Finally a gel I actually like - Giveaway Included -

I was excited for the opportunity to try out Huma Gel.  I really liked trying these, my favorite was the Strawberry.  But to be honest I really enjoyed the Apple Cinnamon too!!!  They both make my highly recommended list!

To give you a little background on me and gels in the past, I can sum it up pretty short.  About 8 years ago I was running in a marathon and a volunteer handed me a gel.  It was one of those times I actually was hungry in the race so I took it.  I was stupid and didn't look and notice it was chocolate in the first place. (I hate chocolate) and it was gooey and stuck in my throat.  By the time I got to the water to wash it down, all I felt like doing was throwing it up, it just didn't sit well with me.  Well lets just say, since then I have completely avoided any gels, assuming they would all be the same.

Huma Gel definitely isn't the same as the one I tried years ago.  In fact, it wasn't gooey it was actually really easy to swallow.  The flavors were actually quite good and I have to say immediately after taking it I thought to myself, I would use this again.  (That for me says a lot!)
The best part, I had absolutely no stomach issues after.  For anyone who has tried gels, this alone says a lot!

A few little facts about these fabulous little gels.
These Huma Gels have Chia Seeds in them.  Chia seeds are stocked full of Omega 3's.  Which is if great because I am coming off a long injury and I take Omega 3's because they have been shown to help promote healing.  So this ingredient was highly popular on my list of likes!  They also have 9 Essential Amino Acids and Soluble Fiber.

Additionally, the ingredients are simple.  Let me show you the nutrition facts:
(Let me just say, check out the ingredients, you'll notice everything in them are things we have actually heard of, not to mention healthy too!)

 Strawberry Huma Gel

Apple Cinnamon Huma Gel

Pretty great, right?  So how do you use Huma Gels?  It's pretty simple, for up to 2 hours of exercise you take it about 35 minutes before starting.  For 2 or more hours you take it about 15 minutes before starting.  All you have to do is make sure you drink a glass of water with it, they recommend 8-10oz.

Huma Gels are a great and healthy way to get the extra sugars needed to replace what is lost and give you the nutrients you need to help you in your fitness goals!
Which is why I am hosting a Giveaway, to give you a chance to win your own Huma Gel packs to try out and see for yourself how great they are.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

Additionally, take a minute and check out this fun new video they just put out as part of their Crowd Funding Indigogo Campaign.

Want to learn more?  You can visit their website HERE

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  1. I saw the picture and I saw Nuun. Then I was "wait nuun do gel's, how was I not aware of this?"
    Then I realised it was Huma, another product I have never heard of and will now have in investigate. They sound yummy too.

  2. I absolutely LOVE huma gel.

  3. I do like Gels (some of them) because they can give me the caffeine boost I like during a run. My trainer told me to stop using chia seeds to fuel runs because they have fat and fiber that isn't easily absorbed. I guess that would vary from person to person, but that's why I have been steering away from them.

  4. I have not tried these but I want to - I look for all natural (and hope for an OK taste, too!) Thanks for the giveaway - will be on the look out for these at my local stores, too

  5. Most gels bother my stomach so I need something easily digestible. I love Huma Gel, wish they were available near me not just online.


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