Book Review "Anna Dressed in Blood"

     This was one of those books that you begin and within just minutes you are completely sucked into the story and can't wait to read on.
Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake, takes a completely different spin on ghost/spirit hunting.  I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy this book so much (seriously).
How do you combine a bit of romance and a guy who's job is to hunt down and kill the dead who remained to haunt and linger and take innocent lives?  This book is how!
This book will creep you out, and at the same time make you laugh and crave for more.

The main character Cas, is a ghost hunter and his abilities have been passed down through him, generation after generation.  He moves around the world with his mother "A White Witch" and her cat and he seeks out to kill the dead who refuse to remain dead.
(I am sure you can already tell the author has a sense of humor)
His father lost his life to a very powerful demon, and Cas has been secretly training and researching everything he can so he can one day track down what killed his father.  When he learned about a ghost named Anna, he is intrigued and he has to find her and kill her because when he does he knows he will be ready to go after what killed his father.
What Cas doesn't expect is to find some unexpected friends along the way, and even more so he never would have dreamt in any of his wild nightmares what will happen when he meets Anna one of the most powerful ghosts he's ever seen.  So powerful that not a living creature can last a moment in her presence without her effortlessly crushing the life out of them.

I loved so many things about this book, really the only thing I didn't enjoy was some of the language used.  I understand some may have been needed to give the effect of how teenagers speak to each other.
However, I think that the point could have been put across and left some of the bad language out...  Of course that is just my opinion.  With that said, everything else is great and I still recommend this as a must read for YA book lovers!
I can almost guarantee that you'll have a hard time putting this down and you'll hate any interruptions!  It's not just about the story, the author did her homework when it comes to voodoo and witch craft.  (Not that I am into those sort of things at all, frankly they freak me out.)  But she combines just enough research and knowledge with her twisted yet very satisfying plot.
You'll love Cas, and even more you'll love the powerful Anna.

Even better, this is one of those books that ends on it's own.  Sure the author could have plans for a sequel, but its not one of those books that you finish and have a big let down because you have to wait a year or so to find out what happens next.  Maybe I've read too many sequels lately, but I found that to be refreshing!  That although I'd be more than interested in a sequel, I am content if this is it.  (Prior to this review, I have not checked the author's site to find out any of her future writing plans.)

So pick this book up, you will NOT be disappointed!!!  (However, I don't recommend reading this alone in an old haunted house, well unless you like that kind of stuff).  Enjoy!!

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