Hiking before a Marathon

     This may sound odd but I enjoy a short hike the day before I run a Marathon.  So much so that I've done it the day before 5 of my past 7 Marathons.
It's kind of a newer thing I started last fall, nothing too far, usually only a few miles.   A few times I've hiked through sand or up steep hills that I've actually gotten myself a little sore for race morning.  Oddly enough those times were actually on some of my best race times in the past seven months... Go figure...

I think in a way it's a good way for me to stretch out my legs, and get them ready for the next morning.  But truthfully it wasn't something I originally planned to do, it just started to happen.  I love adventure and I love to explore, traveling to run all of these Marathon's is fun in itself, but spending an extra day or two checking out the surrounding area's makes it even more fun.  Each state I've been to so far has had plenty for me to do and see.  Sometimes I even purposely pick a Marathon in an area near something else I've always wanted to see, I love exploring our country and seeing some of America's hidden treasures.

I'm gearing up for my next Marathon in a week, and beginning my taper down week before the race.  (Most do a longer taper, but because of the amount of Marathons I am doing in a short time, I can only allow for a week of it.)  Generally when I taper, I don't run more than 6 miles a day and closer to the race I even go down to about 3-4 miles.
My Marathon next week is in a hilly and what I believe is a mountainous area, so I am sure I will have plenty of options if I choose to find a pre-marathon hiking adventure to take :)
--Keep Running--

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