First Weight Loss Goal Achieved and a lot Accomplished

This has been a busy week and also a snowy week. So I thought for this week, I'll share some snow pics from my travels, from a week ago in a different area than I showed you all last week.

I finally got around to getting my taxes done, its my own fault for taking this long. It's just the least appealing thing to me to put everything together for my business to give to my accountant. But it's also a great feeling to have it done.

I don't discuss politics on my blog, but I will say this. I attended my first ever Caucus, it was crowded but interesting. Although I was slightly annoyed that the person in charge of our district was trying to push everyone in the room to not vote for someone. I thought they were supposed to remain neutral as they proceeded with the rules for them. So I was annoyed at him for breaking the rules.

I have also decided I am kind of getting sick of friends on Facebook who are constantly posting different political hate things, how they hate this politician or an idea, how the world would end if this happens and stuff along those lines. I especially dislike the ones who are telling everyone they'd disown them as friends if they found out they were voting a certain way.

For that reason alone, I have been seriously tempted to post I am going to vote in those certain ways they disagree with, just to see how many friends delete me after I do, LOL LOL  I will try to hold back, but if others keep it up, I may not be able to resist:) ha ha

It's been a stormy snowy week here. I love spring snow storms, it can snow 3-6 inches one hour and be sunny the next. Makes for different kinds of fun for running each day.

Things are continuing to go excellent on slowly building my mileage back up. My work injury in my one foot that I acquired over 3 years ago, has been for the most part doing quite well. I have a little bursitis and swelling in my ankle that will likely never leave but as long as I stay active on it, it keeps the swelling down so like it has mostly been, running is good for it! But the two tendon issues have been responding exactly as I hoped. I dwell on this injury less and less each week now. YAY

Apparently quitting that part time job has been a miracle for it.
Yes, I am well aware I should have quit it 3 years ago when it caused it, I would beat myself up about that, but there is no point you can't change the past!

My back has been acting so so, I have good days where the pain is very light, and bad days where it's more intense. Due to what I have it's never going to get better than this, so I do my best to manage it. On the plus side, it continues to bother me very little while running. Which is a great thing!

It's also been a productive week. I finally got around to making a series of updates I needed to do on my event company website.
I've also gone in and adjusted my companies entire pricing scale (oh that took forever).  I hate to increase prices, but it's needed and I don't think it will hurt business any so it's all good!  My staff who work for me are going to like it, because it's going to mean a little more pay for them too. Which I have decided not to tell them about, and just surprise them after the next event:)

Weight loss update, as promised a picture with every 10 pounds I lose.
Yes I hit the 10 pound goal mark on Tuesday, YAY!  

Granted, the reason the picture above isn't very flattering. I took the shot in the black top, literally 5 minutes after I woke up Tuesday, zero make up, no hair brushing LOL. So I could get it done before my morning run.

While I haven't really noticed any major differences in my body (of course I haven't actually taken the measurements yet) I can see in the picture my face is starting to slim a little.

As of Sunday morning, I've actually officially lost 12 pounds now. So I am well on my way to my next goal which is to hit 20 pounds.  So I have decided to keep on doing what I am doing. Since I am getting used to it now (finally) and it's working. Plus, it still makes me feel like I have plenty of energy most of the time, so I think that is a good sign.

What am I doing?
I eat about 1,000 - 1,200 calories a day.
100 Calorie protein breakfast shake.
200 Calorie protein calcium lunch shake.
Whatever I want for dinner as long as I keep it between 700-900 calories.
With my dinners I eat a lot of fruits and veggies.
I drink a lot of water during the day.  But nothing after 6pm. (Just to keep from having to get up in the night to use the bathroom, LOL)

**I have 1 cheat meal a week, where I go out to eat, drink a Pepsi and have as many calories as I want. (This is my favorite part of each week, I am not going to lie LOL)

Also, I attempt to get 60-80 minutes of working out in daily, 6 days a week, but sometimes it's not all at the same time, I may do double workout days just depends on the time I have each day.

So that is it, a few bits of my week and the progress I have made so far on this weight loss goal. (The goal if you don't know is to lose 40 pounds by June 1st.) I am a little off track, but I still believe it's possible if I keep at it.

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!

  Tell me about your week. What is something you've accomplished this week.
Anyone working on any weight loss goals?


  1. I'm glad it's going well with increasing the mileage! We just did our taxes this past weekend too and it was a bit painful. But at least it's done and over with :)

  2. YESSSSS on the 10 miles! Good for you girl!!!
    Man, its hard to stay out of the political talk when its EVERYWHERE right now. I'm anxious for it all to be over.
    Glad your back isn't hurting too bad running... now if we could get it not hurting ALL the time :)

  3. Awwwww, you are still drinking Pepsi!!! (just kidding). Congrats on the weight loss.

    I would have like to gone to a caccus! It's a shame how hateful this election has turned into.

  4. I hide a lot of political memes. I wish there was a way I could filter those things out from my FB feed, but "hide post" is the only way I know how right now.
    Great job on your goals!

  5. Thanks! My taxes were a little painful too! Sometimes having a great financial business year sucks come tax time, LOL but like you said it's good to have it over and done with!

  6. Thanks, I'm really happy the scale is finally tipping down in my favor!
    Oh I love the political talk at work, I like to push people. But not on FB, it's just getting too much!
    Oh I wish my back would heal, but when your bone on bone no cartlidge, it's never gonna happen. On the plus side there are some medical trials that may take place in 5-6 years that could in 10-13 years bring some possible new surgical methods, but we'll see:) For now, I just deal with it since they are the cards I am dealt with.

  7. LOL Pepsi is great:) I'd love to say I am quitting it all together, but I am pretty happy that I've dropped it to 1 a week, and I have decided for me that is great enough, LOL But thank you, its not been easy but I am enjoying watching the scale drop!
    Ya, if you ever get a chance you should go to a caucus they are a lot different than I thought.

  8. Thanks, I am happy with the goal progress!
    That is a great idea! I am totally with you, I wish I could filter my FB feed too!
    I don't go on there very often and I actually went in and deleted anyone who has been over posting political crap memes and I'm not good friends with them, sometimes you can only take so much.

  9. Pretty snow pictures ! We have had some crappy weather for the past few days but things should get better now.

    I don't know how you are doing it with such little food in the morning. I need a big breakfast and lunch to keep my energy up. But everyone is different and if its working for you, that's what counts !

    Have a great week and hope your injuries stay away....

  10. Although snow in Spring is CRAZY to pretty!!!

    Congrats on the 10lbs down!!! Way to go!! The face slim down is totally noticeable....I actually thought the 2 pictures were your colleagues who I thought looked alike (lol!)

    Glad you are getting some mileage in. I know you must feel so good about that!

    Your eating looks a lot like what I did when I was first losing weight except breakfast was my larges meal. The scale stopped moving when I started to add weight training, so I had to change up. Continued good luck! make sure to take pictures and measurements too.

  11. Oddly I do pretty well functioning on low calories, even when I am not losing weight I like to train on low to no calories in the morning before I run just to teach the body to operate on stored fuels. But everyones is different, I have a friend who couldn't do it even if she wanted to train her body to do it because she has some deficiency disorders that prevent it. But ya like you said, everyone is different and best to just go with what works for ya:)
    Oh, and thanks I do too:) It's been far too long I think quitting the job that caused them is helping so much!

  12. Thanks! Oh that is funny, well it makes sense, I am wearing make up in the first picture and none in the second, LOL
    Your right, getting mileage in has felt nice!
    Snow in the spring is pretty much a given when you live in Utah. But we desperately need the moisture so "let it snow" I think it's supposed to snow most this week that that will help our water situation a lot. Although, don't get me wrong come May/June, I am going to be wanting far more sunny days and wanting the snow to stay put until next winter, LOL
    As much as I hate math, losing weight is all about the math so its just a numbers game. Not that it makes it easy, but like you I imagine I will have to mix things up here in a few weeks if the weight loss slows, just to keep things moving along!

  13. I don't like to post political FB posts either it's not really the place. So glad to hear that you are doing well with your weight loss goals. Nice work!

  14. I'm disgusted at what has happened with our country during this political election but never post about politics on FB. Actually, this is the first comment I have made about it. Congrats on your weight are well on your way with 12 pounds down in such a short amount of time. You clearly have will power covered and yes, you should have a meal of cheating with "bad for you" food and drinks. It must feel good to be getting in longer workouts too.

  15. congrats on the weight loss goal that is awesome! The pic is cute too :) Your employees will so love the raise! I am SO glad you are feeling better and getting out there and moving! Keep it up!

  16. Congrats on losing 12 lbs! That's awesome! I'm not into politics, so I just skim over those FB posts. Those are great pics!

  17. Woohoo! 10 lbs down! Good job Kristy! Losing weight is really such a challenge but you are doing well. Gosh, Utah is so beautiful even if you have snow. We never get those deep blue skies like that on the east coast. Perhaps from pollution?

  18. Congrats on the 12 lbs! I need to get on it, I've lost 8.5. Hoping for 10 on Friday!
    I just want to unfriend those people who say they wouldn't be friends with you if you vote a certain way. Fine, I don't need friends like that anyway!
    Pretty pics of you! :)

  19. UGH. Politics. My newsfeed too is awash with people saying I'm dumb or ignorant or hate America if I vote a certain way. Ooh. It's like high school bullying all over again. Haha. For us living in a state that always votes a certain way anyways I'm not sure why they're pouring so much mental energy into it. I just read the comments. Get a good laugh in & will start caring on November 1st.

    Really impressed by your weight loss. I'm not so worried about specific pounds lost, but am really trying to target changing my body composition. But, TBH, if 10 lbs fell off I wouldn't complain.

  20. I am so impressed with how great you're doing with your weight loss goal! Losing 12 pounds is fantastic! No doubt you'll hit your 20 pound goal soon :)

    I agree the political rants on FB have become out of control. If I get too annoyed with people in my feed I usually unfollow them so I don't see their posts anymore!

  21. Agreed! Thank you, I am liking finally seeing the scale drop instead of go up, LOL

  22. I'm with you, I've yet to post anything on FB about it and frankly I doubt I ever will, I like to keep FB to more of a close friends and family share area, not a rant page, LOL
    Thanks Pam, it's been fun to finally see the scale drop, not easy but hey it's going to be worth it to loose all this weight I"ve put on since my work injury 3 years ago!
    Oh ya, love my cheat meal days, LOL

  23. Oh your sweet, thanks!
    I think they will too:)

  24. Thanks Sherry! Its been a hard but good journey to see the pounds finally drop instead of add, LOL

  25. Thanks Christine, yes it's been challenging and not easy, but I am liking finally getting the weight I put on from the work injury off, it's about time I do something about it!
    Ya we are lucky on clear days when the sky is blue its a beautiful sight, especially from up in the mountains! That's too bad you guys don't get to see sky's like that, you're probably right big cities and pollution. I'll have to pay attention next time I am back east, I know whenever I visit LA, I've noticed the sky isn't quite as blue either.

  26. I think your doing great 8.5 pounds is still awesome! You'll hit your 10 this week!!!!
    I am discovering losing this weight is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, and I'm only at the beginning. But I have faith I can do it, and I have faith you can too!! Besides, you're the lucky one, you have far less to lose than me:)
    Oh and thank you, your far too kind, I told myself next time I will wear makeup, LOL LOL
    Oh I agree on the unfriending part. I did get annoyed with someone the other day, and I couldn't resist putting them in their place. Oddly they didn't argue, and even more oddly they didn't unfriend me LOL

  27. I agree with you, its brought out a bully mentality, it's terrible. I am fine with anyone having whatever opinion they want on it, but I disagree when they decide to tell anyone who doesn't have the same, how horrible or uneducated they are, if they only realized how it makes them look even worse and even less educated, LOL So I am staying out of it, no need for it on social media!
    Oh thank you, losing weight is harder than I thought, but I've put on too much the past three years I've been trying to get over a work injury so it's about time I get it of, LOL

  28. Thanks Sun, I appreciate that! I hope so, I have good and bad days, but it's getting easier the more I see the scale drop to keep the motivation up!
    I did unfollow a few, especially the ones I couldn't figure out how I even knew them. I left a few others who did it just because they are close friends, but next time they see me in person, they are very likely to get a piece of my mind about social media and correct behaviors on it. LOL LOL

  29. Congrats on hitting your 10 pound goal! Your hard work is paying off and you look fantastic!

  30. You look so pretty, no make up needed :) I am so glad to hear the weight loss journey is going so well! I wouldn't stress about a timeline, you are making progress and that is awesome. I am glad you are able to run and do other things, it has been a long time with the foot injury. I hope the back continues to cooperate for you.
    The mountains look amazing in your pictures :)

  31. Congrats on hitting your first weight loss goal!! So great to hear you are making progress. Love the snow pics too!

  32. Beautiful snow pics! Twelve pounds is amazing! I think a vital part of being able to stick with your plan is the cheat meal you allow yourself each week! I'm so happy to hear your running is going well and not causing any problems for your back too. You certainly paid your dues with that foot injury and I know it feels incredible to be able to forget about it. I accomplished the start of my tax returns this week! I WILL finish this weekend. Thanks for linking with us Kristy.

  33. Oh thanks Kathryn, your kind to say that!

  34. That is sweet of you to say!
    I agree, I don't really stress about the timeline, but it's more of a goal date with a little flexability, however if I could I'd love to hit it sooner than later, LOL
    Thanks, It has been a long time, I am really glad it seems I may have found the light at the end of the work injury tunnel!

  35. Thanks Sharon!
    Glad you like the pictures. I know everyone has fun spring pictures, but oddly that is what spring looks like here, LOL So why not just own it and share it.

  36. Thanks, spring in Utah means snow and while it's here might as well enjoy the views:) Oh ya, that cheat meal once a week is literally my lifesaver, no one can be perfect all the time, so that one meal I get all the sugars and cravings out of my system so I can (hopefully) do well until the next week, LOL
    Good luck with your taxes, it's one of those things that we dread but oh they feel so good to finally get done:)

  37. Congrats on the weight loss!

  38. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:29 PM

    Look at you!!! Woop Woop on the goal reached that is no easy feat and you have been hard at it! I am just thrilled it is paying off for you Kristy! We all struggle with something and thanks for keeping it real. Oh and I'm like you on the FB friends!!! Have a great weekend!

  39. I'm super hating all the political hate posts as well on fb, although I gotta say...anyone who's seriously supporting Trump...

    Anyway! Yay for productivity, and super congrats on hitting your 10 pound goal mark!!! :D That's awesome! <3 I adore cheat meals as well, hehe. :D!

  40. The Hesitant RunnerMarch 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM

    Way to go -- you look fantastic! My weight loss effort has once again stalled, but you've inspired me to pick myself up and start again. Think I'm going to add that cheat meal in there too.. lately I've had too many cheat "days" :-)


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