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     I received an amazing opportunity to try out the April month box of Bestowed.   What is Bestowed? is a new monthly subscription service that gives you a way to try out different healthy snacks and foods and brands that are the market.  All items are hand picked by the founder Heather Bauer.

     So this past week I have been sampling them and basically having a lot of fun trying them out in different ways.  One thing I loved when I received my box, was that they provided a sheet with a description of each product.  This sheet listed health and nutritional facts as well as some tips on what the product can help do for you.  Additionally, the sheet provided tips and different ways to eat and use each of the products.

     Here's a little on my thoughts of each product.  At the end of this review you'll find my giveaway.  Or for those interested in trying out these monthly subscriptions I can give you $5 off by using this discount code:  5OFFBESTOWED01 when you order at

     So my favorite were these little HEMP HEARTS!  I had never heard of these before, and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when tasting them.  I loved them, honestly couldn't get enough of them!  I am a seed lover to begin with.  I love sunflower seeds, and found the Hemp Hearts to be similar but a little nuttier in taste, and smaller and softer to the chew.  Delicious!!!  The information sheet suggest trying on salad, cereal and yogurt.  I tried sprinkling them on my morning yogurt one day.  But for me my favorite was just eating them plain.  On top of it all, they are high in protein, vitamins and essential omegas.

     Kind Healthy Grains Oats & Honey Clusters.  Who doesn't love granola?  These were pretty good just as a snack, healthy lightly sweetened granola.  I found them to be yummiest sprinkled and mixed with yogurt as my own little mini morning parfait.  They are also very low calorie and gluten free for those who search for these types of products.   The tip sheet suggested trying this mixed with oatmeal, I really enjoyed it this way!  I kept them handy all week whenever I needed a snack.  A healthy way to fill a snack craving!

     I also had some Pink Lemonade EBOOST to try.  It's super easy to make, just mix with water and ready to go.  The formula consists of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help give you extra energy.  The tip sheets suggest drinking an EBOOST instead of your afternoon caffeine drink.  Again this is a healthy product, both gluten and soy free.  I don't usually enjoy dietary drinks like this, but maybe it was because I had a Pink Lemonade flavor???  Not sure, but I actually really liked it.  When I mixed it with the recommended amount of water, I found it to be a little strong so I just added a little more water to my own preferred consistency and enjoyed a few afternoon pick me up drinks during the week!

     Gnu Foods Hi-Fiber Mini's, they are small but packed with six whole grains, minerals, antioxidants and to top it off only 70 calories.  Plus like in the name, they are super high in fiber, which made them quite filling!  I found them to be just okay as a snack alone.  But decided to try them out with one of their tip suggestions but in my own way.  I dipped them in yogurt for my lunch one day and once I did that I can say I really enjoyed them!

     OLOVES Hot Chilli Mama Olives, doesn't that title just make you smile and grab at your curiosity?  Basically they are pitted Green Olives with Habanero Chillies.  They kind of hooked me after the first one.  I love hot spicy foods, and didn't find these to be something I would consider way hot.  But they were full of flavor.  You can't eat just one, I swear they got better and better as I ate them.  I can definitely see myself snacking on these again!  They are only 50 calories a bag, so obviously a great low calorie snack.  I probably shouldn't say this, because it's not going to sound so healthy.  But as I ate them, I couldn't help but think they would be a fabulous topper to some cheesy nachos.  But I can't say for sure, because I downed the whole bag in a few short minutes:)

     When I tried my Nektar Honey Crystals, since I don't drink coffee or tea that need sweeteners I decided just to add them to a yogurt to see how a little hint of honey would taste.  Not bad, I enjoyed it, but decided I could be more creative.  So I took another package the next day and did something a little different and mixed it with my peanut butter and spread the honey peanut butter spread on my morning toast.  Yes, now that was a tasty way to enjoy it for me!

     An iTrain $25 Gift Card also came in the box.  This is a pretty cool little gift, you can download workouts straight to your ipod or MP3 and have them customized to fit what you need.  Each workout has background music and a trainers voice providing you with easy to follow instructions to get you through your workout with a little extra motivation.  I didn't try this (because I have a foot injury right now), but they also have iTread workouts to help spice up a boring treadmill run as well as iStretch yoga lessons, that you can do in the privacy of your own home.  I think that is kind of cool!

I received my box for free from Bestowed for this review. The opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.

     If you are interested on where you can get any of the above listed products you can click HERE.  A subscription to Bestowed only costs $19 a month, however if you would like to try it you can click HERE and use this discount code to save $5 off your order:  5OFFBESTOWED01

**  I am also hosting a giveaway for bestowed, they'd like to give 1 lucky winner their own one month box FREE.  (Note: the items listed above are from their April box, the winner of this giveaway will likely receive a May Bestowed item box.
The only limitation to be a winner you must be a US resident.**

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