A Little Explanation...

I didn't want another week of blogging to escape me. I've missed the interaction part of it, I really have!  Although, I've caught many of your posts, but they were at work and I am unable to comment on them there.

Let me explain what has happened.

I've been working in the healthcare industry about 2 months now, I will have to tell you it was definitely NOT my brightest of ideas to go back into it.

While I work in dermatology, it's a large building that shares space with a children's hospital clinic, family medicine, Instacare and several other offices. And apparently people like to come to my place of work sick??? Ha ha... It also doesn't help that I fill in once a week in family medicine.

You may have remembered earlier in June and back in May I kept mentioning I was catching colds and getting sick.

Well that hasn't changed, its just gotten worse. I've had 3 colds and 1 flu in the past 8 weeks and I will be honest it sucks! I swear my co-workers cringe when they see me coming, but fortunately for them no one has caught anything I have had. Lucky them!

I've been working long hours, and each week I kept wondering why it wasn't getting easier to work on a schedule again. Seriously, it sounds kinda childish but I have struggled and still can't get my body used to being on a schedule without naps or sleeping in when my body needs it.

A lot of the problem is it seems my Epstein Barr has come back. Which basically means, I am exhausted all the time, highly susceptible to catching anything in the air and I need lots and lots of sleep.
I'm a hand sanitizer junkie and I never touch my face so yeah I claim it's all in the air. haha.

Most days, I go to work, get home and go to bed. Even if I do stay up a few hours before crashing, I've had terrible colds and well everyone knows how miserable of a nights sleep it is when your not feeling well or coughing on top of exhaustion.

So that gives you a little mini peek into my lack of blogging.  I literally haven't had the energy to do it. I know that sounds really pathetic. But it's true, catching cold after cold has wiped me out.
When I have a few minutes throughout my work day I hop online to see what my blogger friends have been up to, but that's been it with me and blogging these past 3 weeks.

I don't want you to think I haven't fit anything fun in. I like to think I am the queen of forcing myself to get out and do a few things even when I feel like crap or am sicker than sick.

I even took a trip and scared the maid with my complete loss of voice one morning from a bad chest cold I had, haha. I'll share more on my travels another post another day,

I am currently on the downward end of a bad chest cold so over the weekend I made the decision to go hiking with a friend and we climbed to the summit around 10,500 ft. of a new peak that I had never been to before.

I felt bad, my friend had to listen to my hard breathing and coughing the entire way, but she didn't appear to mind. It was a killer climb, literally about as straight up walking as you can get and still remain upright for.

Yeah, I took a lot of breaks, at times I'm not even kidding about every 10-20 feet, haha. But I made it, and even better I think it may have forced a lot out of my chest because today as I am writing this my chest is far far less congested and I am feeling much better.
I mean, my legs are more sore than they have been in years, but that's the good kind of pain!

The last update I will share, or I guess it would be better called a confession. How's my running coming, how is marathon training coming?
Well it's not, I'm not even sure I have run a single day this month so far. Ughhh that has got to change! I won't even think about the fall marathon topic right now.

I'll share the bits of fun I've had in a few upcoming Travel Tuesday posts. If you follow my Instagram, you may have already seen a few pics here and there of what I have been doing between naps and good and bad cold days. I even caught a little Vitamin D even if it was to rest the day away.

To leave you on a positive note, I am in pretty good spirits now. I am going to work a little less this week (if I can) and hop on the blogging world a little more and do more than just read.

Plus before I allow myself to crash into slumber each night. Even though it's a 100 degree's each day give or take I fully plan on getting out there every afternoon in the heat and getting back into running. Sweating out the last of this last bug and hopefully beginning to get my active life back a little. Because let me tell ya, 2 months of being sick has made me way too out of shape!

What fun things have you been up to this summer?  Do you have some fun plans coming up for the upcoming Holiday weekend?


  1. That sounds like when kids start at day care and bring home all the germs. Glad that you were able to get some hiking in and show that cold who's boss!

  2. O wow, so sorry you've been fighting cold after cold. Hopefully your body will get use to the new environment and schedule.

    I've not been running this summer either but I made that change this morning. I started with 3 whole miles..lol

  3. That's exactly why I said I could never work in the health care industry - germs freak me out. Dang it - we need to figure out a way to get your immune system to get some super powers!!!!

  4. Oh this is awful K. Working in the health care industry can be a challenge and especially if people come to work sick. I am glad you are okay and hopefully things will start to get better with work and how you are feeling. Being exhausted all the time is no fun.

  5. Thanks, yeah you can't let things get you down too long. That's exactly how I feel, I did't think about it until the other day, but across the hall and down just a bit is the children's hospital clinic waiting room, I wouldn't doubt it is those kids who have brought me all the germs.

  6. Thanks, yeah it's been a rough summer so far. But I went to work today and just told the germs to stay the heck away from me, LOL Let's hope they listen!
    3 miles, that's awesome! I am hoping to go outside in about 20 minutes and get a few miles in, or less I'll take whatever I can get, LOL

  7. I'm a germ freak. Everyone makes fun of me because I wash my hands and use more hand sanitizer than anyone else and none of them are sick, and yet I keep catching things. Dang Epstein Barr! I think when I can get well enough rested and get the EB virus under control things will change, hopefully sooner than later!

  8. Thanks, I think it will be. I told the germs today to stay the heck away from me. I helf my breath for as long as I could each time someone walked by and sneezed LOL It won't do a darn thing, but mentally it makes me feel better ha ha!

  9. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Nothing worse than feeling like crap all the time.

  10. I haven't blogged, or ran in a couple weeks myself. Juggling it all sure can be a struggle! Hope you feel better soon. I am working all the holiday weekend, yet again, so no fun plans here.

  11. Sorry to hear that you've been so sick. Don't apologize for the lack of blogging, though I always feel like I have to apologize too. Take care of yourself, and hopefully you'll be back at it 100% soon.

  12. Sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you're completely healed soon. I started getting a cold last week and I drank lots of water with fresh lemon and it worked. I still had the cold but it didn't linger.
    I know what you're talking about with respect to not getting to run much. I am slacking in that department myself and need to change that status too.
    As it pertains to blogging, I relaunched a YouTube channel where I am talking mostly books. I am pushing myself in doing this change of medium and it's required a whole new level of comfort but I'm enjoying it. If you'd like to check it out, search Karen Runwright or this link might work https://m.youtube.com/user/facebookdiva

    Enjoy your summer, lady. Even if all the people you see during the day are sick. What are the odds, right? 😕 Hope to see you again soon.

  13. So sorry to hear you've been sick! Being under the weather is the worst during the summer months. I hope you feel better soon.

    And I hope you get to start running again soon! Glad you've at least been able to get out and hike and take in some gorgeous sights!

  14. ooh sounds like the new job is a little more than you bargained for! So sorry to hear that you have been feeling so bad. We all fall off the wagon with running sometimes but the great thing is that running is always there for you tomorrow. Feel better! Nice to hear from you again

  15. Hi! I hope you are feeling better! I've been in healthcare 25 years now and I think I am pretty bullet proof- it is tough! So nice to hear you are still out there!

  16. It must be like the first year I was an Instructional asst. at school. I caught all kinds of stuff. I stayed sick as I have ever been. I guess you need to build an immunity to all the stuff coming at you. Hopefully you will get your running mojo back soon :) I am still mulling over the idea of trying for an early Nov. marathon and I plan to "start" training at the end of July if possible...it just may be too much, anyway, I think you still have time to be ready if you just start getting a few short runs in this week :) You can build from there!

  17. Ah so sorry to hear you have been sick so many times since working. I hope you are feeling better now. Way to get outside and hike. Looks pretty awesome and 10,500 ft. nice! Take care of yourself and hoping you are building immunity and won't get sick anymore.

  18. Nooooo! I'm so sorry to hear that you got sick again! :[ EBV absolutely suckssss to deal with and don't feel pathetic! That's just what it does (quite unfortunately)! Get lots of rest, and I really hope you feel and get better soon! That's pretty darn awesome that you still managed to climb a giant summit anyway though, hahaha. You're a magical human being!

  19. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:37 PM

    I hate you've been dealing with sickness on top of a new work schedule. I hope you can get all of it out of your system and into a routine more easily. I am finding it harder and harder to stay caught up with my blogging as our WW has grown so. I'm also finding out I'm not alone in this Summer schedule either. Maybe just maybe come fall I can get back to posting more than once or twice a week.
    The hubs and I are headed to the beach to enjoy some sun, sand and drinks for the July 4th weekend! :)

  20. I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with EBV-- no fun! I am sending you healing energy! Thats awesome you were still able to hike this week- rock star!

  21. I hope you start feeling better soon. Sorry the job isn't turning out too great either. I say don't worry about marathon training right now. Work on getting better first, and you'll be just fine!

  22. Rachel @ RachelMcMichael.comMarch 8, 2017 at 6:38 PM

    Wow!! You poor thing! I can't imagine how drained you must be after being that sick in an 8 week span. I hope you are on the upswing and stock up on Vitamin C Haha

  23. Oh noooo!!! That stinks! I'm so sorry. I hope you are a little better by now and had a good 4th.

  24. oh no so sorry to hear of all the cooties you are catching...i hope your body recovers well.

    I am glad you have gotten outside to enjoy nature and the pool a bit.

    continued healing

  25. Sorry to read this ! They say the first 6 months of a new job is the hardest.... you are almost at the halfway mark.


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