Have You Heard of Train Dirty Fitness?

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post, however I did receive a complementary VIP membership for this post.  However, like everything I place on my blog, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

I want to tell you about Train Dirty Fitness, but first "When was the last time someone called you gorgeous and you actually believed it?" That exact quote pretty much sums up the positivity behind TDF and the owner Crystal's positive philosophy and message to others.
From the minute you visit her blog or website you will see her "Hello Gorgeous" welcome message.

Only recently, have I begun getting involved with her website. I will tell you the truth, it was not completely new to me.  About a year ago, I became friends with a gal involved in her program, who is now one of her Fitness Instructors.
I would see her personal posts, and inspiration on Facebook.  Sure she was involved in a business, but I never felt like she was selling me something, I always felt like she actually cared and just wanted to help people become the best they could be.  Giving them the motivation to go after their goals, she always attributed credit to TDF.

Shortly after I was paying attention to this friends posts, she described her incredible relationship with Crystal, the owner of Train Dirty Fitness.  They grabbed my attention, I wanted to know more and I wanted to know what TDF was. So I started following (behind the scenes.)  I also started getting involved in a social media group that Crystal leads.

Train Dirty Fitness is a brand, that isn't just about selling you something.  It is a brand that ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU, and wants you to succeed in all you do.
Crystal doesn't even know this about me, but when I began blogging and adding social media accounts, I joined one of her supportive social media groups on Facebook and she helped launch my healthy living page and give it a great start with lots of other fitness like individuals.

It's all becoming the BEST YOU CAN BE.  Not perfect, not just like everyone else, just the best YOU.  Its about realizing your just as special and capable as anyone else, you can have the life you want.  Crystal understands not everyone has the confidence from the beginning to start on a new Fitness routine or goals.  That is what Train Dirty Fitness is all about.  Being there for you, building your confidence, reminding you, that you are gorgeous no matter what!


As I have explored the site, and played around with it I have to tell you, its a great one stop shop for information, fitness workouts and tips, webinars, support groups and a tribe of over 570 individuals who are from all over the country.


Want a full 30-60 minute workout?
Want a quick get right to it 3-10 minute video workout targeted to a specific area?
Want a specific class or workout, or want to try something new?

Yogo - Cardio - Strength - Core - Workouts - Classes - HIIT and More...

They have video's categorized so within a few seconds you have access to many different workouts, from various instructors that you can do with the time you have.  No matter if that is a couple of minutes to an hour.

Starting on a new fitness routine and don't want to go to the gym, but still want to have access to class workouts with motivational instructors?  Train Dirty Fitness has it all right there, just a few clicks away for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine that, your own personal trainer in your own home!

Train Dirty Fitness site is interactive, you want to chat with Crystal, you've got it.


We all know that adding fitness to your routine isn't all you need to do to become healthy or lose weight. You need to incorporate healthy eating into your life.

Train Dirty Fitness has an entire Nutrition section with meal idea's, cooking tutorials as well as meal planning.

You don't have to go at it alone, you can make a life change to become the YOU, you have always wanted to be, go at it at your own pace, in your own home with the help and motivation from certified coaches and instructors who will motivate you and help you along your way.


If you have read my blog, you know the past almost 3 years have not been the easiest for me. Coming back from a work injury that has kept me from being able to fully enjoy the sport I love, running.

It's been hard for me, especially on the days/weeks/months that I haven't been able to get out and go for a run, when I have had to stay off my feet.  Making it nearly impossible at times to get any cardio in.  I really wish I had come to TDF during that time!
Right now, I am still getting through a flare up, and I am unable to workout on my feet as I would have liked.

But, I've actually found a few video's on Train Dirty Fitness that even I can do, and I've already done some of them!
I know I am not the only one out there with limited abilities so I wanted to share that part so you could understand you can be anyone from someone just getting off the couch to a hardcore athlete. They don't discriminate and there are workouts and help for any and all levels.

Want to learn more, come visit the site:  

It's also a great time to consider joining.  they are celebrating their 3rd birthday and with cool discounts this week.

There is also an awesome Holiday Bootcamp that is coming up soon that you definitely will want to check out HERE. (I was not asked to promote this bootcamp, I just think it is an incredible opportunity for those looking to make some changes!)

Even if you're not quite ready yet, but want to get to know the incredible woman behind TDF, check out Crystal's BLOG.  Get to know her through it, and I think you will find what I have that she really is a positive person just looking to help make anyone she comes in contact with feel better about themselves!


One of the things I loved learning about Crystal, was she hasn't always been what she has become. She has her own incredible story and a 100 pound weight loss journey.  She woke up one day and realized she wanted more, and she wanted to be more for her child.  Her journey began and what an incredible one at that.  Which is why she totally and completely understand where everyone is coming from, she knows what it is like to go from totally inactive to totally active and she gets the hard work, and mental help one needs.

I love that, because even though I used to be a great kick butt runner, this injury has put me on the sidelines too much.  I've made some bad choices, mostly bad food choices.  When I couldn't workout, I didn't always revert to healthy eating.  I've put on more weight the past few months that I care to admit, but I am actually going to be taking full advantage of TDF kick my butt in gear!  I look forward to updating you on my progress over the coming months, and sharing with you what I have learned as I go!  Yup, watch out, because you my fabulous blog followers are about to jump into my own journey of not only recovery, but re-taking my healthy lifestyle back!

Have you heard of Train Dirty Fitness before?  
Have you participated in their programs?
Would you love to have someone push you and train you to become your best?

If you join or are already a member, make sure to add me as one of your friends on the site!  You can find me HERE.

How Your Library Can Help You on Your Next Run

Sounds kind of funny doesn't it, that your local library could help you on your next run, but it can. If you don't know, when I fill in the time between weddings, I can be found working a few hours here and there at my local library.  It wasn't until I worked there that I realized how many awesome resources there are available.

I'm going to let you in on some information that you may not realize is FREE and available to you.

MUSIC, did you know that most libraries have digital libraries that allow you to use your library card to not just checkout music.  But actually legally download for FREE to keep for life?

Mine for instance allows me to download and keep up to 5 different songs a week.  It's a program called FREEGAL.  You use your library card number and information to log in.
The music is actually top hits, and popular stuff that is on the market today as well as lots of music from the past.
(I use this all the time, it is awesome to help build your running playlist!)
Not to mention, all the money you save on buying tunes you can put towards race fee's and gear!

OTHER MUSIC, say you want entire albums or hard to get songs.  There are programs like for instance HOOPLA that if your library is signed up for it.  You get to use and checkout these items FREE, and generally they checkout for 1-3 weeks.  Then the item automatically returns themselves at the end.  Want it again, just check it out again.  Or if you are sick of it, just let it return and try a different album.
My library allows up to 10 album downloads a month.  It's pretty cool, and we are talking brand new releases from popular artists!

WORKOUT DVD'S, want to mix a little cross training into your schedule? Yoga, Dance, Jillian Michael's, etc.  Most libraries carry almost any workout dvd you could possibly want, and many you haven't even heard of. You could even go back in time and go Sweat'n to the Oldies with Richard Simmons, LOL.
Don't see the DVD you want, just ask your librarian if they participate in inner library loans, and you can have it sent to you from another library that does have it!

How awesome is that!  How often have you bought a workout DVD only to get bored of it after a few weeks or a month and it just sits in your collection now? Imagine if you didn't have to waste your own money anymore, and you could use a different workout DVD every week/month etc...

AUDIO BOOKS, want to loose your mind on your next long run to a great book? Or try something new and learn a new language while you run?
Download these onto your phone or Ipod for FREE and remove them when your done.
Most libraries have several versions available, I personally enjoy using OVERDRIVE and find that one to be the easiest, but you can also use HOOPLA or any other your library uses.

BOOKS, no matter if you want to try the popular Whole 30 diet, or any other great healthy cookbooks, Galloway, or healthy living, exercise, diet etc...  Your library likely has them all, if they don't have the one you want, ask them to order it in.  Or have them do a library loan, and get it from a different library that does carry it.  Yes, all of this is FREE for you to use.

Libraries have all these awesome FREE resources for you.  I haven't seen very many items other bloggers talk about not available at my own library for free, minus the popular P90x, Beachbody (At least mine doesn't carry that one.)

Most things come in both hard copy or  digital, so you don't even have to go to the library to get them. You can download them from you phone, tablet or home computer.

I will admit, there are some cities with some very small libraries, and they may not have everything you could want.  However, even small libraries generally participate in library loans with other libraries.  You won't know if you don't ask!

(TIP, if you don't have access to libraries in your area.  Next time your near a larger big city see how much they charge for an out of area pass.  Depending on the yearly fee, if you use it, it might cost less than buying workout DVD's or Music on your own, and then you'd have unlimited resources with their online services!)

So next time you want to try something new, why not try it for FREE at get it from your library.  That way you can try things out and make sure you really want it before you buy them, or just use them while you need them, return them to the library and then move onto the next thing.

Do you take advantage of your local library to help you with your workouts?
Do you download the libraries free legal music to add to your playlists?
Did you know all these resources are easily available for your FREE use?

Chick Flicks, Girls Day Out and Family Fun

I have to tell you, I am seriously loving our fall weather.  It's been borderline almost summer still, we've had very few days in the mid or lower 60's and most days are still hit 70-80's!  Frankly, it could stay like this for another month, I am not ready to start shoveling snow just yet:)

This has also been a busy week, I have been working hard to get all the final things done for the Grow Your Blog, Hop that starts today.  Officially after a few dropped out, we have 78 blogs participating! I am so excited to get to know the bloggers in it, and visit each and everyone of their blogs.

Originally, I was going to go back to blogging 4-5 days a week, like I prefer.  But then after a little thought, I have decided for the next month to blog a little less, more like 2-3.  I am pretty sure I am going to have a hard time keeping up with it all, just with that!  But even so, I am so excited for all the fun that will go with the crazy busy blogging!

I am still not walking/running much.  That flare up that started back before Labor day has just not healed as I would have hoped by now.  I did get out walking more on it this week, and one day when it started hurting I decided it was going to hurt whether I walked or ran on it, so I did a little slow run back home.  Oddly, the running made it quit hurting temporarily, LOL
Just going to keep on pushing on with the PT and slowly building it back up, after talking to the specialist there is just really not much else I can do for it right now.  But it's quite discouraging!

I went to do a favor for a person, which kinda blew up in my face.  I won't go into the details on that. However, when I finished with favor, I decided to call one of my nieces that I haven't hung out with much lately.  We decided to have a spur of the moment girls day.
I picked her up, and we decided to eat popcorn for lunch over a girly movie.  We saw the new Jem and the Holograms movie.  WE LOVED IT!!!!
(FYI: I loved that cartoon growing up:)
My niece loved the movie too!  We went to an early show, so were were the only ones in the theater, so ya we sat and danced in our seats and she even got up and ran around the theater a bit, to the music because she said she had always wanted to do that, LOL

Then we headed to a local amusement park for Frightmares, we rode I lost track of how many different types of roller coasters, including what has become one of my favorites, one of their newer rides.
The lines were long, since it was a nice afternoon/evening and while we waited we danced and skipped around and had a blast!
She was so cute, she has never been to an adult haunted house before and she asked me to take her to Zombieland, and then after we hit up another one that was more of a hotel/theater one.  She was seriously freaking out, it was awesome!

Who is the aunt who gets her 10 year old niece back home by 1am?  Ya, that would be me, I am sure her parents were loving me the next day LOL!  It's just a good thing it wasn't a school night:)

My dad had a birthday so the whole family got together and went out to dinner.  When you have 8 young grand kids, lets just say it can make for one noisy dinner:)  But it can also make for fun times!  I always sit on the kids end, they make it so much more fun.  That and it's so easy to get them to dump things into their mom's purses, LOL  Let's just say there are a ton of mints and sugar packets and maybe a bunch of straws in them. Ya, I am such a great influence for those kids:)

Great times with the family this past week!
Today, is actually my day off and other than a last minute interview thing I need to do, one of my sisters and I are going to go out and have a sisters fun day:)  Ya, I think I see more roller coasters in my future today, LOL  It's the last week the amusement park is open for the summer, so we kinda plan to take advantage, but today, no kids:)

So tell me something that went on in your week that you enjoyed.
Do you love getting together with your family too?

How to Be a Successful Runner

In some way's it sounds like a silly question. But it really isn't, many runners both new and old want to know when is it time they can feel they can say certain words, or in some cases when they can feel it.  When can they call themselves a runner? When will they know they are successful at running?

The truth is, that is only an answer you can give yourself.  Everyone has different goals and objectives.  But none is less acceptable than the other.  You can be as great or as bad as you want to be, that is the beauty of it.  It all comes down to YOUR choice and how YOU decide to handle excuses, training and any obstacles that come your way.


The minute you decide to lace up your shoes and head out the door, you can call yourself a runner.

Or it's after you've run your first race, second race or fiftieth race you can have the title.

There are many things people say, but there is one fact.  It doesn't matter what others say, what matters is WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

Do you believe in yourself?


You're successful if you never give up!

You're successful if you learn from your failures.

You can call yourself a runner whether you head out the door and run 20 feet or 20 miles.

You can call yourself a runner if you support other runners, as well as remain positive and confident in yourself!

You can call yourself a runner if you are trying your best, even if your best feels like everyone else worst.

You're a successful runner as long as you believe you are, want to be and try to be!

The truth is, it doesn't matter if you come in first or if you come in last.  The fact that YOUR TRYING that is one of the key building blocks of success.  It's also the thing no one can take from you unless you let them.  Which is why it is beyond important to never compare yourself to others.  Make your own goal, shoot for your own dreams!

If you want to be a better, faster or stronger runner.  You can be!   The true difference between the faster and stronger runners and those that aren't is the time, dedication, training and miles put into it.  Its just like the saying, you get what you give.  If you want success, give it your all and you will get it!

The most important thing, is never let others put you down.  It's a fact of life, someone will always be in the shadows trying to do just this.  But confidence is the key, if you are confident and happy with the efforts your putting through.  Anything said to you to push you down will fail, because you'll have the confidence and self knowledge of your own success to brush them aside and head down the road to accomplishing your dreams!

Tell me one of your running success stories?

Do you believe in what your doing, are you confident in yourself?

Run up the "Rocky Steps"

If you have visited Philadelphia, if you are a runner you probably threw this as a top thing to do on your list.  Heck, even if you aren't you probably just had to do it too.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the 72 steps leading up towards it became famous from the ROCKY movies, as he ran up the steps to the "Gonna Fly Now" song.

When I did it, I of course had to run up the steps and then give my best "Rocky" pose and flex those arm muscles for my picture!

I should have wore headphones and ran to the song, but I didn't:)

Then when you're done, go get your photo taken with the bronzed Rocky Statue!

Would I travel all the way to Philly just to run up the steps?  Probably not, but when I went there to run the Philadelphia Marathon, which is an awesome race!
The race actually begins and ends right near the famous steps.  When I did it, they were of course playing the Rocky themed music as you passed the area!
I know you hear the tune in just about every single marathon out there, someone plays it.  But this was the one time, that I was like, right on, let it play!!!

Of course, no I didn't run up them that morning before the race:)  Which might have been less tiring.  I decided to wait until after the race, get cleaned up and stop by and run up them before I went to dinner.
Where my legs tired?  I just ran 26.2 of course they were!  But that is no reason to be lazy, besides a little walking and running the evening after a marathon helps you recover faster!

If you go, I'd suggest bringing a friend to take your picture!  This time, I brought my fabulous mom. Even she couldn't resist running up the steps, posing for a photo too, awesome!

(Sorry the picture quality on these was terrible!)

Have you run the famous "Rocky" steps?
If you find yourself in Philly, will you take the quick side trip to do it?
Have you run the Philadelphia Marathon?  Did you love it?  

What's My Running Bucket List

Do you have a running bucket list?

I DO, and mine is actually entirely separate from my actual goals I am working on.  I think having a running bucket list is a great way to dream a little and who knows maybe those bucket list items may one day turn into a goal!

If you've read my blog a while, you already know I am working on a marathon in all 50 states and D.C. Thankfully 32 of those are in the books.  When I can finally get through this years long work injury I fully plan on getting back into it.
However, while I am waiting on that I have a lot of dream bucket list items and so I thought I'd share them.  Who knows, maybe some of these will become goals for myself one day too.

* Run a 100 mile Ultra endurance run.  I'd prefer to run the Wasatch 100, I hear its one of the toughest since its an all trail race.  Something about that just intrigues me to try at least once.

* Run a marathon on all continents.  You know if I ever become independently wealthy and can afford it, I would sure love it.  Especially hitting up Antartica!

* Run 2 marathons in 2 days.  I kinda hope I can pull this off while doing my 50 states goal, but if not then after I finish it, I totally plan on it.  Pretty sure I will have to head back east to do it, its too far to travel out west between races to pull it off.

* Run Boston.  When I finish my 50 states goal, I would really like to focus all my training one year to gear up for one race to qualify.  I think I would use the St. George marathon as the race to try qualifying.  It's hilly and a hotter race, but for some reason in the past, all the times I have run it, I have gotten some of my best times at it, so I think it's a good fit for me to use for it.

* Ironman, I just think it would be fun to try one at least once.  If I ever did it, I am pretty sure I would pick the one in Hawaii, because it's hello; tough and Hawaii:)

* I'd like to run New York City Marathon, Again.  I had such an incredible experience the first time, maybe it wouldn't be the same.  But despite the fact that its a crazy expensive trip, I think if I had the chance I would love to run it again!

* Run the Great Wall of China Marathon, no idea why although I am sure it would be beautiful. This one just stuck out to me the first time I heard about it and would love to give it a try.

* Pikes Peak Marathon.  I once had a guy describe this race perfectly to a lady while we were running the Myrtle Beach Marathon.  He said, "it's a pretty easy race, there is only 1 hill the first half, and the 2nd half is all downhill".
I got a great laugh.  I think I would love to do this just to see how tough I am, but before I do it I'd like to make sure I train well enough to finish around 4 hours, because longer would be such a massive beating on the body, well more than it will be already:)

* I'd like to run a race with all my sisters (4 of us).  I know this sounds funny, and I have run half's my youngest sis before.  (We are all runners.)  But oddly, we never plan races together.  So it would be fun to pick a half marathon or marathon and all run it.
Not run together as a group of course, that would be annoying for the faster ones to slow down for the slower ones (we are all different speeds). But it would be fun to do the same race on the same day. Maybe one day...
Or if not that, it would be fun to all enter a Ragnar together, and all their husbands as well as the older kids on one big team... But knowing my family we would all want to run double and skip 12 members for 6 members for the 200 miles and see how tough we are.  That would be fun!

I am sure I could have a dozen others, but that is my list that has pretty much always come to my mind when I think of running bucket items.

Tell me what is something on your Running Bucket List?

Choosing a Comment System

If you follow my blog, you probably have noticed over the past few weeks a new comment system.  To be honest, a lot of thought and tons of research went into picking a new one!

For those who are like me, who are interested in growing your blog especially if you use Blogger or Wordpress.  At one point some of you may be considering a new comment system in your blogging days.  So for those of you who eventually come to that point, you may find this post to be helpful.


I am on blogger, and lets face it, it is widely known Blogger doesn't have a very friendly comment system. In fact it ranks in last place in most surveys.  It's also not very beneficial to the blogger, and many people hate using it to leave a comment.  It also does not promote viewer and blogger interaction at all.  However, if its all you have, its better than nothing and depending on your blogging needs, it might be great for you.

I used Intense Debate (Comment Luv) for a year and loved it.  But when Google announced only blogs with mobile sites would be picked up on search engine searches, that meant the end of me using Intense Debate, because it is not mobile friendly or mobile compatible.

It's true I want to continue to grow my blog, and to do that I need a good comment system, one that promotes engagement and user activity and one that increases your search engine rankings and SEO.  But I also want one that has good support and will do all you want it to do to make my life easier.

So, I have been investigating new systems.


1. Comments directly on the post.
2. The ability for me to respond to a comment, and the commentor receive an email with my reply.
3. Easy to use for both me and the user.
4. Easy to install.
5. Installation without loosing all my past comments.

So the search went on, and there are lots and lots to choose from!
After time I narrowed it down to two: Disqus and Livefyre.
They both have their pro's and con's and they both are similar in some ways.

(I will say, I did consider the Facebook comment system.  But after a while felt it would detour any who are not on Facebook from commenting, and not everyone wants their friends to know what they are saying on blogs.  I tried it a few years ago, and found this to be fairly true.)


* Its apparently the most popular blog comment system on the market.  However, I have noticed it may not be with running and healthy living blogs.  (Maybe it just hasn't caught on yet:)

* I was able to keep all my old comments, and the biggest surprise.  I got back all my old comments I lost when I removed Intense Debate, can't tell you how happy that made me!

* When I reply to a comment, it automatically sends the visitor an email with my response.  Which has been fun to interact with my visitors more and increase conversation.

* The comment system is right in each post, as is the reply. Which helps with SEO and increasing my post word count.  (If you are unfamiliar how comments can work to your advantage read the post I wrote last week, HERE.)

* It allows users to login using several methods, email, Twitter, Google, Facebook... most user preferred methods.  The great thing is if they are on any of these methods all they have to do is click on the little bubble once and it should automatically know them going forward and not require additional logins.

* It is free to use, for all the functions I will need it for right now.

* It has a great spam blocker.  Which is huge for me, as on a normal day I will get 20-40 spam comments attempting to come through.

* Super easy import/export for all other comments.  Additionally, you own the rights to all your comments. (FYI, not all comment systems do this.)

* It installed in less than a minute, and everything was exported only a few minutes after that.

Like all comment systems, nothing is perfect. 


* Unlike Comment Luv, it will not give me a link to the visitors last post.  Which for non bloggers this is fine, but with other bloggers that is one feature I wish it had.

* When I did the merge, it jumbled a few of my replies and comments from past posts so it was hard to tell which went with which.  Since it no longer does that with future comments, I don't see it being any bit of a problem going forward.

* It does require a login. 
Like all comment systems, you have to hope that your users will like it.  While it does require a user to login in some form, rather than just leave an anonymous comment.  My hope is that it will not detour comments.  But that is why you try things out on trial basis and experiment.

* I notice it has a slower page load speed.  However, it usually is caught up after a few seconds, which most posts take more than a few to read anyway.  So I don't see this being a huge problem.

* I recently discovered that some servers with big blocking systems won't allow it to pop up.

* If the user has a profile set up, it's easy for me to figure out who they are and how to find their blog. But not everyone has a profile set up with this comment system (I don't blame them.) So sometimes it requires a bit of searching right now as I get to know some of my commentors by a different name on who they are.

* I noticed last week that it's working perfectly with all my posts.  But my previous pages I have created for some reason it isn't syncing with them.  This may just be my user error, I am still looking into that part.

It may have other flaws, but so far nothing else has come to my attention, yet...  Feel free (and please do) let me know your thoughts on anything.  Truthfully, the main way I will know what works and doesn't is if my wonderful followers let me know!

Like I said, I am trying it out for 1-2 months, to see how things go and to see how I continue to like it, and if others do or if the login requirement becomes too much of a pain for people to want to use.

So what are your thoughts?  What is your favorite comment system?
Or have you ever even considered looking for a new comment system?
Do you use or like Disqus?

Hiking Silver Lake in the Fall

This week for Travel Tuesday I am going to take you on a hike in Utah up near Brighton Ski Resort, at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

This is actually a very family friendly hike, it's well groomed and most parts could even be considered wheel chair accessible.

To get here, just take the Big Cottonwood canyon road, all the way to the top.  When you get to the Brighton one way loop just follow it, you'll see the signs and the parking lot.  At the Silver Lake Visitors Center.  It's free parking, and if the lot is full you can park a short distance down the road and walk into it easily.

The hike itself, isn't even quite a mile long.  I believe 0.8 is the exact distance of the loop.

It's also great for families, you can go up just to walk around.

Or take a fishing pole and do a little fishing.  There is a lot of animal watching, as quite frequently you can spot large moose up around different area's of the lake as well.

Since this is a watershed area, no pets are allowed.  They also don't allow swimming!
However, you can take a canoe or raft out on the lake.

If you'd like to go a little further you can also follow the signs that take you to Twin Lakes Reservoir.  Or if you just want to relax, just hang out and have a picnic.

Also, for those who love a great marathon.  The Revel Big Cottonwood marathon actually starts very near this beautiful lake.  So if you stop by to run this race, head back up later to stretch your legs out and take a walk around the lake!

If you live in Utah or visited this area before, have you been up to Silver Lake?
What's one of your favorite fall hikes to take this time of year?

Official List for the Grow Your Blog, Hop

Welcome to everyone who signed up to join!

We have 79 bloggers registered.  Two rounds this time, each round lasts two weeks.

Round One begins October 26th - November 6th - Finished and it was awesome!
Round Two runs November 9th - 20th

Want to see who else is in?  
Below is the official list we will use during the hop.

Round 1: October 26th - November 6th

1.   The Long and Winding Road to Wellness
2.   Confessions of a Mother Runner
3.   Obsessed by Portia
4.   Where I Need to Be
5.   Tri and True
6.   Run with Sole
7.   Olives 'n Wine
8.   Creating a Better Tomorrow
9.   Run Mum
10. Pounds to Miles
11. Girl Seeking Healthy
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Mountains, Amusement Parks, Pumpkin Patches and Lots of Fun

This week has been quite eventful.
I mentioned last week I had purposely worked ahead a little to get Octobers posts all done (except these Monday posts:) and that I was working on November.

Well one of the reasons was the Grow Your Blog, Hop.
I have been working on this for quite some time.  I wasn't sure how much interest there would be in it, last time it took me nearly a month to have 41 participants sign up.

This time, I wanted to do things different and have 80 total.  So I mentioned on a couple of Facebook pages if there would be any interest and the response was overwhelming.
So much so, that since I had it already to go I set it live on 5pm on Wednesday night and by the next morning it was already 65% full.  By Friday afternoon it was about 95% full.  I will check this morning, but I expect if it hasn't already the last 5 spots will be taken sometime today.

Isn't that crazy, and very awesome at the same time!  I am really excited about it.  I have a ton of work to do, but one great thing about the spots selling out so quickly is it's now going to give me an extra week to get it all done.

I really hope that this one turns out even better than the last time.  Last time's hop was also great, but I think with the changes made for this one, it's going to be even better!

Took this last night up near my sisters house, just a beautiful evening so I had to share!

As for an update on the recent injury flare up that happened a bit over a month ago.  Thursday, I finally was able to get out and do a little walking, YAY.  Things went great, so I took Friday's walk up in the mountains.  A little hiking, but on easy very groomed trails.
It's felt so nice to get out!  Sadly, I hate to say this but because I have had to be so inactive to let things begin healing again.  Just walking a mile or two actually made me a little bit sore, LOL
Oh well!  The great news is, I can start slowly building and strengthening it again and practice being on my feet more and more.

Took an afternoon and went up to a farm with my niece, nephew and sister.

They had this great event, with free lunch, free pony rides for the kids as well as corn mazes.  Hay rides for all, and pumpkin picking.  It was super hot out, like 90, but it felt like 100, LOL  So we skipped the apple cider and went for ice cold flavored lemonades instead:)  We sat and at our lunch on hay bails and listened to old fashion country live bands as we did.
It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

I also spent a little time up in the mountains this week.  A lot of the leaves have already fallen, but in some area's they are still patches of the bright colors on the trees.  It was beautiful either way.  I couldn't help bringing my camera out, even if it was overcast that day.

Also, this is the time of year when our Amusement Park, Lagoon transforms itself into Frightmares, and with only a few weeks left in the season I have a feeling I will be spending some time there each week until the end of the month when it will all be shutting down for the winter.
My sisters and I are supposed to have a girls adult day there soon, we've been planning on it all year. It will be when I can go finally ride all the awesome roller coasters:)  Okay, well at least not alone:)  I ride them with the kids, but depending on which kids some are tall enough, and some are not so much.  I love the kiddo's, but it will be fun to have an adult day and hit up the awesome haunted houses and zombie lands:) that aren't really kid friendly:)

Thursday night I attended my writers meeting, and it was fabulous!  We had a NY Times Best Selling Author Angie Fenimore come and speak.  She came with her fiance, and they did a fabulous job!
Gave me a lot of food for thought on how to better myself.
The topics were pitching to agents and creating a great platform for yourself (website).  The information could be used for that as well as in life for job interviews and I think I can also implement some of the things into my wedding business and even this blog.
I would love to take one of her classes and do more, but with as busy as this year is, I may have to wait until later this winter, before wedding season starts:)

It's back to weddings this week, and life is about to start to get pretty busy.  Additionally the youth group I work with, I am in charge of an activity for them this week, just to name a few things on my to-do list.
Of course, I apparently never think life is busy enough and I am always taking on even more... I really need to stop doing that!

In other news, one of my sisters announced she is going to be having another baby, which is super exciting this will make my 9th niece or nephew:)  Baby isn't due until June, but I am already looking forward to having another baby in the family again!

So that is a bit into my past week.
All my mountain pictures this week are from Big Cottonwood Canyon, which if you have run the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon here in Utah you may recognize them, as many of them were taken up near the start of where thee race begins.  If you haven't run in, if it's on your calendar then this is just a little peak at what you get to see if you run it.

Tell me something you did last week.  Are you enjoying fall?  Getting out to see the leaves or picking pumpkins?  Tell me what you've been up to lately!
I am linking up with HoHo Runs and Mississippididdlin today for their Weekly Wrap!