Sometimes you have to remember to FOCUS and keep the DESIRE in your heart!

This week's been filled with more job interviews. Yes I did accept the job I mentioned last week, but a girl's definitely allowed to keep her options open, right! And I am doing exactly just that!

One was a really fun department interview, where everyone sat in a circle and they each took turns asking me questions.
It was fun, except I had a massive headache, near migraine. I kept loosing my train of thought, or I couldn't think of something quick. So I eventually just started making up things since I couldn't think deep anymore, LOL  (Normally I would never do that, but when in pain, just do whatever to get through it quick and get out!)

Later in the week, they offered the position. While I really liked the people and the job sounded pretty fun, in the end I decided to turn it down.

I did a little better with running and working out this week, but not great and it's my own fault really. My headache was so intense I could barely stand to keep my eyes open so I only ran 3 days.

To be completely honest, I am not adjusting getting back into running very well. I let stupid things get in the way, and take precedence, when normally I would never be that way.

Keep Running in Focus

Crazy as it sounds, I was talking to my mechanic while I was getting my registration done. He is also a marathon runner and has been for many years. Since he's trying to decide if he wants to make the comeback after his 2nd knee replacement. (yeah, he's a bit older.)
We got into talking and realized we had many commonalities in relation to the marathon.

I am an endurance distance runner, I would take a 16 mile run any day of the week over a 3 miler, in fact I do better the further I go. It takes my body 5-6 miles just to get into the run and begin to work out all the kinks and start enjoying it. I know so many people are build for different types of running, but for me having run various distances, this is one thing I know about myself.

Of course getting back into running now, obviously I can't jump right back into 16 milers. Well maybe I could try, but I might leave a lung or two on the road, LOL

Doing the 1-3 milers right now, are messing with my mind and I am just not enjoying the runs as much as should, I can't get into the "zone" and relax and enjoy. They are either over too soon, or over before the body starts adjusting. I hate that I can't force my mind to just pretend to like it all!

My mechanic who apparently is like me in his love for distance running, said because his wife is trying to push him into running 5K-10K's since his surgery. "When your built for distance running. It's hard to make others understand but there is just a different feeling/rush/love for it you get running a marathon than shorter races or distances."
Myself alone most the time it takes me until miles 12-16 to really just enjoy, relax and get that oh I love run this feeling, so all I did was agree and we had a great conversation about it since we both could totally relate.

Anyhow, I walked out of there that day, with more than a new sticker for my license plate. I realized, I am completely normal in not enjoying this short distance build up period, and that's okay!
I know all I have to do is keep on wanting it, and I'll get passed this part and onto the parts I will enjoy soon enough!

Keep Desire in your heart

However on the subject of running, I did get my first evening run in, in what I swear has been over 6 years. I used to run evenings all the time, I've been a morning person for a long time. On the plus side, I didn't mind it as much as I thought. Just far too much traffic out and different people on the road and trails!

OH NO! On a bummer note, I apparently shouldn't of been driving one day because of the headache. I made a very stupid mistake and let's just say scrapped the entire undercarriage of my car up on one side. Not good!
I couldn't figure out what I was more mad about. That I hurt my car, or that I wasn't in a truck like I used to drive where this wouldn't of ever happened. Or that I had no one to be pissed at but myself, and I pulled one of those "super dumb" moments. Thankfully no witness, that I know of :)

I really prefer dumb mistake moments when I can put the blame on someone else, but then don't we all at times. LOL

On the weight loss front, I lost a pound early on in the week, and then gained 3 more towards the end. But I have ZERO worries about it. At the risk of giving you too much info lets just say it's the wrong time of the month to weigh myself and likely next week I will drop some big numbers, so I am looking forward to next week!

Those are a few bits and pieces about my week.

Have you ever had a dumb moment and done anything stupid driving your vehicle?
Do you have certain distances your body enjoys and prefers over others? 

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  1. I am a terrible driver... I feel like every couple years I do something stupid! bah! I feel for you! Hope your head feels better this week.

  2. Yes, you know my dumb moment happened earlier this year when I backed into a tree!

    I always balk at my longer distance runs but ya know what, in the end they end up being some of my favorite!

  3. I hate those dumb moments when I have no one to blame but myself! Hopefully the car and you are ok and no more migraines this week :)

  4. The Hesitant RunnerMarch 8, 2017 at 6:31 PM

    I had an altercation with my mailbox that definitely qualifies as a dumb moment, so you are definitely not the only one! I also prefer the longer distances, but have the problem of feeling guilty from being away from my kids or other obligations for too long. Hope you get rid of those headaches soon -- coming back from injury is not fun, but step by step you'll get back to those distances you love!

  5. I've had plenty of dumb moments while driving. My list is quite long...

  6. It takes me about 2 miles to warm up as well. I think you need a fun new running partner to distract you. Ever ran with a group?

  7. I have noticed now that I am half marathon training it does take a couple miles to warm up- mile 3 starts feeling pretty good to me! Congrats on the new job offer!

  8. uuugh...that time of the month....I get soooo bloated I feel like all my working out is in vain and then it passes and I am happy again--lol!!!

    Dumb car moves....when I got m newer car it had a back up camera....relying on it too much, I mis judged a pole and BAM!!! cracked and dented the back of the car....still there to this day as a reminder to me to use the driving skills my daddy taught me instead of relying on modern technology!!! ha!

  9. Congrats on the job!!

    Nope nothing wrong with having options ;)

  10. Thanks, so far it is! I've done a few other dumb things in the past too, but I prefer to keep them very sporatically, LOL

  11. That's right;) Don't we hate those dumb car moments, LOL
    That's awesome, I know sometimes if I cringe at going out for a run those days occasionally tend to be my better days, go figure:)

  12. Yes, it's much better when I can put the blame on someone else, LOL
    The car is fine, just a few scratches underneath that hopefully no one will ever notice:)

  13. Good to know I am not the only one:)
    My sister is that way, she doesn't like to take her time away from the kids, which is why she switched to a 4am run schedule. I seriously don't know how she does it, it's too early for me, but it works for her:)

  14. LOL, well my hope is you don't continue to add to it. As that is my own hope for myself :)

  15. That kind of interview (with a bunch of people asking me questions) would make me a nervous wreck!!
    I hope your headaches go away soon. It's always something, isn't it?!
    I've had plenty of dumb driving moments! Like backing out of the garage when the garage door wasn't completely open yet. Hurt not only my car, but had to get the garage door fixed too!

  16. I've tried group running a few times, terrible to say but it's not my thing. I have a lot of runner friends locally which I am sure wouldn't mind an occasional group run, but they are all way ahead of me in training right now:)
    But it's okay, I can self motivate pretty well, I'm bumping up the mileage this week and even a couple days in it's feeling much better!

  17. Thanks! Yeah, I think a lot of people are like that. Most my local running friends have always said it takes them several miles to get into it to. at least its normal:)

  18. LOL, I just gain several pounds. Literally 3-5 pounds and have no idea why. But I'll weigh in next week and I'm hoping I drop some serious numbers:)
    haha, my sister did that, relied on the back up camera and she backed right into my neighbors car one night. I use my back up camera a lot, but I luckily so far am paranoid of not giving a little turn too:)
    Thanks, yeah I accepted but won't decide for a couple of weeks if I am actually going to take it or not, or maybe something else, options are good!

  19. LOL, it was actually really fun. I like group interviews almost better, it's so much easier to pick up on their personalities and see if they all get along and like their jobs. Afterall, I figure I'm interviewing them possibly even more than they are me, LOL
    Thanks, my headache started fading yesterday and fingers crossed it stays that way!
    LOL my cousin backed into her closed garage once, we never let her live that one down. I backed into someones jeep winch once, that was my most humiliating one, because way too many people saw:)

  20. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:31 PM

    Oh wow you do handle pressure so well sitting around a bunch of people in an interview. My stomach would be in so many knots. Yes, keep your options open but I do hope this job will sit well with you and you'll enjoy it more than you think.
    I'm really enjoying my half's right now and I do know I do not like 5k's much but that's only because I hate to push that hard. Maybe if I did more 10k's that would be my distance, maybe. Thanks Kristy for linking up with us! Enjoy your week!

  21. Apparently, I don't get along well with curbs. My wheels look shameful! I don't even wake up until about mile 3! So, I don't know if I enjoy the first couple of miles or not. I'm so happy you got some perspective from your mechanic! LOL. You know, that always comes it weird places anyway. Congratulations on the job offer, even though you didn't take it. It's nice to be wanted! Thanks for linking with us Kristy.

  22. Oh goodness, I hope your headaches go away! Ouch.

    And I hear you on the love of long distance running. It's hard to explain to others but some people are just meant for the longer hauls! According to Greg McMillan's book, "You (Only Faster)", you, your mechanic, and I all would fall into the "Endurance Monster" category of runners :) I just like that name!
    Amy @

  23. Even though I prefer racing shorter distances, I can completely relate to taking awhile to feel good during a run. When I do my weekend long runs, it typically takes me 5-6 miles til I finally feel 'normal'. It's what I've come to expect so I don't worry about my pace too much during those first miles knowing that I'll be able to get into the run later on.

    It's wonderful to hear about all the job excitement and also the weight loss - you are doing so great working toward your goals!

  24. LOL, oddly I enjoy situations that some think are stressful, I think of all of life as a game that is just a lot of fun to play ha ha.
    Your doing awesome in your half's right now, I can totally see why they are your distance of choice!!!

  25. LOL a curb is exactly what got in my way to scrap up my under carriage and wheels too:)
    So true, sometimes perspective can come from odd sources. That's what I love about runners, even as total strangers at times we can connect like great friends on running subjects, LOL

  26. Thanks Amy! Thankfully it has!
    I really think that too, some of us are just built for longer distances, and I think others are built for shorter ones, or speedy ones.
    Endurance monster, love that term, LOL LOL

  27. I definitely enjoy sprints and short-distance running wayyyyy more than I like long distance running, hehehe. I'm glad you got to do an evening run again (but ew for traffic)!

    I'm sorry to hear about your car! I have plenty of dumb moments in mine, but most revolve around parking in tight spaces (or parallel parking...).


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