to RUN again, and soon.  But it is going to take patience on my part (something I will have to force myself to have:)  
I start PT next week, and will begin incorporating walking back into my life.  Once I have the walking part down, and as long as I have no pain I will get to gradually add running.
The hard part is, he said I will have to walk for a while, run for a few seconds and then back off and walk to insure I don't inflame the newly healed injury.
But I figure after 10 months off, I can do slow!  Because it will be progress and like they say "slow and steady wins the race."  (Well maybe not a marathon:)  But definitely slow will win the recovery battle.

Pretty cool huh:)
I came home that day and seriously all my negativity that has been hanging around me for the past months (even though I've tried to hide it and push it away) it really left this time!  It was like a huge weight was lifted and I feel free, happy and excited again!
I don't even care that I have a good month or longer of PT as I gradually work into it, because before the end of the year I will be running again!  I've already got my mind dreaming about where Marathon #40 might be next spring:)  But I think I'll wait till I can run and train before actually pick a race:)

So that is my news, I am thrilled to share:)  
I even lost 8 pounds over the past 2 weeks as I have been trying to eat better.  I dropped it pretty quick, so I doubt the next few pounds will be anywhere near as easy.  But hey, its a start!
I'm going to sign up for another DietBet, I had great success doing those back in Jan. & Feb. this year.

“Tough times don’t last but tough people do.” 
~A.C. Green

Well for those of you running races this weekend, I wish you the BEST of luck!!!  I have a cousin and a few good friends running MCM this Sunday so I will be cheering them on from afar.
Share with me your great news, accomplishments or upcoming races.

Runners Spotlight Let Me Introduce JILL

Today is Spotlight Thursday

This week I'd like to introduce Jill
I asked Jill several questions, to tell part of her story and introduce you all to her. 

Jill Blogs at

Tell us what distances you like to run?

My favorite distance to race is the half-marathon.  I've completed 3 so far and my 4th will be the upcoming Runner's World Half in my hometown of Bethlehem, PA this October.
I've also lately come to appreciate how fun and fast 5K's are a bit more and hope to sign up for more of these fun runs in the future.

How long have you been running?  Or at what age did you start running?

I've been running since high school, so about 15-20 years (WOW, I feel old!).  I had never been a runner, but my 9th grade gym teacher, who also happened to be the coach of the school's track team, said he thought I'd be a good long distance runner and urged me to join the team.  Track was intense! I had no idea the amount of practice and training I signed up for.  We often had two-a-days, meaning I'd have to get to school way before school started to practice in the morning, and then stay after school for another workout.  We did pool workouts, lifted weights, and of course track work.  This kind of intense training was all new to me, but I only stayed on the team for 2 years.  It got too competitive and I burned out!  But the love of running has stuck with me, and all that training kind of kept the competitive fire burning in me.  But nowadays, I only compete with myself!

What made you want to become a runner?  What is it that keeps you at it?

Running has served many different purposes for me over the years.  As I mentioned when I first started it was about competing.  Throughout college and beyond it was just a great way to stay in shape and something I really enjoyed.  More recently, it has gotten me through some difficult changes in my life, and became much more meditative and healing for me.  It has also helped me to set and realize important goals and been a great way to see the results of hard work. 

What is the furthest distance or race you have ever run?  

Half marathon is the furthest so far, so 13.1 miles.

What has been your favorite race and distance you have run?  Tell us why?

My favorite race was my very first half marathon I ran.  It was the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half in November 2011.  The prior year had been a very tough one for me emotionally after having gone through a breakup, and somewhere in the healing process, I decided I would run a half marathon.  Prior to that I think the longest distance I had run was probably 4-5 miles so I really doubted I could make it through 13, but running gave me something else to focus on during that time, and completing that first half marathon was such a pivotal moment in my life for so many reasons.  I will never forget how I felt after that race!

If you could run any race in the entire world, where would it be and why?

I love the idea of destination races and I love Europe so I think I'd choose the Athens Marathon.  To run the course where the 'marathon' was born thousands of years prior would just be incredible.

Do you run for fun?  Or run to compete?  Both?

I run for fun and health, and sometimes compete against myself :)

Have you ever won a race or placed in your age group?

I have a medal from a 5K I ran back in high school where I placed in my age group, but I haven't placed in any races in recent history!

Tell us what crossing the finish line feels like to you.

It's a huge sense of accomplishment every time.  It makes the weeks of training and sacrifice worth it, and it reminds me every time to be grateful for what my body and mind can accomplish.

Do you have a specific distance and PR that you are proud of?  Tell us about it.

My half-marathon PR isn't very fast - it's 2:01.  So I'm hoping to one day cut off that last minute or so and run a sub 2 hour half!

When someone asks you why you run, what do you tell them?

It's just part of who I am now.  Nothing else 'gets me' like running does.

Do you hope to be a lifelong runner?

Yes, I certainly hope so!

What states have you run races in?  Tell us the state and the race distance (5k, marathon, ultra, Tri ect..)

Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon - Atlanta, GA - 2011
St Luke's Half Marathon - Allentown, PA - 2012
Nike Women's Half Marathon - Washington, DC - 2013

Have you run races in any other countries?

Unfortunately, no, but this is on my bucket list!  I've traveled to Europe many times, and would love to run a race in Italy or Greece at some point.

Do you cross train?  What types?

Yes, I've lately come to see how important cross-training is for improving performance and limiting injury.  I swim, bike, lift weights, walk, and do HIIT and core workouts.

What type of things motivate you and push you towards success?  

To try always to be better than I was the day before.

Do you have any tips of suggestions for someone who is thinking of starting up running?  

Start slow.  Don't push too hard, too fast right out of the gate, because that will only lead to injury or burnout, or both.  Enjoy it!  Running is a natural motion and something I believe the human body was born to do.  Enjoy being in the moment, being outside, connected to nature and disconnect from the rest of the world for awhile.  Also don't go crazy buying the most expensive clothes or gear.  All you really need is a good pair of shoes.  Go to a running store to have your gait analyzed and buy the correct shoe.  Then get out there and run!

What is the best thing you have learned from being a runner?

That you are stronger than you think - always.

Favorite pre and post run food?

Pre run is usually breakfast and mostly carbs - bagel, cereal or oatmeal.  Post run is almost always a protein shake.  I'm lactose intolerant so can't handle dairy/whey and my current favorite vegan protein is PlantFusion (cookies n cream flavor ROCKS!).

Water or Sports drink?

I try to drink water throughout the day but sometimes end up really slacking on this.  During long races, I usually grab the sports drink at hydration stations for both the liquid and calories.  After runs I usually grab Gatorade at home too.

Tell us something unique about you.

Last year I appeared in a TV commercial for my gym.  Here's the link - see if you can find me!
You can visit Jill on her blog

You Can Also Follow Jill Via Twitter

Book Review For Every Season By Cindy Woodsmall

Having read the previous books in this Amish series, I was really looking forward to the third installment in this series, For Every Season.  It did not disappoint!  I loved every page, every character and just ate up every situation and romance in the story as it unfolded.

Rhoda, is my favorite character in this series, also the main character.  While waiting for this sequel, I had my fingers crossed and was so hopeful that she would get together with Samuel.  The last book left us with a cliff hanger where Rhoda was caught when Samuel surprised her with a kiss at the same time while her finance Jacob walked in and caught them.  This book picks up right where the last left off, as Rhoda has moved out of the Amish house she lived in with her brothers family and Jacob and Samuel and into the Cranford's house.

Rhoda isn't like other Amish women, she's a bit more headstrong and opinionated.  Which is not exactly a characteristic that other men in the Amish community appreciate or allow.  Luckily for her she is surrounded by men who welcome her opinion and value her for it.  She is part owner of a new Orchard in Maine that she moved out to with her brother and the King's to start up a new business as well as a new Amish community.
Just about everything that could go wrong has, and in the first few chapters of this book, you'll realize their luck hasn't started to change for any better.  Her fiance Jacob still has serious legal and personal troubles he is trying to resolve as well as an English woman and her child to help take care of.  Then there is the fact that Rhoda's fiance won't speak to her because of walking in her her kissing his brother.  Rhoda is forced to avoid her fiance's brother whom is also her best friend as she tries to mend things with Jacob.

Additionally, she continues to receive visions, and has become absolutely certain her new friends the Cranford's have a granddaughter out there that they need to find.  Those aren't the only ghosts, as her sister Emma continues to appear at specific times pushing her to determine her fate. 

Also, Leah who is Rhoda's fiance's sister, has a bit more of a role in this sequel as she struggles with the decision to remain Amish or join the English and follow her heart that is pushing her toward Landon.  Leah also takes things upon herself to hire a new hand for the orchard, a young single Amish girl Iva.  So that her brother Samuel will have someone to pine over besides Rhoda.
But like all the books in this series, nothing goes exactly as you think it will.  There are new surprises in each chapter that keep many questions unanswered and raise a few more.  But I hate spoilers, so I don't plan on letting any of those out to you.

New York Times Best Selling Author Cindy Woodsmall knows exactly how to write an Amish romance, she keeps you guessing throughout.  You'll laugh, smile and your heart will ache with their heartaches.  At the same time you'll absolutely love them all.  If you love Amish fiction or want a change of pace to read something new.  For Every Season and all of the Amish Vines and Orchard's books in this series are one's I absolutely recommend!  As for myself, I cannot wait for the next installment in the series Every Season Brings With It Change!  Too bad I have to wait until next spring!

Will you Please Take a Minute and Rank My Review?

  Disclaimer:  I was provided with a copy of this book to read for review.  I not asked to write a positive review, only for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Travel to Mount Desert Island, Maine


Today I'd like to take you to a beautiful island in Maine, Mount Desert Island.  To name a few, this is home to Acadia National Park, State Parks, Carriage Roads and Trails, Light Houses, beautiful seaside towns and Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the island and the first place in the continental United States to see the sunrise each day.

It's a place where you can drive or walk down a road, and sit at point like above, and no matter which direction you decide to take its impossible to take a wrong one.

The history is deep on this little island, which won't feel so little once you start exploring.  You'll see carriage road gates like the one pictured above that were built long before your time to guard the roads.  It will give you a chance to jump into a time before your time and allow your imagination to roam.

Occasionally hidden, and at times in plain site are beautiful old carriage road bridges.  Just imagine a time where you sat in a horse drawn buggy and traveled these forests.  But you don't have to have a horse and buggy, if your active and love to hike there are miles and miles of hiking trails to get out and explore this beautiful island.

Beautiful lakes and ponds are all around.  Wake up and get out early and you might catch sight of a large moose or other wildlife.

Hike up Cadillac Mountain and stand at the top in the early morning and watch the sunrise come and be the first in the continental United States to see the rays of the sun touch the ground that day.

While your up on the mountain, walk around and explore the views around.  You can pretty much see the entire lay of the island from up here.  

Charter a boat and go whale watching, or fishing for the day.

Or just drive around the different seaside towns and take your camera and appreciate the quiet beauty of the place.

Visit a lighthouse or two, watch for seals and other sea wildlife.

Grab a backpack and hike on a carriage trail and explore the forest, you'll never know where it may lead.

It might end up leading you to a beautifully built old carriage home.

I never got bored just taking my rental car and driving around the island.  Taking in the views, and looking at the beautiful fall foliage.  This is New England after all, lush green forests become brilliant fall colors of every color imaginable on the color palette.  Brightest of oranges, blood reds, corals, yellows of every shade.  

Everywhere you go, you'll see something new and beautiful.  It's a small peaceful island, so it gives you a chance to visit small town peace and quiet.

Mount Desert Island is a beautiful place to visit, you'll love it!  And if you are a runner, they have a beautiful fall marathon.  My pictures would have been a tad more brilliant, but I actually visited during a Nor'easter and a lot of the leaves had already dropped from the storm.  But no matter when you visit spring, fall or summer you'll love it!  I am sure it is just as peaceful and a different kind of beauty in the winter too.


*  Bar Harbor does have a small airport, but their aren't many flights.  You can fly into Bangor and rent a car and drive the less than an hour drive to the island.
*  There are many beautiful hotels on the Island.  I chose one that had a seaside view.
*  Mount Desert Island is also home to Acadia National Park
*  This is a fish and lobster town, if you love fish you'll be able to eat anywhere:)  If you are like me and don't love fish I will warn you there aren't many other options.  But I did track down all the little pizza and sub shops:)
*  I highly recommend renting a car.  There is so much to see, you'll want your own vehicle to be able to explore it all.
*  Bring a GPS if you have a hard time getting a sense of direction in trees.  But if you are like me, after an afternoon of driving around you'll have no need for it after, its very easy to find your way around all the towns and roads on the island.