Getting ready for Oklahoma

I'm getting ready to run in Oklahoma soon.  I'm getting excited because, well first I always get excited to go someplace new that I've never been before.  But I'm also excited to get away to hopefully some warmer weather.  Lately Utah's weather has just not been the best, I'm getting tired of the rain and clouds!!!

In the process of getting ready for Oklahoma, I've got a few weddings to get ready for this week. 
I'm also excited to announce that very soon we may start offering the quite popular "Candy Bars" at weddings.  We've had several requests to start these up in the past, but up until now we've never made much of an attempt to start doing them.  We are getting in lots of cute Apothocary Jars, and other elegant glass containers so that we can offer some beatiful candy bar set ups.  Hopefully we will be ready to start offering these within the next month.
As we try to do with all of our products and services we offer, I intend on keeping our prices as low as possible!
Once of the prides we take at Simply Enchanting, is being able to keep low affordable prices for brides and their families.  We fully understand that budgets are tight right now with the current economy, and we continue to do the best we can to offer the best prices we possible to help our brides out!

If you ever have any suggestions for us, feel free to send them our way!  We are always looking for ways to improve, so we can continue what we feel is great service!

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