Outdoor Wedding - Yellow & Purple Colors

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     The below pictures are from a September wedding.  The brides colors were bright yellow and bright purple.  The pictures were taken before we had completely finished the decoration process.  They are also taken during the day, the wedding reception and design was for evening and night.  Unfortunately you cannot see in these pictures how AMAZING everything looked when it was all lit up for the event.

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Triple arch backdrop - laced with purple organza, bright yellow and purple roses
At night this lit up with hundreds of white lights in the greenery, as well as the lamp posts

Book sign in table and decoration


Floral Arrangement

One of the views

3 leg Gazebo wrapped in purple tulle
At night the tulle was designed to light up like purple ice, it looked amazing in the dark!

Picture Table Decoration

View 2 - At night the sides of this yard were all lit up by lamps.

View 3

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