A first run in a while, and another Harry Potter Ball

This week was actually pretty busy, fun, productive, exciting and lazy at the same time. Let's start with the exciting news.

Monday I decided to get out and attempt to focus the back pain into the far back of my mind, and see if I could get out for a run.
I did, while I only ran a mile and it was pretty slow at that. It surprisingly did not hurt my back any worse than standing does. Which doesn't say much or maybe it was just the fact that it was a warm 20 decrees out and numbed things down a little LOL.

While I waited for my Dr. Appt. with the specialist on Friday. When I didn't have to be up and moving around, I took advantage of being forced to lay around more than normal and I enjoyed yet another amazing book. In fact I enjoyed The Book of Ivy so much, I pretty much devoured it in one sitting, LOL.  For those of you who enjoy Dystopian with the absolute perfect kind of romance in it, I highly recommend this book. I couldn't get enough and already have book 2 on hold at the library.

I did have the Dr. appointment on Friday, while my MRI was postponed until later today actually. I did have other tests taken. Although, I still have no idea what caused it, with all the other tests they put me through they are fairly certain it is disc related. Even possibly a herniated bulging disc. But I won't know for sure until the 25th.  Ya, that's the part about doctors sometimes that suck. Having to wait so long to have an appointment just to hear results.

The doctor was pretty great to me, he totally could see and get how much pain I am in, he even gave me my pick of whichever drugs I wanted to get me through until the MRI and until my next appointment with him to decide on which course of action we will be taking to fix me.
So ya, I picked some good ones. While nothing takes the pain away entirely, at least they make the pain bearable, so that's a plus.

This week, was also another Harry Potter Ball. If you remember I decorated for one back in December, this was pretty much the same thing, we just did a few things differently this time.

I have an awesome crew that work for me, I made them do the majority of the lifting. Even though I should have stayed more hands off than I did. (I don't know why, but its impossible for me to just stand back and watch others work. I cannot, not resist helping, especially when I don't like what they are doing, LOL.)
So yeah, I over did it, even though I still made those who work for me do the heaviest lifting parts.

I managed to get through the day okay, but by 10pm, my back was shot. I couldn't have lifted anything more if my life depended on it. My fault!
I consider it a miracle that the snow that night held off until I got home, and I was able to back my trailer into it's spot so easily and smoothly without having to turn my neck or back.

But on the plus side, my decor turned out pretty cool. As one of my friends who saw the finished work called it, exotically beautiful:) On that backdrop two pictures above.

But yes, I did get my geek on and let my sister take a few photo's of me with the Harry Potter Cut outs, LOL. I just wished I had thought to have her take them before we started setting everything up, and before my hair got caught in one of the pine greenery's, that I apparently didn't care to fix, and well lets just face it, I was a sweaty mess by the time we snapped these fun shots, LOL Oh well!
I was so supped up on painkillers for the below picture, I really should have a little shame and not post it. But...

Oh, and the two backdrops above, although for the same event, they were in two entirely different rooms, if that helps you wonder why they don't exactly look like they match each other. LOL

Another funny fact, I have never read the Harry Potter books, and I haven't even really seen any of the movies. Kinda funny, that I am decorating for a themed event that I literally know nothing about, other than what I googled, LOL

That was pretty much my week. I have kept up pretty good with eating much healthier. I went 12 days without a Pepsi. Although the afternoon after we finished setting up for the event, I did take my sister out for an early dinner and ya, I had a Raspberry Coke.

But that's okay, I never said I was quitting soda, I just said I was going to significantly cut back.
I lost 1 more pound last week, which brings my weight loss total to 6 pounds lost.  Not much, but I'll take it. I am sure when I can start working out regularly again with the better eating habits I should hopefully have even better success at it!

For those of you who are interested. I plan on hosting a couple different Grow Your Blog Hops in February. If everything goes as planned I hope to launch the sign up THIS WEEK either Wednesday or Friday on my blog.

I listened to the feedback from past participants, and I have come up with a few new unique spins to put on them. So if you have time, and it might be something your interested in. You may want to watch for the sign-ups.
I have over 180 bloggers who have already signed up to be alerted as soon when the sign up's go live. Right now I am only looking at opening 50 slots between the two different hops I am working on, so the slots could potentially go quick.
They will be the last of their kind that I host until later in the fall. Spring and Summer are just too busy for me in my personal life to host events like this.
However, for my blog followers, I will announce the news on my blog FIRST and then notify everyone else later that morning, giving my followers a first peek at the events in case you'd like grab some of the first few spots.

So that is my week.
How was yours? 
Did you have anything out of the ordinary happen that brought you joy?

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and Mississippididdlin today for their Weekly Wrap!


  1. What a nightmare. I hope it feels better soon. At least they gave you some good meds.
    Your Harry Potter party looks awesome!

  2. Congrats on the run. I hope you do get results so you know what's wrong and how to treat it. I've never been to a Harry Potter ball, but I think they'd be fun. I know the next time I go to Orlando I have to check out HP World.

  3. Congrats on the run. I haven't been outside to run for a while and I miss it but I am taking it easy. The cold air often hurts me in the winter so I am biding my time.
    Love the backdrop.
    And it's not strange. I have read exactly one Potter book and seen one movie. Maybe one day, I'll revisit it and see if I can get into it. But if I don't, that's okay. It's just not my genre. So many other things that I love and don't have time for that it seems a waste to force myself to love something.
    In other news. YES! I want to sign up for the next round of blog hopping. I met some incredible people last time and can't wait to do it again.

  4. Good job on another pound down. It all adds up.

    WAIT... how can you NOT have seen or read harry potter?!?!?!?!!? ... you have to fix that soon! Especially since you're a reader!!!!

    Hope you get those answers soon. That's the worst waiting on results. Glad you got some meds to hold you over & make you a little more comfortable!

  5. Sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. Hopefully the doctors are able to help you come up with a long term plan that will have you in less pain.

  6. I sure hope it isn't a herniated disc! What will be the treatment? I'll be waiting for the next installment.

  7. I hope you get answers about your back soon! I love the Harry Potter ball decor. It's especially impressive given that you haven't read the books or seen the movies.

  8. Yay for having a good Dr but I hope that gives you relieve until your next appt.
    I have not read any of the HP books either but Scott made me watch all the movies when they came out. I'm pretty sure I've fallen asleep at some point or another during each one!

  9. Hope things will be figured out when you go in on the 25th! Wow! Can't believe you haven't read Harry Potter! I loved the books! What fun cutouts you had for the ball decorations! Hoping the pain isn't too bad up to your appointment! Take care!

  10. Uugh-that back issues sounds miserable :( so sorry you are going through that. Good luck at your next Dr. Appt.

    Glad you got a run in at least. 1 mile is more that zero!

    Way to go on the weight loss. Eating habits make such a difference for sure. Keep it up!!

    Beautiful setting. I have not read Harry Potter either or seen the movies.

    My week was spent preparing for my National Championship football tournament. Lost in the Championship :(

    Have a great week!

  11. Sorry to hear that your back is still bothering you so much! The HP cut outs are so cute people love to take pics with that kind of stuff. I'd love to be in the hope again I will look for the sign ups

  12. Congrats on 6 lbs! That's exactly my weight loss too. And you are not alone, I've never read or watched Harry Potter either!

  13. I'm so glad you're making progress on getting rid of your back pain - fingers crossed for you these next few weeks! Also, congrats on the weight loss - six pounds is fantastic :)

    These HP Balls kill me - It's pretty cute but also kind of funny to me that adults would have a HP theme party. I've read all the books and seen all the movies but am definitely not enough of a fan to consider hosting a HP party!

    How exciting there will be another blog hop! I'll have to get signed up to be notified when it starts :)

  14. I love your decorations for the ball but can't believe you haven't read the books! Of course neither did I, but I watched all of the movies with my kids--they read the books too. I'm interested in the next hop (s) and glad to see they will be shorter. For me, I think that will be easier to handle. I'm happy to hear you are feeling a wee bit better? A one mile run sounds very encouraging! Here's hoping for good news from the doctor. Thanks for linking with us, Kristy!

  15. First off, I'd LOVE to do another blog hop ;-) Second....you seriously have not read Harry Potter? I am a HP Dork...I didn't start reading the books until the first movie, then promptly read all the available books (at that time, the first three books were out). Then, every time a new book was released, I re-read the entire series (and always found more clues as to what was coming in future books). All told, I read the series five times...and have seen the movies many more times ;-) Yes, #DORK! I actually geeked out over the Harry Potter hoopla more than my kids #truth Anyways, best wishes for the aches and pains you're dealing with ....hope the healing comes soon ;-)

  16. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:12 PM

    I hardly ever see pictures of you on your blog, and I don't know why? Beautiful! Shhhh, I've never read HP either, although walking around Disney I totally acted like I knew what I was seeing, NOT! Love the decorations you did, very cool looking! I can't wait to do another Blog Hop with you!!!

  17. Thank you! I love decorating for new things:)

  18. Oh I would love to see Harry Potter world too even if I never got into the books:)

  19. You are more than welcome to join up again. My hope was to get it up tomorrow but Its taking more time than I thought so Friday, I will for sure have it up Friday morning!
    I am glad I am not the only one who never got into the Harry Potter thing. I am sure I would have loved it but I have this weird thing happen. if the rest the world is into something, its a sure way to turn me away lol lol

  20. I know I get crap all the time about not reading Harry Potter. But it was to popular and back then I didn't want to join in with the crowd lol. maybe one day:)

  21. Thanks Kathryn. I have good Drs so I am confident they will know what to do to fix it:)

  22. Thanks, me too!!
    We are hoping to avoid surgery with some other methods but we will decide next Monday what to do.

  23. Lol. ya have seen parts of one or two of the movies. But not enough to hold my interest:)

  24. Truthfully the cutouts weren't mine. They were borrowed from the library I believe. Thanks though, I can't wait to get this back fixed regardless of how:)

  25. Oh sorry to hear about the loss. But so cool you participated in the tournament! !!!!
    Thanks though, I am looking forward to getting answers and getting my back fixed!

  26. You are more than welcome to join the hop! I am running behind but I will have the sign up open Friday!

  27. Thanks! 6 must be the lucky number this week:)
    Oh yay i am not the only one who hasn't seen it lol

  28. Oh your not alone. I think they are hilarious too, not my thing, but hey if they pay I will decorate lol. But seriously lots of adults are into it and some go all decked out in theme costumes too others are in ball gowns But if it makes them happy then I guess Why Not.
    Love to have ya join the hop if your interested! !!

  29. I know, when I tell patrons who ask about the Harry Potter series I haven't read them, I get all sorts of looks and I am sure they dismiss anything I say after that, LOL
    I'd love to have you join a hop if your interested. I have 3 options this time around, to fit both bloggers with very little time, to those with a little more time based on how they want to work on growing their blogs. We'll see what others think. But I just finished putting it all together and officially sign ups will be going up tomorrow, so definitely check back then if your interested!

  30. I'd love to have you in another blog hop! I literally just finished putting everything of it all together, so the sign ups will officially go live tomorrow. Definitely come back and join if your interested!!!
    That is awesome! I have a few friends like you who have read them many times and just love them! I really should get around to reading them, I am pretty sure I will already love them, I just need to get on it, LOL
    Sounds like you would have loved that Harry Potter ball!

  31. Oh your too kind, I am a sweaty mess in those pictures:) The joys of a wedding decorator:)
    LOL, your not the first person to wonder why I don't put pictures up on my blog. I really need to do it more. Mostly it's because I don't own a selfie stick.. yet! I am secretly hoping one of my sisters give me one for my birthday, if not I really need to purchase one. Because holding my hand out, I absolutely hate how just about all my selfies turn out, so I don't share them, LOL Well that and I've put on some weight of late, and not loving so much how the camera captures that:) I know I shouldn't, but...
    Oh, I'd pretend too walking through Disney with Harry Potter stuff, LOL Heck I haven't even watched all the Star Wars movies and I would probably fake that too, LOL I'd love to have you join the next blog hop. I literally just finished a few minutes ago putting the final touches on it, and yay it's ready. So I will officially open the sign up in the morning, so definitely watch for it. I think a few might fill up quick:)

  32. Hope you can get to the bottom of what's causing your pain at your next appointment. I know it must be hard to wait that long. Love the pictures from the Harry Potter ball! You're very talented!


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