Step Goals, Beyond Rude, Running and Weight loss Updates

Life has certainly been busy, with weddings and summer and of course making sure to fit in a little "me" time, I feel like I am barely keeping on top of things:)
I feel bad I haven't had as much time as normal to get around to visit all my favorite bloggers as much as I would have liked.  I have a few more weeks of craziness to get through, and I am looking forward to getting back into blogging as I normally like to.


I am on target for where I wanted to be coming back after taking those 2 months off when I was really sick (5-6 miles 5 days a week).
On a good note, If you remember about 3 months or so back I went to take a step and something happened to my right foot and it literally could not take the pressure.  It healed after a week or so, mostly.  But every time for months I would run about 2-5 minutes into it I would get this cramp in the side of my foot and up into my calf and it was a stop go, stop go process as I would try to get the cramp worked out.  I never could figure out what was wrong.  But based on the fact that I have not had it happen since I took the 2 months off.  My guess is I must have pulled something maybe an inner calf tear??
Either way, no matter what it was.  I guess I should thank the 2 month sickness because sometimes even when you feel it's something bad happening, sometimes things happen to help fix other things and I think the illness was a little miracle in disguise.
As for the 2 1/2 year long (as of now) tendon work injury, it's been doing okay.  The swelling this week was light to moderate and I have been able to keep the pain down to minimal.  I am still determined it will actually heal, but until I have gone a couple of months without problems, I still air on the cautious side.

Although, one of the houses I run past once a week in a nearby city, when I run along a canal the owner is back at it with their "dummy stage designs".
If you ignore the fact that whomever they are, they obviously have a hoarder problem.  Hence the piles of junk under the porch.  They stage this dummy, and change out the costume or look each week or two.  Last year when I discovered it it made me smile as sometimes it is creative.  I was happy to see the dummy back and looks like this week he's a guitar player:)

5 DAY GOAL to 100,000 STEPS

My sisters and I were having a contest this week to see if we could hit 100,000 steps in 5 days.
I am happy to admit, I did it YAY and neither of my other two sisters hit the goal.  Of course I was still working on it with a late night Friday workout and finally hit my 100k in 5 days by 11:15pm...

With life so busy, the only way to do it is for me to be at 60-75% of my goal by 8am each day and then when I am finally home and life calms, around 10-11pm at night I have added another 30-40 minute 2nd workout to get to the last part of the day's goal.
This week's going to be out of my control busy, so I am not setting a main step goal plan, but I would love to hit that again if life allows the time!


I actually wasn't going to talk about this, but I am going to share just to show how some people are beyond clueless and have no idea or care at how rude they are.

I had a crazy experience this last week, with an insane woman who was beyond the boarder of complete rudeness!
I was out on a morning run, and it was during morning rush hour traffic.  This woman pulls into the middle median lane (in traffic) and starts yelling at me to wait.
So mid run I stop, thinking she needs directions and has a odd way to go about it.
She dodges two lanes of traffic, I just see this woman with a crazy huge afro running at me trying not to get hit as she crosses 2 more lanes of traffic.

She gets to me, I am guarded (I am on the sidewalk next to the road) not sure what she wants.
She hands me this small piece of paper and says to me, "you look like this might be something you would be interested in.)
I look at the paper, reading it: It's an ad for a weight loss Herbalife product, and a Biggest Loser weight loss competition....

I look back at her, more stunned than anything.  Watching her cross the busy lanes again to get back to her car.  I am not even embarrassed to admit as I watched her try to avoid getting hit.  I was thinking that if she did get hit, I wouldn't of felt all that bad for her.

First of all, yes I have a few pound to lose.  But I am not so overweight that everyone who looks at me hopes I can drop a few.  Second, she wasn't all that much smaller than me, in fact you add her afro hair and the weight of that alone might have brought her near my own weight....

I was offended for a few minutes, but then got over it.  I only pocketed the paper, because I am pretty much against littering streets, but the next garbage can I passed, it went in it!


I did take a break from my busy week on Thursday and visited Lagoon a Beach (a local water park.)
I will say, if you need to feel better about yourself and how you look in your own swim suit, just visit a water park!  I will never understand how some people can be so comfortable in their skin to bare it (almost to) all no matter how it may look.
I wish I was more comfortable in my own skin, but in some ways I am glad I am not:)
The phrase, less is more, doesn't always apply to swimwear in my opinion:)
However, you also have to be careful and force yourself to keep your mouth shut.  Because in my mind if my boob was literally hanging out of the side of my top for the world to see, I would definitely want someone to tell me.  But apparently some get more annoyed at you telling them about a problem that they don't consider a problem in the first place...

On another note, I am down 7.5 pounds, and I consider that success!  Due to the things I have coming up this week, there is a pretty good chance I might be able to drop a few more.
That and we are in the triple digit temps each day and have a full week of 100+ days coming up.  I find that even though I actually enjoy the heat, I don't eat quite as much when it's hot and I drink a lot more water which I think is going to help with dropping more weight!

Talk about hot, my new car with the black leather interior, well let's just say.  It may look nice and pretty, but oh is it HOT!  I had one of those thicker hard plastic water bottles sitting in the cup holder of my car on Saturday.  Well when I went to get into it, I notice the lid had popped off, a closer look the entire thing melted down and shrunk...  Ya, now that is crazy hot! Although, I hate touching the inside of the car in the summer, the inside of the car should be great in the winter!

So that is a little brief on my week.  How did you week go? 


  1. Congrats on your weight loss. I cannot believe what that woman did by #1 disrupting traffic #2,being so rude to you. I may have been tempted to slug her. Water parks always amaze me with the "wildlife" of the human variety. Perhaps some people do not own mirrors????

    1. Thanks!
      Ya, she had a lot of nerve and not in a good way! I was just more stunned, didn't even have time to come up with a good comeback before she started darting back through traffic.
      Love that, water park wildlife, and I agree some people don't own mirrors. I am all about being comfortable in your skin, but sometimes it amazes me just how comfortable some people can get, and I wish they wouldn't!

  2. I cannot believe what that woman did. How incredibly rude!

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss. It is so hard and it sounds like you are staying on top of it. People are rude and sometimes just plain crazy. You can't let it get to you.

    The water park observations made me laugh and I agree with We Run Disney's comment. Maybe they just don't have mirrors.

    1. Thanks! Ya I didn't let it get to me, I was just stunned someone would do that.
      Very true, I liked the no mirrors comment too:)

  4. That lady is crazy! Just think what else she is willing to do to get her flyers out

    I am always nervous when I read about your injury and how after 2 years it is not 100 percent. I think there is no hope for me to heal by January!!!!

    1. I know, the nerve of some people. I did think possibly she was just buisiness minded and didn't really mean to offend me, but I mean you have to have a little tact, but clearly she was clueless:)

      I think you have plenty of hope! Your injury is in a much better area than mine especially having it on your knee. The Achillies is a difficult area, and I had one Dr. that put my in the wrong brace originally, and then even after I got a 2nd and 3rd opinion and got in the right boot for it, I still kept working in the place that caused it.
      But a lot of achillies tendon injured people take 2-3 years to heal, so for myself I am still within the norm.
      You could ask your specialist, but I don't think knee tendon injuries last that long since there is less stress on the knee than the heel. I think you will recover, and I really hope it's long before January!!!

  5. Good for you down 7.5 lbs! Clapping for you - I know that's hard work in that!
    I don't understand how people are so comfortable in their skin - I'm jealous of it actually.
    Good job getting the running bug back... I think I'm ready to do some more miles myself.

  6. I can't believe that story! That lady sounds absolutely insane! Congrats on the weight loss and the 100k steps challenge :)

    1. Thanks, ya I think the lady was completely insane, just so rude!

  7. Crazy!!! that afro lady needs a dose of some southern charm! WOW! congrats on the weight loss and the 100,000 step challenge! What a week!

    1. I think she needs a few dozen doses of Southern Charm!!!!

  8. Way to go dropping 7.5 pounds!! And congrats on the 100,000 step challenge! I've been slacking off on my steps but I'm hoping to change that this week.

  9. Congrats n the 10k steps! Glad your foot s feeling better. That woman! Screw get seriously wouldn't give it a second thought

  10. Good job on the step goal! That's a hard number to reach. And that sounds crazy that the woman did all that to give you that flyer :( I get wanting to market your business but you should know some actions are just going to turn people off and prevent you from getting customers! Not that her product sounds that great anyway.

  11. Omg the nerve of that woman!! Wow. Way to go with the step goal!! That's an awesome accomplishment!

  12. I'm sitting here with my mouth gaped open. The woman had to be seriously insane. I saw your step count last week. YOU ROCKED. Keep posting those dummy stage photos. I love it.

  13. That hoarders house is very...interesting. Someone in my neighborhood has a duck in their front yard that they always dress up, and change it's clothes. That's just too weird!
    Wow, 100k steps in 5 days is super impressive! And great job on the 7.5 lbs!! I know that's definite motivation to keep going. As for that rude lady, that's just dumb. You'd think she would know better! She's not gonna get anyone to join if that's how she goes about it.

  14. Wow - I can't even believe the rudeness of that woman!!! I think my mouth actually dropped open when I read what she did. Completely uncalled for and should definitely be shrugged off and the paper tossed - like you did.

    Congrats on 100k steps in five days - that is super! I love how dedicated you are and how you were even getting in extra steps on Friday night just to reach your goal! :)

  15. Your "Me Monday" graphic is yet so cute again! :) Happy to hear running is going so well! Lol. That is too funny that they change the dummy's costume haha. That would be entertaining!

    I love how you and your sisters have your competitions and are so competitive with it. Although, it doesn't surprise me at all! :) Family-friendly competition is always fun, and with said said, good job on the win ;) haha. And your are my idol for exercising at 10-11 at night!! :O. That is a whole other level of dedication...awesome job, Kristy!!

    My jaw literally dropped, when I read your story of that woman! Oh my goodness! That is terrible! What kind of person does that!? I don't understand it in the first place, and then to go to the lengths she did to give you a stupid piece of paper, that is crazy! I'm glad you got over it quickly, little does she know, with your extremely active lifestyle, the absolute last thing you need is something like that! And on that note, big congrats on the weight loss! Your dedication is definitely paying off :)

    I also think it's great that people are so confident and comfortable in their own skin, but when it comes to swimwear...yeah no one needs to see sideboob haha

  16. I can't believe you held it together after that. I know I would've said something, if not a snappy comeback I would've said something else.


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