Weekly Update

Last week I mentioned a marathon lottery I entered. I GOT IN! YAY!  Now I just need to get serious about getting my butt back in shape. No biggie right, LOL oh boy do I have my work cut out for me, but I can’t think of any better work to do!

As many of you know, I am an after the fact blogger, so I will share where and when after the race. But I will say it's a fall marathon.

On a side note: A friend email me last week curious why I was an after the fact blogger. I don’t think I have mentioned my reason why, for over 4 years. So I’ll share it in case anyone else is curious.

Truth is, when I first started blogging back in 2011 I read a gal’s blog about risks and safety precautions for bloggers. One of her tips was to become an after the fact blogger. So I adopted the behavior for myself and haven’t second guessed it since. While at times I would love to share upcoming things. When you’re a single gal like me, it’s just safer to not let the world know where you’re gonna be until after.

Back to the running front, depending on how training goes during the summer, I’ve also got 4 other marathons on my radar for this fall and early winter. But I am not going to enter any others until last minute if things are going good and I decide I can train my body well enough to do them.


Due to a new job, I’ve begun my switch over to evening runs. Ughhhh I hate it!!!

I’ve been a morning runner for gosh let’s just say many years and I’ve loved it! I dislike having any food at all in my stomach when I run and running in the evenings now poses a little problem with that.

So, I have two options; I can get up at 5am and run before I go into work. Or I can skip lunch, or eat a very small lunch at 10am and hope it gets out of my system before my 6pm run, then eat a late dinner. I don’t really like either option. But right now it’s too dark at 5am to even think about it, so for now guess it’s going to mean early lunches.

In case you’re wondering, I prefer distance running and all training on an empty stomach. It teaches my body to burn stored fuels and give me an edge come marathon time! For those of you who train same as me, you know exactly what I mean and the increased benefits from it and why I am not interested after so many years to switching back.


Granted long periods of standing for me through the past three years, have been the absolute worst on my body and caused me so many problems. I’ve learned I need a little of both, and not one thing for too long.

My new job has a bit more sitting than I thought it would. It’s been seriously hard on my back and murder on my tailbone. So I attempt to take frequent breaks. My tailbone feels permanently bruised this week.

My sister who also broke hers a while back swears that 100 squats a day strengthens the buttocks and helps her to be able to sit for more than an hour at a time. So I am going to give this a try, at this point I am willing to try anything, LOL (In case you didn’t read my blog a few years back, I broke my tailbone in a skydiving landing accident, and it’s never been the same since. That said I would not take back that awesome plane jump for anything!)

On the plus side, 100 squats a day, could do wonders for my dairy aire, so it’s one of those maybe a double bonus things. Ha ha.


I’ve decided even though I am going to be doing fewer weddings each month now. I am going to continue with my very little to none on the Friday-Sunday blogging. I adopted that behavior about a year ago. I think having a balance of how much online time I have in my life is important. So it’s a practice I am going to keep continuing with.


A few mention they were wondering where I was with the work injury and my back issues. So in case you were wondering, here is an update. 

My tendon injuries I got 3 years ago from a work injury and then prolonged by originally visiting a Dr. who put me into the wrong brace and gave incorrect medical advice. Well I still have them. The swelling is a bit better these days.

I can tell there is a lot of bursitis in it, and as long as I don’t rest too much I can keep that at bay. Also long as I don’t stand for long periods I can keep the tendon issue at bay. Occasionally I will be found sleeping at night with my med boot on to correct a little damage. However, I have a good system for it and I haven’t had a major flare up in a couple of months and I consider this a good sign.

On the plus side, running has never bothered either of these things much, so I see absolutely no reason right now to prolong my comeback to marathons!

Why Employers Definitely Want to Hire a Runner

I will tell you one thing about runners especially runners who have been at it for a while or many years.  If you are one you already know this.  Running teaches you self-discipline, self motivation, goal setting even stress management better than you can get by doing other things.

Of course this is purely my opinion, but as a small business owner who even if not on purpose, has apparently hired a team that almost consists of entirely runners I feel it's okay to share some insight on the matter. Because frankly I happen to think that employers should want to take notice of runners because they are in fact runners and some of what comes with the sport are key attributes most want in employees.

If you are a runner and you find yourself gearing up for a job interview. Maybe this will give you a few different ways to answer interview questions and wow them!

So here we go, Life vs. Running and how it can benefit runners on the job.

Early Morning Punctuality

I can't think of many things besides running that teach you how to wake up early, and be responsible, shoot for a goal even when you are dead tired, the weather is crappy or your just starting to come down with a cold.

Why? Some runners will get up at the butt crack of dawn, or even before that to get their runs in. Doesn't matter if they are heading to work or have a million things to do later that day, they'll get up for that run and get it in because they know the day will go much better if they do.

Stress Management

Life is crazy, life can be a mess, things come up that we can't control. Sometimes life gets super busy and it's hard to fit it all in.
Most people get stressed, freak out let things slip.  But runners have a edge on this that others may not.

Why? We get out daily to get our runs in, no matter how busy life is. We already know how to prioritize the important things. So when it comes to work and family life, you can bet our minds are working a step ahead of the game than others and we can figure out better ways to manage our duties and prioritize them in a way to fit them all in.


Maybe you've seen people at work, or have some who work for you. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to get them to self motivate on their own.
While, it's not a guarantee, if you have a runner working for you chances are you'll notice they are some of your best self-motivators

Why? Running is not easy, running takes time, running requires a lot of dedication. But yet, runners put their shoes on and head out the door even on the worst days, or even if they aren't feeling their best.  They do it because they are self motivated. No one can force them to finish a race, they do it because they want to, because they aspire to something more in life.
Runners are like this with many things in life. No need to have a boss micro-manage them, they'll likely be on top of it and have it done before you start to wonder if they see the importance of it.

Goal Setting - Competitive

Boss or new employer asks a runner what their goals are, you can rest assure they will get more than an earful. Oddly not everyone in life has goals or wants to make them, some people get bored in life or just loose track of how to motivate themselves, but not runners.

Why? Most runners are constantly working on new goals and new achievements it's part of the fun of the sport. We are a competitive bunch, even if we don't ever come in first place in a race. Not only are we competitive with others, but we are even more so competitive with ourselves.

So when it comes to work and other things in life, you can rest assure that most runners are nearly as competitive in the sport they love as they will be in the office. In fact, you'll be hard to find many other types that will compete against themselves just to achieve higher standings.

Those are just a few reasons.

While it's not really okay to stereotype applicants and of course there are no guarantees. There will always be "the one" that decides to flip on my above logic. (So I take no responsibility for those.)

If you do come across an individual that mentions they are a runner and has been for quite a while in their resume, or it comes up in an interview. You may just want to perk up a little more and take notice, because there is a chance you might be onto one of your next best employees.

Feel free to add to my list.
If your a runner what types of things do you think give you an edge over the competition at work?

Making a Mess, a Writers Challenge and a Possible Marathon Registration

This past week was super busy and I have another busy week ahead of me. I literally can't wait until next Saturday, so I can finally sleep in.

Going into my second week at the new job, it's been more difficult than I'd like to admit getting used to working on a schedule.

Having been my own boss for so many years, I was able to for the most part make my own schedule and adjust however I want or needed each day.

But now I can't do that and lets just say the alarm clock gets hit to the maximum amount of snoozes I can possibly fit in.

I also had a huge wedding over the weekend.
Between working the 9 hours a day at the new job. The spare weekly hours after were filled with getting ready for the wedding.
I'd love to share some pictures, it turned out beautifully and the family and bride were so happy. But they are on my camera and I am less than ambitious to get them downloaded, ha ha.


Thursday night, I had a ton to do. But wasn't in the mood to do any of it. (Story of my life...)

So I attended my local monthly writers meeting instead. I really enjoy attending those I always learn so much and the gals in my group are super talented! The biggest thing I took from this meeting was a challenge. To people watch more, to help make my writing better.
There was a bit more to it than that, but let's just say. All this week at the Dr. Offices I am going to be doing some people watching!

Friday with so much to do, I couldn't help finally getting out for a morning run. I really only had 30 minutes to spare. But it felt so good to get out there and run. I couldn't help it, and finally walked back in my door 2 hours later.

Also noticed they finally let the water into the canals around here. Which means, spring is definitely happening and the snow up higher in the mountains has finally started the melting process. Which is great news, because when the snow melts, the campgrounds can open and camping season can start for me, YAY.  Usually it melts down by early July, and I can't wait!!!


When I returned from my Friday run. I made a stupid decision to go on Facebook and saw a fellow runner had scored an awesome metal United States map to convert to her race state countdown. She mentioned she got it at Michaels. So I immediately without even showering headed to the store to grab what was the last one on the rack. I pretended to multi-task and I picked up thing or two for the wedding too.

I want to show you the project, but I will wait until I get my craft on and convert it over to what I want it to be first. Once I have time to do that, I will definitely be showing it off to you!


Speaking of running. I registered for a fall marathon on the last day of their registration.
It's a lottery and I will find later this week if I get in.
I won't say which, but it is one that falls within the top 10 best in the country, so it's definitely a great choice!!
The only problem now is I need to get in shape for it, ha ha... Just a minor technicality, right :)
I'd like to register for one more, but I may hold off on that for a while it might be more of a last minute thing.


Despite being a busy wedding day Saturday, I only clocked 7 miles on the Fitbit. I attribute this to having awesome help that day that kept me from having to do as much walking around.

It was a sisters wedding set up day, I brought two of mine. We arrived at the location. Cranked up the music, drank a lot of Pepsi and literally danced, sang off tune and laughed our way through the set up.

It was a blast, and it's a good thing we were alone because we get a little fun crazy at times.
Let's just say if anyone showed up and saw, they probably laughed their heads off. Good thing we don't care what others think of us:)

During my short downtime on the wedding day. I hung out at one of my sisters who lived close by. While she sat and pulled weeds out of her garden.
I played with the kids, we were doing sidewalk chalk drawings. I dabbed a few dots on the boys noses of chalk, and before I knew it one thing led to another and they turned out like this.

My sister said it was not an easy chore to scrub off them. I consider I did my job well as an aunt, I mean they had fun, I had fun. My sister, well that is just what she gets for turning her back to do yard work and leaving me alone with the kids. Ha ha ha...

This week is shaping up to be nearly as busy as last but in different ways. I am still trying to figure out the best ways to fit blogging into my new schedule. I didn't get as much in last week as I had hoped. But when first you don't succeed, try try again... right!

So tell me something fun you did this past week.

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Why I (or someone) May Not Follow You Back on Instagram or Like Your Pictures

Technically this post is for bloggers who use an Instagram account to go along with their blog. Or it could be for a blogger who is considering adding an Instagram account to their blog for their social media following.

It's been a while since I have done a blogger help topic. So today I'm going to tackle the occasionally controversial subject of Instagram and why you may not be getting the image likes or follows that you think you should.
I'm also going to put the below subject matter blame ALL on me, and I'll write it all as if I am telling it to you straight up or as I would face to face.


* Your photos are constantly blurry or terrible quality. No one likes a headache!
Along with that, becareful using the filters. While some may look great with your camera, others can make your image take on a negative appeal. If in doubt, just go with the original image sometimes those are best anyway!

* At first glance of your IG account, all I see in each picture is you trying to sell me something, or product push.

* Your account is private. If it's private I rarely will ever follow you because I have no idea what type of account I am asking to follow. I like to see what I am getting, I mean that is what IG is all about anyway, seeing and pictures.

* You're a blogger, but your using you're IG account for both your personal and blog business.
You should WANT to have these separate if only for safety reasons. But if you do combine them, make sure since you are using it for your blog overall and make the personal use relate to your blog.
If I want to follow because I like your blog and you get too off topic on your IG feed, I may look and have no interest to follow you.

* Nudity or constant partial nudity, this includes swimsuit shots or mirror bra selfies etc...
While some may want to follow you for a peek. I myself could careless what you look like in a bikini.
I often look through my IG account at work or in public places, I don't want people glancing and wondering what I am looking at.
Additionally, I often allow my younger nieces and nephews to play with my phone and they love IG, it's embarrassing if they see something they shouldn't. So for all those reasons, including the one that I don't want to see it, I definitely won't follow or will un-follow you for this reason.

(On that same subject, remember that if you are a blogger looking to work with advertisers. If you have nudity or close to it selfies, your probably not going to land campaigns with companies because most don't like to be affiliated with that type of promotion.)

* Gross pictures. I doubt I am alone, but I don't care if you just ran 1000 miles. I don't want to see pictures of your blistered bloody feet or other chaffed body parts, especially if your feet are still dirty in the shot, just ewe!

* You only post selfies of your shoes or meals.
Okay, I am NOT talking about food bloggers who take beautiful shots of food and it's their business.
I am talking about those who take pictures of each meal or half eaten meal and well I will just say it the food looks disgusting or I can't even tell what it is.
Also, I totally get the, take a selfie shot of your running shoes and post your times, I mean we all do it from time to time. But lately I've seen a lot of accounts that daily take nearly the exact same photo of their feet and post nothing else in their feed. Kinda boring, so while I may not un-follow you for it, eventually I may get bored and not bother sharing a like on the same exact picture each day.

* You only post pictures of your kids.
Granted I understand for a lot of mommy bloggers this is the thing. For me personally I don't follow mom accounts because well, I'm not a mom.
When I see a fitness blogger who is posting random pictures of every odd thing their kid does, I have a very hard time giving them a like on their photos.
Not because I want to un-follow them, because I will still follow you even if you "kid me out". But unless I know you personally, or have gotten to know you really well through your blog. I feel quite awkward liking your kids photos, because well for various reasons, but mostly because I don't want to feel like a creepy stranger liking your kids photos.

* You're posting at the wrong time of night. If you only have time to post at Midnight, that's fine you may pick up some likes from a night owl or someone in another country. While you can post anytime you want, don't be disappointed in your numbers if your posting at odd hours.

WHY I (or someone) MAY UN-FOLLOW YOU

* You followed me just to get a follow and then un-followed me a day or two after I followed you.
When I notice this, you can guarantee I am NOT going to keep following you. I find this to be one of the poorest practice to gaining followers and I have even blocked a few IG accounts who do this repeatedly. For that matter, why do bloggers do this? I don't get it, truthfully these types of IG accounts annoy the heck out of me, I have no time for them!

* You use a APP that automatically likes and comments on your followers photos.  While I may not care if you have an App that auto likes my posts. If you have an App that posts random comments on my pictures that don't apply to what it is. Don't think your fooling me or anyone else.
Sometimes if I see a IG account has gone completely computer animated I un-follow. No point in dealing with an automated account, I like real people who actually like to interact even if only on occasion!

* You've changed your theme.  Maybe originally I followed you because you were all about fitness, travel or motivation. Then later you've switched to pictures of only your kids or just random shared thoughts and images that don't relate to your blog or the reason I followed you originally. In some cases, if you've gone so far away from the reason I followed you in the first place, I may un-follow you for lack of interest.

* You go inactive. Yes we all get busy, it is part of life. But if you haven't used your IG account in a few months then I'm assuming your no longer active. I use a App that un-followers closed or fake accounts it occasionally also picks up non-active accounts. While I do get the final say with this App, if it does appear your no longer an active user I may un-follow.

Okay, so those are just a few of my reasons. I know I am occasionally odd, but I don't think I am so odd that I am alone in my thoughts above.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram account, or start one for your blog. The above may give you a few things to consider as you decide what type of theme you want to go with.

Additionally, it may give you ideas if you are struggling growing your current account. Or maybe it's time to go through your Instagram account and clean it up a bit and re-create it as you want it to be.

Instagram is one of the most fun interactive tools and you can use along with your blog. In fact some bloggers have dropped the blog and have gone completely Instagram. It's an amazing, when used correctly. But the correct way is different for everyone, and different for each audience. Play around with it, find your niche and put your best "photos" forward and watch your account take on a growth of it's own. 

So tell me or help me add to the list:

What are some reasons you UN-FOLLOW someone on Instagram?
Or what are reasons you may not LIKE someones photo?
Do you get annoyed with the Apps that Comment for users too?
Do you agree, or disagree with my thoughts above? (It's okay if you disagree.)

MIA No More and Lots and Lots of Life Changes

A lot has happened to me during the past few weeks, I won't bore you with all the details, but I do want to share a few highlights and explain why I haven't been around as much the past three weeks,and why that will change!


Three weeks ago, bored of job interviews. Since no one interviewing was showing any sort of originality as they questioned me.

(Creativity is a must for a potential employer to show me.) 

I was about to call it all off and begin a job I was hired at a month ago. (But knew I would hate.)

On my way to a final job interview that I literally almost turned around on my way to it. But at the last second decided to go through with it anyway.

Turned out to be an interview that literally lasted 12 minutes. (Yes I know, far too short to even be considered a candidate in normal circumstances.)
They threw their cards face up on the table right when I walked in, telling me they were already in love with me based on my fun resume and just wanted to meet me in person???

(I do get professionally creative with my resumes, have I ever told you that before? I even get paid at times to help others fix their resumes up. LOL)

Even as odd as a 12 minute interview sounds, I gave them points for it because of how they approached it right off, and well that was a first for me, ha ha.

I walked out of the door to the shortest interview of my life thinking I'll never hear from them again. Only to hear from them later that day to begin the background testing process, and well in short I accepted. It felt far more right than the other job I already accepted or any of the others I have been offered over the past month.


I took a week off before starting the new job, I was going to go on vacation. But the weather in Utah has been pretty crappy (its spring in Utah so rainy, occasional snow is normal this time of year).
So I gave myself a first ever Staycation and one of the rules was, no online stuff, no blogging, no business stuff, no Facebook and minimal Instagram and not keeping my cell on my all day etc...

It was only supposed to last 1 week, but...
Then I caught a bad cold, and well BLAHHHHHH

The Staycation became me trying to get over a terrible cold, before I started a new job.... Didn't happen, I still felt super crappy on my first day, but I pretended to fake it so others wouldn't cringe looking at me being sick.  Ughhh it was a terrible orientation day, I almost fell asleep like a dozen times!!!
On the plus side, the offline portion was extremely nice once I got used to staying off my phone, ha ha.


Officially started my new job last week, not even sure exactly where I was going to be working and no clue on what hours and schedule I would have.  I even had to text them the evening before to find out if they cared what time I showed up, ha ha.  I know funny. But let me explain.
I have decided to go back into the Healthcare industry and well when you work with Doctors and Surgeons you never know what your going to get.

I lucked out, I wasn't there 5 minutes and my new boss sat me down, gave me the "scare." You know, the don't do this, do that, but do your job, but don't get into this, but do this, and stay away from this..... LOL He was in a hurry.

I was loving the job already and my new boss. My biggest fear of going back to work was having a boss that micro manages. I mean I've been my own boss forever, I like to just go in, do a good job, and get out and not have to report to on a constant basis. But try to have fun while I'm doing it all.


In that lowdown of his expectations, he also gave me my schedule.
I get Friday, Saturday and Sunday's OFF.
Just 9 hour days Mon-Thurs.
I know, crazy!  People work in hospitals and clinics for years and never score that coveted schedule.

Not only that, but although I thought I wanted to be placed in Family Medicine, I was pleasantly surprised and was placed in a specialty clinic for Dermatology.
After 3 hours there, I literally realized I got the best end of the deal.

It became clear I was one of their new hire favorites. Well because one of the gals in the group interview came right up to me and told me, LOL She also told me, she was bummed she had to switch her schedules and give up her Fridays off to me.
She also has a great sarcastic sense of humor. I think her and I will be getting along great!!!


In fact 3 hours into the job one of the Nurses comes out and asked if anyone wants free Lazer Hair Removal because she needs bodies to pass off some of her tech requirements.
I'm like, heck yes!
It's so expensive, I've wanted to start it forever.
The gal who was taking me around showing me the ropes said it's quite often they give free lazer or botox to anyone who wants it who works there, LOL
I literally signed a waver and walked into a room and began it right then, ha ha... I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass me by!

I have no need for Botox, but the Lazer Hair Removal ummmm SCORE!!!!


My wedding business has also been busy. I've got a few hilarious stories to tell, I'll have to share another time because this post is already way too long.
I have another wedding this week, that I love the colors for so I am really looking forward to seeing it all come together. Even if I will be up past midnight most nights to get things ready, now that my days are spent at another job.


I have begun the changes I want to make on my blog this year. One of which is going over to being self hosted.
I finally got my domain switched to the .com, you may or may not have noticed.
I would have done this years ago, as I bought my domain years ago. But I totally completely could not remember the account and login to get to my domain. Yeah, I've been trying to remember what email and everything I set it up under for years and years.
I bought my domain the first day I started blogging as a just in case.
The only problem is, that was too many years ago to remember how the heck I set it all up and well when you buy through Google, lets just say its impossible to get a response.
Finally I remembered it, and once I did, I had it transferred in less than 2 minutes, LOL
I plan on finishing the entire switch over later this fall, but will be working on it little by little through the summer to get things ready.


On another exciting note, in April I was working on cleaning up my Instagram account. Its been the hardest for me find steady growth for some reason.
I have a high turnover rate from bloggers who follow and then unfollow. (cringe at them.)
So I decided to begin going after a different audience on my blog Instagram, and not going after bloggers as much as just regular people who share like minded interests.

It's been working, I haven't done much but clean things up and change hash tags around, I saw a Instagram growth of +345 during April.
I'm excited about that, because it was with very little to no effort. Best part is, the retention is almost 90% higher than when I used to try to only attract other bloggers or those in Ambassador groups I participate with.

Why are some bloggers so follow just to unfollow I don't know.... I have a fun round of ideas on this, that I'll be sharing later this week with some tips, just FYI if your interested.

I have a few other exciting life changes to share. But I will save them for another time, when I haven't already written a novel, ha ha ha.


While I am having a little difficulty right now trying to fit blogging into my new schedule. I am sure I will come up with some good options.
I enjoy blogging, so its definitely not something I want to let go.

So those are a few tidbits of why I have been MIA the past 3 weeks. I think, things will be changing.
I actually have posts written a month in advance. But I cancelled all scheduled posts the past 3 weeks because I knew I didn't have time to respond or return visits. So as I feel I have figured out how to fit blogging into my new life changes, I will get back to posting regularly.

If your a blogger, tell me something I may have missed on news on your blog.
Or tell me something exciting you have coming up in your life.
Do you find some Instagram followers to be finicky too?

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Win an Awesome Prize to Use and Have Fun in the Sun With This Summer

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