A few updates and some great hiking views

It's been a few week's since I wrote a Monday post, I am sorry about that. Blogging hasn't been easy for me lately, I just cant seem to find the groove between blogging, school and well how worn out I have been with headaches.

I quick update on the headaches I mentioned. I've been into a specialist twice now. I had a CT scan this past Thursday.
The only good news is the scan ruled out any need for surgery right now.

They are a little baffled by it all, it seems I have all the symptoms of a sinus infection from hell, without the actual symptoms. In other words, I get the headaches and the pressure, but I don't actually have a sinus infection or any type of cold like symptoms that go with it.

Anyhow, we are trying a few new things, to help but it may be something I have to learn to live with for a while and I am having a hard time with that because I am so drained and well it's super hard to concentrate when you have horrible headaches all day. Regardless I am hopeful, so we shall see.

I do try to stay positive on my blog, but I'd be lying to you if I said last week wasn't a rough one for me. However, despite its faults, I had so many other great things happen that it evened out and now I look back on it as little pick me up miracles that I needed to help lift me up and get through the rough patches!

Another positive note: I was about to buy a humidifier to help since it can't really hurt, plus my skin is drying out faster than I can keep up with the lotion and crazy as it is luck was on my side and I am being sent one from Influenster to try out for free. So see even when all seems bad, there are always silver linings!


I am keeping up on my studies. I am slipping a little in one class when I didn't do as well on the last exam, but there is an extra credit assignment they put out that will hopefully bump me back up to an A.

Two of my classes are like group project mania, I have had 3 the past few weeks. One of which is a video we are presenting in my class this morning.
It's funny, we picked an environmental theme, and I'm not even an environmentalist, LOL
But it's all good!
If you've followed my blog awhile you may recognize the pictures. I donated all my own photography so we could make the project easier and faster!


I did get out last weekend. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here, still feels like summer, so why not get out and do some hiking. If you can't tell I am really loving living near Zion National Park, I don't think I will get bored! Although, I do need to find some local friends who are into backcountry distance hiking because there are a few trails that are 15-20 milers that I REALLY want to do next spring!

Speaking of backcountry hiking, I REALLY want to hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim next spring, so I'm just putting it out there in case any of my blogger friends are going to be in the area, reach out to me because I am totally game!!!!


I am looking forward to this short week of school, and going back home to visit all my family and friends for the holiday weekend!
I can't wait, and it looks like it's been snowing up north so maybe I'll even get to go play in the snow or something this weekend!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday week, and if any of you are traveling I wish you safe travels as well!!!


Although I've let it slip a little, I have for the most part kept it up through all of the worn out patches. Because I think it helps to stay active.
I've had a few really great runs lately, and I love that as I am dropping some of these pounds, my body is getting stronger and stronger. I haven't bothered increasing the mileage much I keep it between 5-7 a day. But I think after the next 10-pound weight drop which I am working hard on, I am going to try to double my weekly mileage and get back up to around 30-40 a week through the winter. I mean after all what good is living in a town where you can enjoy year round running if you're not out there running!
No races planned, just running for me and my sanity right now!

All the above pictures were taken on my hike last weekend. The scenery is gorgeous, the pictures don't do it justice! It's just a good thing it gets darker and colder in the desert at night because I'd have a hard time ever wanting to leave the trails!

Have a great week everyone!

Tell me something fun you did last week or have planned for the holiday.

A Unique Beach Experience for the Coming Winter


Most may think of going to the beach in the summer time.  While that is always a fabulous idea, I am going to suggest visiting the beach in the winter.  I want to tell you about this cute little beach town in Delaware called Rehoboth Beach.

The month of December, this small town that has one main street that runs through the entire town all the way to beach boardwalk.  From the moment you enter this town, it's all decorated and lit up for Christmas.

This was probably my most favorite picture I took the entire trip, because I love the lighting so much.
This was actually taken on the beach right outside my hotel.

One of the best things about visiting a beach town in the winter are the prices.  You'll find hotel prices are extremely discounted and you can get a room right on the beach overlooking the ocean.

If you need an idea of something to do on the beach.  Seashell or shark tooth collecting.  Because the summer crowds are gone, I could walk down at almost anytime and find huge shells, and lots of shark teeth (I like to collect them:)  Also a fun evening thing I enjoyed was cooking up some hot chocolate in my room and taking it to the beach to sip on while I walked along the sandy shore.

I had a corner beach view room.  Which also looked down at the boardwalk.

I mentioned the town dresses up for Christmas, well they also dress up the beach.  Here at the boardwalk you can find Santa's house, which may look small, but during the day they have actual Santa hours for kids to visit.  There are also these cute sea creature light exhibits along the boardwalk area.

The cute gazebo pictured below is at the end of the town street.  Just before the boardwalk.

If you like marathon's this is also the actual starting line spot for the Rehoboth Beach Marathon.  You may notice how decorated the gazebo (aka Bandstand) is, the lights and garland up and down the poles.  Well the entire town along the street, all the street lamps every so many feet on both sides are decorated up the same fun way.  It really is Christmas at the beach, I loved it!

Kinda hard to tell, but you can kind of see how fun the entire street is decorated up from the picture below.  Not just the street's but the business are also into the holiday spirit.

When you're not shopping the beach shops, or sipping cocoa on the beach, you can go out sight seeing.
Take a little drive down to Cape Henlopen State Park.

WW II Watch Tower

You can get a history lesson, and tour the top of one of these World War II look out towers.  Which also have 360 degrees of fabulous views.

There is a 3-mile long paved trail through the park.  As well of 6 miles of beach to hike and explore.

If you like lighthouses, there are a couple to check out as well.  I absolutely love lighthouses, I find they are each unique in their own way!

And if you still haven't found something to do, just bring your Dairy Cow to the beach for some family Christmas pictures:)  I actually have no idea who this family is, but they gave me a great smile as I watched them walk this big cow to the sandy beach as they posed for photo's.  Hope they don't mind I snapped the picture:)

I actually saw several people out surfing on one of the nearby beaches one day.  They must love it, because I would imagine even in a wetsuit that has got to be cold!

Visiting the beach in the winter is just an entirely different experience.  But was a lot of fun in this cute dressed up Christmas Beach Town called Rehoboth Beach.


*  There are several flight options (Baltimore, D.C. & Philadelphia)  I flew into Philadelphia and rented a car and drove south to get there.
*  Some hotels may be closed in the winter, and others are open and have great prices.
*  If you like to run races, they have a fabulous marathon (I loved it!) and half marathon in December, The Rehoboth Beach Marathon.  The race starts at the beach, runs through the town, woods, and State Park.
*  I discovered in December they didn't even charge me to enter Cape Henlopen State Park, where in the summer yes you have to pay a visitors fee.
*  There are plenty of places to eat here, you won't even have to drive further into town if you don't want to, lots of shops and small eateries right in Rehoboth.

An Unplanned Absence

Just wanted to leave a quick note, my absence from blogging and lack of responding or visiting other blogs this week and part of last week was completely unplanned.

While I do work ahead and have blog posts ready to run, I actually went in and canceled them. I am a Networking blogger with many of you awesome people, and I knew I wouldn't be able to visit other blogs this week so I didn't want others to stop by my own and wonder why I didn't do the same to theirs.

Let me give you a brief explanation:

I've not told you this, but over the past year, I've suffered from a lot of headaches and at times sinus infections without the sinus symptoms if that makes sense.
I was able to get help over the summer and had a blissful 3 months of nearly headache free life. But about 2 months ago, I got hit hard again and have literally had terrible headaches from the moment I wake in the morning and sometimes through the night.

While we did venture into treating for migraines, a few weeks ago I realized that wasn't working at all. Then about a week and a half ago my body just said enough is enough. Whatever infection that is in me has taken over my body and stripped me of all of my energy.

Yes, I skipped any running and hiking almost all last week, and that says a lot!
Additionally, I fall asleep within minutes if I am not physically moving or drinking ton's and ton's of caffeine.

Looking at a computer screen for blogging has been out of the question because I do about all I can take to get my assignments done for school on it. But since I am in class listening to a lecture right now, thought it would be easy to take a quick minute and update you all.

Getting worse and worse I called a specialist and fortunately was able to take someone else canceled appointment on Tuesday. They have me trying some new things, and while it's not a huge difference I can feel a bit more energy coming back into me, which I can't tell you how great it feels not to want to just sleep constantly, so I am very hopeful this time!

I've been trying to go running most days this week because I want to keep my fitness up while I get past this infection or whatever it is that is taking over my body.
I'm even bound and determined to get some hiking in maybe over the weekend if the medications I am using continue to wipe out whatever has been wiping me out :)

So, please excuse my unplanned absence the past week and a half. I am going to continue to stay off computers as much as possible just for my headaches sake for the remainder of this week. But I do have every intention of being back at it Monday and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what everyone's been up to!

Have a great rest of your week friends!!!!

Visiting Flaming Gorge for Travel Tuesday

Today for Travel Tuesday I am going to take you on a location way up on the top of Utah, right near the Wyoming boarder. I beautiful and stunning lake area called Flaming Gorge.
Although, if you want to get technical some of the reservoir is in Wyoming as well. But in my opinion the Utah side is the most stunning.

Truth be told, you really do need to get a boat with a full tank of gas to really see the canyon and drive through the blue waters looking up at the beautiful various colored cliffs around you. However, even if you don't have a boat, you can still take a few small hikes, or a scenic drive and see a lot of it.

The reservoir is about 91 miles long, (reason for a boat) but even I haven't been through the entire thing. I've taken day trips out on a ski boat through many sections of it.

However, I've also done a lot of paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, swimming in the lake as well.

I will say, this is a summer destination. Most of the lake is around 6,000 feet in elevation. Perfect for a summer cool spot, but probably not going to be as much fun when it's snowing or icy in the winter.

There is a ton of wildlife in the area. Depending on the side of the lake your on, you may see antelope, deer, elk, desert big horn, moose.

If you're even luckier you might even spot a bear, but most of it is heavely forested with the lodgepole pines so you'd really have to be in lucky spot for that.

You'll definitely have to check out the Dam, its in a gorgeous area. You can even rent a river raft and head down the green river and do a little fishing or light rapid running.

I've been down the Green River in a raft many times in this area, it's awesome and gorgeous! There is also some incredible fishing if you have the patience! The fish here can get really big!
In fact sometimes around the dam you can see the trout which are the size of children coming up to blow bubbles at the top.

Take the scenic drive to some of the overlooks, they are seriously stunning! You can stop in visitors centers and learn more if you'd like too!

The sunsets are gorgeous. Before you ask, no there is no filter on this.
But why it is so orange looking? Well that is because there was a huge wildfire in the Uinta mountains to the west the evening I took this shot. It's sad all that smoke was in the air from a fire burning nearly 100 miles away, but it did make for a stunning sunset photo!

The lake is mostly for boats, there is very little beach area. However, if you go to the Northern end, you can find some sandy beach area's to play or camp on.

The area is in the higher mountains, so if you do go and you are out on a boat make sure you pay attention to the sky. If lightening looks like it's coming in, get off the lake. I don't know why, but people chance it every year, and I swear not a year goes by that I don't hear a sad story of someone getting struck.

The scenic drive from the dam heading north, does provide many places you can stop the car get out and enjoy the view.

Best part about this lake, with the exception of holidays, its not very crowded. You really can feel like your alone with the beautify at times.

For the hiking lover, there is plenty. Especially down near the dam and lower area's!
I love to camp and there are ton's of campgrounds all around this lake. Some of them right along the lake. Others up in the beautiful forests in the mountains around the lake.

Have you been to Flaming Gorge before?