The Hills are Alive With The Sound of Music

This past week was full of great times and fun adventures. I'll give you a little run down, in no particular order.

It was the Wildflower festival that one of the ski resorts in the canyon I was hiking in was having. I had no idea, so this was a pleasant surprise!  All the mountain meadows were just covered in several pinks, yellows, oranges, purples, whites, reds and more.  I could have just walked through these meadows or sat and relaxed and enjoyed the view all day!

I did get out and do some light hiking.  I mentioned earlier this spring that I was going to tackle some of the hikes that start within 20-30 minutes of my front door.  (There are over 80 and I haven't even done a 1/4th of them.)
So I did get out on another one of them Saturday morning.
I felt bad though, I went hiking with an friend of mine, and she ended up getting altitude sickness. Poor girl she started getting it nearly from the beginning. We were up around 8,300-10,000 feet and even if you live in Utah it can still happen to some.  I haven't experienced it myself, I seem to acclimate well everywhere.  But I felt really bad when she started throwing up.  It did cut our hiking day short, but not before we did get out and see some beautiful things.

I have been in this canyon before, but never on this trail.  I can't believe I have lived so close to this view most my life and this is the first time I have hiked here.  Stunning isn't it!

Some girls in front of my friend and I hiking started playing
The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music so of course I joined in and sang.
I have to say, this view totally fits that don't you think of end of the Sound of Music too?

Cannibal and Lagoon 
It's a new very FUN roller coaster that just opened.  I have been watching it being built for a year.  So of course my sisters and I had to go try it out.
* It has the steepest drop of any roller coaster in the entire US, and the 4th steepest in the world.
* Holds the current World Record for the tallest beyond vertical drop on a roller coaster.
You go up a 208 foot completely dark elevator, that opens up, and It has a 116 degree vertical drop. So ya, you not only do a vertical almost 200 feet drop in the first decent, but it's inverted so your upside down for the drop. So awesome!
That's only the first inversion, I lost count but I think there were 3 or 4 more along the rest of the way.
It lasted 2 minutes 30 seconds, and I enjoyed each one of them.  I look forward to riding it again, but when it becomes less popular and the lines get shorter, LOL
If you live in Utah, or are visiting it's totally worth it, it's a great time for roller coaster lovers like me!

Sharknado 3
LOL Did you watch it? What can I say about that, totally loved it, so fun!! I mean they really out did themselves on dumb horror comedy and I loved their choice of picks for Pres and V.P, LOL awesome! Bring on #4!!!

Another view from my hike.
Tour De France
If you don't know I am a HUGE fan, I try to watch each stage every year.  I was rooting for the American TJ Van Garderen, but I was totally bummed when he dropped out Wednesday. I really wanted him in the top 3.
Truthfully, I love watching the Alps stages, so gorgeous!  Never wanted to visit France until I saw all the pictures of the Alps a few years back, and now if I ever make it there, skip the cities, leave Paris for the other tourists, I just want those mountains!

Got through a small indoor wedding this week, put it together in less than 24 hours.  It turned out beautifully, the bride was very happy!  I don't normally do that.  But I am getting better and better at rush jobs!
One funny though, I've been telling clients lately that I just passed 6 years in business. But I just looked back at my original business license, come November I will hit my 8 year mark. Wow, that is what happens when you work a job you love, you don't even notice almost 2 extra years go by, LOL LOL LOL

View from my hike
Books Read
I actually read a couple this week.  Normally I just read on Sunday afternoons, but I had a few extra hours to relax with during the wedding Tuesday and then Friday was a state Holiday, and I relaxed in the afternoon and read a book before the fireworks.
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - Must say I couldn't put it down, I haven't enjoyed a book this much since the Selection series.  For my YA reader friends, this is one you definitely want to put on your list to read!
Cuckoo Song, by Francis Hardinge.  Strange, but sometimes I like something different and weird to read!
I plan to get back to book reviews on Wednesdays, but when life slows down a little.  Maybe this fall!
I also read one called Ultraviolet by R. J. Anderson which has been on my reading list for years, loved the twist even I wasn't fully expecting!

Water Park Fun
Visited a water park again this week with 5 of my nieces and nephews!  Rains came that cut it short, but it was still fun!  Let's just say it was probably more fun for the kids, but I love playing with them so its fun for me too!

I haven't been able to run for 3 weeks.  I beyond discouraged about it. Three weeks ago I did something that aggravated my tendon and yet another flare up.  Truthfully, it's so discouraging I annoy myself talking about it, so I won't say more on my feelings on it.  But I have put the boot back on during times of rest to help with the healing, it has been working.  But I am not sure if I will be able to begin running again this week or not, I will see how things feel come tomorrow.  I have a Plan A, B & C....  But plan C, will have to get Dr. approval, since it's not exactly the most sane of options...

The lake I hiked up to.

What was the highlight of your week?  Anyone been on any fun vacations?
Have you read any great books this summer?


  1. Oh Sharknado! The first one was so dumb that I just had to watch the second one. Tara Reid is the only person I know that can swim in bloody water with a white sweater and come out completely Sharknado 3 will be a must! I feel for you about the no running. I know how you feel. I'm just getting back to it even though 3 miles has been my limit.

    1. That is the great thing about them, they are so dumb they are fun, LOL Your so right about the white sweater though ha ha.

  2. The only reason I watched Sharknado and #2 was because my friends wanted to watch it. I'm assuming the group will want to watch #3 so I'll stock up on wine to make it more fun.

  3. The photos from your hike are stunning! Those views are so beautiful. And what great timing with the wild flower festival :) I'm sorry to hear about your foot :( I hope it eases up and the boot helps. I'm not sure I could talk myself on to that roller coaster, it looks crazy!

    1. Thanks Chaitali, it really was fabulous a wild flower bonus!

  4. Oh I love roller coasters! That looks awesome! Sounds like a busy week for you! I had to work out of town for a huge hunk and that always throws me a little off but not to bad :) Beautiful pics!

    1. Yay another roller coaster lover:) They can be awesome huh! You would love this one, it really was a lot of fun, looking forward to riding it a few more times this year:)

  5. I have yet to watch any of the Sharknados... but people love 'em man!
    Dang tendon... I just hate when I can't run ... even if I wouldn't run anyways, just knowing I cant drives me nuts.
    That roller coaster? I just got dizzy thinking about it.

    1. How have you missed seeing any Sharknado's, LOL you are probably not missing much:)

  6. Sounds like a great week! Sorry to hear about your friend's altitude sickness. Looks like a beautiful hike! So cool that you have those hikes 20-30 minutes from your house! Wow! That roller coaster sounds pretty crazy. I think back in the day I would have loved to ride, but I think that I've become somewhat of a wimp after I had kids. :p Ah sorry to hear that you can't run. Hope you heal fast!

    1. Thanks Sharon! Ya, I am pretty lucky living where I do, I need to take advantage of the closer hikes more instead of traveling to the ones a little further away. Actually, my idea of tackling the closer ones actually came from reading your own hiking adventures in NJ, so thanks for the inspiration:)

  7. Wow that trail looks amazing! so beautiful. No have not seen sharknado it looks so silly but is getting a lot of buzz. I must be missing something!

    1. Oh it's beyond silly, pure dumb humor, but oddly I get such a laugh from it I have watched each one, and love that they get more and more unrealistic by the second, LOL
      Thanks, the trails there are gorgeous, I am in love with them right now, need to go back soon!!!

  8. I hate your tendon has flared up. I hope it is short lived and the boot works quickly. I'm usually up for any amusement park ride so the roller coaster would be fun. What beautiful hikes you had. I'm totally singing the song...

    1. Thanks, I hate that it has too!
      Yay another roller coaster lover, they are great huh!
      The hike was great, and I was totally singing the song (outloud for a moment LOL) on a the trail too. If I was more of a dork I totally would have spun through the meadows, LOL luckily I held back for my friends sake LOL

  9. hahaha, I haven't seen any of the Sharknados! I like stupid humor (to a point) though, so I feel like I might enjoy it, haha.

    That's amazing that you put together a wedding in under a day! :O

    I hope your leg heals up soon! :[

    1. If you like stupid humor you may just like them, that's all it is. That andgreat cameos by celebs!
      Thanks I hope so too:)

  10. That view is so sound of music! Beautiful:) That's too bad about your friend. Altitude sickness is no fun. We always had our college cross country camps up north here and I got altitude sickness every time.

    I love rollercoasters! There's nothing better than that stomach drop feeling :) Haha I love that you watched Sharknado haha I haven't seen any of them, but could totally see how they could be one of those silly things that you can't help but watch haha.

    One of the physical therapists I work under is a competitive cyclist, so we had the Tour de France on at work. Such a nice change from the baseball/football/basketball that's on all the time!

    So frustrating about your foot! I hope you only need a plan A!

    1. It really does remind ya of the movie doesn't it!
      Ya I felt so bad for her. I have seen a few get early stage altitude sickness before but never to that point, poor girl:(
      Sorry you got it before to and around a race, that must have been awful.

      Oh you'd love this roller coaster then! I agree I love that stomach plunging feeling, its great!

      Thanks I am hoping for plan A too. I am just really sick and tired of this work injury its just taking way too long!!!!

  11. I'm sorry to hear you still aren't able to run! But at least this leaves a bit more time for other adventures? ;) The rollarcoaster sounds amazing! I haven't been on one in several years but love the rush of the climbs and drops. So much fun!

    1. Ya, it has since walking and hiking are less impact I have kept up on them. I could still run, running has never really hurt it. But the high impact over time when your in pain I have reasoned with myself that it isn't exactly great for it so that is why I cut it out. But I did get out and run yesterday and things have been getting better so I am hopeful the new plan may work!
      Oh ya rollercoasters are so fun and I loved this one!!!

  12. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your tendon!! I hope the boot helps! I absolutely LOVE roller coasters but haven't been on one in YEARS!! I love the adrenaline rush. I can't wait til the boys are old enough to go to an amusement park! Right now they are too short for the rides, so I won't even bother.

    1. Thanks Sue, it has been helping!
      Ya, I love taking my nieces and nephews they give me a great excuse to be a kid again, and enjoy the adrenaline rushes:)


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