Lot's and Lot's of Fishing and Camping

It's been a little while, I apologize for being MIA for a while.  But it was a well needed fishing camping trip that came just at the right time.
I've had an eventful past few weeks, and I hate to say it, but it's not all been good!

A few weeks ago I thought it was bad, when I was out on a run and I was doing more coughing than running.  The fires out west are seriously bad, I really hope they can be put out soon.  It's a bit better this weekend, but still not great!  WE NEED RAIN!!!

I live right by the mountains, and I am surrounded almost in all directions with other mountains.  But even right up next to them the smoke from California, Washington, Oregon and others are so bad that I couldn't even see them at all some days.
You can see how bad it is in these pictures, so sad!

So if you read my blog, you probably know I love my Fitbit and I love having fun with competitions on it!  A few weeks ago it quit working.

I contacted them, and they helped me do a reset on it.  But then it only worked a few days, and died again and no restart would fix it.

Fitbit Customer Service is awesome!  I didn't even have to ask, they just told me even though my Fitbit is beyond the 1 year warranty, they would still send me a FREE replacement!
Then they did, it arrived in the mail Saturday!  Unfortunately, I won't be using it much right now because...

A bit over a week ago I started getting some major pains in my Tendon (worse than flare up pains.) I won't go into the details on the how, what and whys because I can't even begin to tell you how depressed it has made me.
But I will tell you this.
I can't even walk, and if I even try to run my tendon nearly gives out on me, RUNNING isn't possible right now.  When I say I can't walk, I mean I literally CAN NOT walk in a normal shoe, it's sheer terrible pain.
It's been this way for a little over a week now:(

Showing NO SIGNS of getting better, in fact if anything it just keeps getting worse.  I have woken up many days with my ankle almost swollen triple in size.
I am wearing the boot again, most of the time, I am doing what I know to do.
The only way I can walk, is if I am in a 3"-4" high heel, or up on my tip toes for short distances (when the tendon isn't stretched at all.)  It's the only way I can stand the pain enough to get around a little.
I am having a VERY hard time with this.
Actually, that is putting it mildly.  I am not handling this well at all.  Which is why when last Monday rolled around, I needed it more than ever!

A few weeks ago I wrote a Travel Tuesday post on hiking Bald Mountain.
Above is Bald Mountain, this is just what it looks like from below at Mirror Lake.
I needed to get away before I got myself into a massive depressive funk because after 2 years 8 months, I am almost worse off than I was when I thought I went through the worst of the original worst part of the work injury.

So I went camping with my parents.  Normally when I camp I love to hike, obviously that wasn't going to happen much if any.

Luckily, I also love to go FISHING!
So, up to Utah's high Uinta mountains I went.  Life not only feels better at 9000-11,000 feet, but everything even tastes better up there!
Oh, and it was SO PEACEFUL, seriously just quit and nature AWESOME!

Usually all of this is lake, but they are draining it for he winter snow to come.
I went lake hopping, each day I fished a different lake or two.  I would sit in my totally cute PINK camouflage chair.  With my PINK Cabela's fishing vest that seriously makes all the other fisher women jealous, and I have a feeling gives all the boyfriends and husbands Christmas present idea's for their significant other:)
Threw my line out, and in between the waiting and catching I read a few books, took in the scenery and deeply breathed in the beautiful fresh air!

My dad out fly fishing next to me.
Wednesday it rained almost all day, but honestly it didn't even bother me, it was still beautiful. That and I absolutely LOVE the THUNDER in the mountains as it cracks and ricochets up the canyons and bounces off the different surrounding peaks.  It went on that day for hours, it was so relaxing to listen to.
I literally just sat and caught up on trilogy I have been wanting to read and listened to it all.

This Golden Eagle swooped across the lake and landed above me and stayed a while.
Probably hoping I would catch a fish he could come take from me.

I had a great time.  My niece came up one afternoon and begged me to take her hiking.  I can't resist her, and ya I HIKED the entire half mile up on my TIP TOES, ha ha.

Hey, whatever works right!  I would have been worried that I was making things worse, but I don't think they can get much worse!

Thursday, my reel broke.  I was kind of shocked, it was a nice reel and expensive.  It's probably about 10 years old though or close to it.  I have another, but it was at home.  So when I took it all apart and nothing I could do would fix it.  I just borrowed one of my dad's extra poles or my brothers.
Luckily, unlike me they bring more than one to fish with:)

My dad, my brother and I did a lot of fishing!
If I told you I catch fish every time I go out, that would be a lie.  I have not had the greatest past year as far as fishing and catching is concerned.
But that ALL changed on this trip!

I had one of those days, where every single time I threw out the line I caught a fish.  Literally, I didn't even have to wait more than 30 seconds to a minute at times.
I think the longest I waited was a couple of minutes.
Seriously, I have never had a day like that.  The fish were biting, I was in the right place at the right time, fishing with the right bait and LUCKY ME!

The first Tiger Trout I caught.  I only snapped a picture of one fish, but promise there were LOTS more!

Seriously, I caught so many fish that day, I would have been bored by it.  Except I was loving every minute of it.

Also a full moon, loved it!
Especially when at one point I was alone and these guys came up and were fishing not to far down the lake from me, and catching nothing.  I was reeling them in like a pro, LOL
I'd be lying if I didn't love the fact that many eyes were on me while I was out that night, they were all jealous and I pretended to be HUMBLE but yet secretly loved every single minute of it!

In case your wondering, I am a CATCH AND RELEASE type of girl.  I don't eat fish, so I do my best to try and let them all go.  Lucky for them, they all looked pretty healthy as I un hooked the hook and set them free:)

I hope it happens again, but even if it doesn't I will always have the memories of having the fish hit my line every time I tossed it out.  SO AWESOME!

I didn't get my camera in time.  But this lady was seriously out walking her PET GOAT
Ha ha, it was the cutest and funniest thing I have seen.  The goat was totally well behaved
and didn't seem to mind being on a lease, Ha Ha.
It was a great trip and so well needed.  Aside from being in pain all the time, it actually helped me take my mind from my problems and that was needed!
Hopefully, it will help me deal with it all this week much better, I've got a lot of thinking to do on the Achilles tendon, and if I am being honest I am not looking forward to any of it!

Nothing beats campfires in the evening!

This is probably a long enough post.  But I'll talk more about it over the next few weeks.  But in case your interested in hosting a giveaway and participating in the Fall GIVEAWAY HOP with myself and HoHo Runs as well as all the other amazing bloggers who are and will be joining us.  The sign up is now open, and you can get to it by visiting HERE.

How have you all been doing this past few weeks?  I know I have been away from Wifi and blogs for a while, and it may take me forever to catch up.  So I'd love for you to tell me some of what has been going on with you!


  1. Ugh... I'm sorry about the foot pain :( I hope it gets better soon. It sounds like that fishing trip came at the perfect time for you. Your photos are beautiful, especially the one of the eagle! And that's hilarious that you saw someone walking her pet goat. I didn't think that goats needed walking!?!

    1. Oh ya the girl walking her pet goat was one of the highlights that day, so great!
      Ya that trip was very much needed, seriously it could have lasted another week, I wasn't ready to come back!

  2. That's so frustrating! do they have any idea about what's going on with your tendon? It seems like you're doing all the right things.

    1. Its just the same ol achillies problems I have been dealing with since I got the work injury almost 3 years ago. It's quite frustrating! I knew years ago it may never heal, so many people told me I was just in denial. I still am, which is why I am visiting another specialist tomorrow and we will see what I can talk them into trying, at this point none of the less invasive alternatives have been working and I just want it to be over, so I am willing to do anything now!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your foot :( Mine is finally healing so I know how frustrating it is! What a beautiful camping and fishing trip with your family! Sounded like it was just what you needed! I signed up for the fall hop and hope one day I can co-host with you! :)

    1. Thanks, yeah it's frustrating. I hope to find out tomorrow what decisions I need to make on it.
      It was a well needed vacation!
      You can totally co-host one with me. I will remember to reach out to you for the next one in December if your interested, I'd love to have ya!

  4. oh no sorry to hear about your injury.I've been there and it is not fun. Wishing you a speedy recovery

  5. Argh! I know you have got to be past the point of frustration! But, what a beautiful place to unwind. Fishing is an activity that requires so much patience (well unless you are catching them every few minutes! LOL.) It's good for just getting your mind clear, you know? I'm so glad you enjoyed this trip. I hope things turn around with that Achilles very soon!

    1. Thanks! Ya, quite beyond the point of frustration:) But yes it was a beautiful place to unwind, I am lucky to live so close to so much beauty!
      I love fishing, and yes I did have a few times where I was catching one every few minutes or right after each cast, but generally I am not that lucky and patience I may or may not have, but I have no problem reading a book if I am just throwing a line in to wait for a bite:)

  6. Aughh! I'd love to return to the west coast for residency/future life, but the drought is making me really sad. ;_; I would totally send the rain here over there if I could! *-*

    Super gorgeous pictures! <3 I love the color, and hello, Tiger Trout! What a pretty fish! :O

    I hope your foot gets better soon!

    1. Thanks, I keep hoping for it to heal soon too!
      We would totally take your rain if we could too, its been a bad summer. Utah's been mostly lucky as far as no major fires, but sadly it's a ticking time box. If you can see in the pictures above how many dead tree's there are in our forests, it won't take much to burn them up I just keep hoping it won't happen!
      That was actually my first ever tiger trout, they are a cross breed and definitely are a pretty fish, that was exactly what I said to my dad when I was taking the hook out, how pretty it was!

  7. Oh no, sorry to hear about your Achilles tendon. Hoping it heals quickly! You are so right about Fitbit's customer service. They are great about sending replacements because the same thing happened to me! Hoping you will be on your feet again soon!

    1. They really are awesome about their service! They sold me as a Fitbit customer for life because of it!
      Thanks, things are a little different this time but I am still hoping it passes soon!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible tendon pain :( I hope it clears up soon. Sounds like the fishing getaway is just what you needed!

    1. Thanks, ya it's been a pain I am overly sick of for far to many years now, I do hope the pain dies down soon!
      Yup, that fishing getaway was probably better than any doctor could have ordered!

  9. What a gorgeous trip! I'm so sorry about your foot. That happened to me many years ago. Right after the first race I followed a much harder training plan. It took awhile for it to calm down. I ended up getting this semi-custom inserts for my running shoes and I have not had trouble since. Just something to look into!! Good luck, I know how much that stinks!

  10. What a gorgeous trip! I'm so sorry about your foot. That happened to me many years ago. Right after the first race I followed a much harder training plan. It took awhile for it to calm down. I ended up getting this semi-custom inserts for my running shoes and I have not had trouble since. Just something to look into!! Good luck, I know how much that stinks!

    1. That is awesome you were able to use inserts to calm yours down!
      I seriously wish that would help me, but lets just say I've tried it, and still have custom inserts. My problems stem from a work injury that just thing after thing have gone wrong. But eventually I will recover, it's just taking so much time because my tendons were so messed up for so long.


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