My Recent Reads - An Amish Series

        I just finished a series of books that have been on the market for years.  Probably most who love to read, have already read them.  But since I can be a bit behind on a good read at times, I am happy to say better late than never.
Beverly Lewis, The Shunning, The Confession & The Reckoning.

       I have to be honest I actually read all 3 of them in about 2 days, sometimes I have a tendency to get caught up in a good book and if it is a series I just want to read through to see how it all ends.  Lucky for me these were all easy fast reads.

If you are looking for a great series I highly recommend these, I know she has several other Amish series out and I look forward to tracking them down and reading them as well.  I enjoyed not only the story line but learning about the Amish.  It not only sparked my reading interest it also sparked a desire to go and visit Pennsylvania, Lancaster and venture out into the Amish area's and do a little shopping around their stores.

Lucky for me I am planning on a race near there in a few weeks, so I have decided to extend my trip and arrive a little early so I can go out and visit the area before heading to Philly for the race.

       If you haven't already guessed with my previous state race blogs.  This is one of my favorite things to do along with running a Marathon in each state.  Finding new and interesting things to do and see while I am in each state.  I am so glad I took a friends advise to read these books when I did.  Because if I had read them after the Pennsylvania trip I would have regrets of not venturing out to see the Lancaster area as well.
(I just hope the recent weather they have been receiving changes back from snow to nice regular fall temps by the time I get there.)

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