Excited to Announce Some Major Changes and a New Path I am Taking

I am excited to announce to all of you some major changes I am about to make in my life. 
So major, my life will be almost completely different in a few weeks than it is now.

Earlier this year I knew I was going to be cutting back on weddings and events and needed to find another full time job to supplement my income.  Going back into the workforce looking for a new career to be honest was not something I was enjoying because I have worked for myself for so many years. Even before that, I had jobs with nice positions that allowed great flexibility.

As I searched it seemed that every job I would enjoy, or do great in were jobs that required education beyond my current Associate of Science Degree.

After one particular discouraging day I was talking to a friend and she suggested I go back to school. While this has always been something I have wanted to do, I haven't pursued it because of the high costs associated with it. Although to be honest I've attempted it or wanted to attempt it many times over the past 10 years.

She mentioned that she had spend a lot of time applying for different grants and walked away with a nice sum towards her education. She suggested I may have a very good chance at grants because of being a (little) older, a woman and a small business owner.
While I thought this would be awesome to do, I was pretty sure even if I did qualify for some I couldn't afford to go locally as full time tuition runs high.

After that same conversation I was talking with my mom and she asked if I had checked the costs at the University I had graduated at back in 2005. At first I didn't want to, because that would mean moving. But on a whim I did. The costs were much lower and because it only cost $10 to register and I wasn't sure if anything would come of it, I decided $10 wasn't much to loose so I registered and added their name to all the grant applications.

Now I won't bore you with the details between February and now.

But life has a funny way of working out, when something is meant to be it is just meant to be. Recently everything fell into place, and well to leave it short and to the point without getting too specific, I will be moving to Southern Utah in a few weeks. (Yes I know I just gave a pre-quel to my after the fact blogging - decided to make an exception at this time.) ha ha.

Those grants I mentioned, well without getting to detailed lets just say I qualified for enough to pay for ALL my tuition, books and a little rent for an entire year. If I keep my grades up they will continue into my second year as well.  YAY

After a lot of searching I found an apartment, that I am actually moving into sight unseen (Scary but I think it will be okay). Not even sure if it will be ready by the time I need it. I may have to hole up in a hotel for a few days. Although, they are trying hard to get it all painted, new carpeted and ready for me if they can.
It's in a nice area, it's a little more money than I wanted to spend. But sometimes safety and clean and nice are worth the extra $$$.

I've got my major declared (Will be doing a double major - Digital Design and Recreation Management in the Integrated Bachelors Program), a full class schedule. All I need now is a part time job, but I will work on that when I get down there.

Blogging actually helped me get to skip one of the pre-requisites classes. I'm not even kidding. 
I was asked to submit some of my published work in Newspapers and some research report type writings. I dug through past blog posts, found a few that would fit. Cleaned those babies up, polished them with some extra care that sadly sometimes I don't have time to check for as I blog and write and then sent them off.

The department head liked them and allowed me to skip based on writing skill and previous life experience and this is allowing me to immediately start right into the Bachelors programs and the classes that count towards it.

I may be a little older, but sometimes age is irrelevant and in this case it is. Bettering yourself and your potential for your future is never a bad thing. Yes I will be quitting all of my jobs, and I will be leaving my Wedding/Event company behind for a few years. Scary yes, but it's scary in a good way!

Truthfully I am really going to miss my family. My sisters and I are all like best friends, we hand out and have a lot of fun often through the week. Of course you know I am the "self proclaimed" worlds greatest aunt. So leaving all my sweet nieces and nephews is very tough for me. Plus I have awesome parent, as awesome as they come. But I have made them all promise to come and visit me often. 

Thankfully I am moving to a vacation town that my entire family enjoys visiting often in the spring, fall and winter months to warm up from the cold temps and snow up north. I am offering them a free place to stay when they visit, with swimming pool and hot tubs so they better come!
I've made many of my friends promise to come so we can go hiking in the surrounding National Parks. On the plus side, I have a few friends living there that I am looking forward to seeing. I'm a people person, so I know I will make new friends quick.

In the end I know this will all be worth it and I am looking forward to this new adventure and what the future may bring.

This news is why you may not see me much in the blogging world over the next few weeks, as I get things prepared and ready to make my big move. But no, I will not stop blogging, I actually plan to take it up more and steady again once I get moved and settled in school. You can laugh at this, but since I will be a poor college student for a few years. I am going to see if I can't use my blogging and social media income to pay for all my food through college.  I think it will work out, we shall see!

I plan on sharing my journey with you. My blog interests won't change much, as I am still who I am. I am a running working on getting back into running marathons again. I am a hiker and adventure seeker and where I am moving there is plenty to see and do to keep me occupied between classes and studies.

But one new thing will be my journey going back to school, and the experiences I have. I've been tempted in turning my blog into more of a day in the life of this blogger. But we will see, I want to get settled first before I begin making any major blog schedule/post changes.

Okay, so if you actually read through my little mini novel above. Thank you, if you didn't no worries I totally understand! I only just recently broke the news to my extended family and friends and my employer. Once that was done, I knew I wanted you all to be next in line.

Thank you for all your loyal readership, I really do enjoy each and every one of you. I am excited about what is to come, and look forward to sharing my new and hopefully very healthy college lifestyle with you all!


  1. Wow! This is amazing! I am so happy for you. That's SOOOO cool that you got a grant. I bet this will be an amazing experience for you and really set you up for some good opportunities when you are done. Congrats!!

  2. Wow, it sounds like this really was meant to be! That's great the way thing came together. Good luck with school and with the move :)

  3. Good luck! It's scary but exciting. I'm in the process of looking to switch jobs and maybe stay in Dallas, maybe move to Denver. It's been a slow process too, but I'm finally getting my resume out. When it's time, we all know it.

  4. Congrats on going back to school! Yay for all the grants! Sounds like a great new adventure for you in Southern Utah! Wishing you the best with the transition and looking forward to following along once you are settled.

  5. So excited for you. Moving into an apt sight unseen sounds like a true adventure but I'm sure you'll enjoy the whole process. I believe in furthering your education no matter what your background and this will only make things better for you moving forward. I look forward to hearing all about it.
    Kudos to you for making this step, my dear.

  6. WOW - when you talk life change you really mane life changes! That is so exciting!!! Good for you for taking the gusto to make your life better in so many ways. I cant wait to see how it all works out for you!
    & KUDOS to blogging getting you one step ahead of the game in school :)

  7. I'm so excited for you, Kristy! Sometimes we have no idea where life is going to lead us, but its always incredible when it leads us down an exciting path. And how awesome that your blogging was a great tool for helping you to secure the grant.

  8. The Hesitant RunnerMarch 8, 2017 at 6:38 PM

    So very excited and happy for you! Change is scary, but I have a feeling you're going to thrive!

  9. Beauty in ChristMarch 8, 2017 at 6:38 PM

    Woah, this is going to be a crazy new adventure! That's so awesome!

  10. WOW! What a big change and a HUGE adventure! I know you are super excited! I am excited for you! Good luck- you will do a fantastic job in your new school program :)

  11. I am so excited for you! Congratulations and can't wait to hear more. Good luck so exciting Kristy!

  12. Oh my gosh this is exciting!! So many changes all at once. Good for you!! I have heard so many cool things about Utah I'm dying to visit. I will now be able to check your page for the coolest sights to see :) Well Good Luck to you. Enjoy every minute of your new adventure and HAPPY STUDIES!!

  13. Wow, such big changes!

    Well done on applying for and getting the grants. The application can sometimes be quite a hurdle in itself!

    I hope your move goes well and your new apartment is as great in real life as you thought!

  14. So excited for you, Kristy! I think it's amazing you did your research and are able to attend school on the grant money you found. That's really impressive! You're going to love going back to school - it's never too late to make changes and it sounds like these will really set you up for eventually doing something you really love :)

  15. Thanks, I think it really was. Sometimes things just fall into place to push us on the right path!

  16. Thanks Lesley! Good luck with your choices your making too, hope you can find the job that will take you to the right place too!

  17. Thanks Sharon! Yes, it's going to be a fun new adventure for sure!

  18. Thank you! I'm not too worried about the apartment, I think it will be what I am expecting it to be, expecially since they are charging plenty for it, LOL
    I agree, I couldn't find many reasons not to do it once everything fell into place!

  19. Thanks Rebecca! Yes, I definitely know how to make changes in a big way, LOL
    Yes, it was cool that blogging played a part in this too.

  20. Thank you Kathryn! Yes, it's funny that blogging played a part, but awesome too! I am excited to see where this path leads and the adventure it will entail!

  21. Thank you! I have always liked change so this will be a fun adventure!

  22. Thank you! Yes its going to be a crazy fun adventure I am looking forward to it!

  23. Thank you MB! I am excited to see how this all plays out and looking forward to the adventures along the way!

  24. Utah is a beautiful state, I could never move from it. Now I just get to go back to the other half again so I am looking forward to some desert adventures for sure!
    Thank you!!!

  25. Yes, the applications were probably the most annoying parts, but now even though they took a lot of time to do, it was worth it!
    Thank you!!!

  26. Thank you Sun! Yes, going back to where I graduated from about 10 years ago should be a fun adventure. I am even more thrilled that this time I have grant money and won't have to pay for it all on my own.
    You are right, it's never too late to make changes in our lives!

  27. Thank you Teri!
    That is very exciting! Guess we both get to go to these back to school adventures.
    Yes, tuition is crazy expensive.
    Here is a few things I did. First check out Federal Grants, you just never know what you might qualify on those and their application process isn't too bad.
    Next look at your colleges grant/scholorship page, I found tons to apply for on my own. Then just apply, apply apply. Seriously some of them took me nearly half a day to do. Others want essays, I was able to use some essays over again with just a little changing.
    Make sure when you apply for them to consider the outside of the box things, your age, your single/marital status, look for things that even if you have to think hard on if they are a good fit, try anyway.
    Most grants/scholorships for year have already been given out. But for next year you can start now by getting ready to start the application process.
    Save all the ones you want to apply for and note the dates so you can get yours in first. A lot of them may tell you you have X amount of days. But really I can't say for fact but a lot comes down to first come.
    Last talk to your councilor in the major your going into, ask them to print you out a list of scholarships/grants that are applicable to what your going into.
    It takes for every to apply, I joked earlier this year with my friend it was a part time job in itself. But Every little bit helps.
    Oh I almost forgot, check locally for grant $ that went unclaimed. There is always a lot of this in each state, and those types you can apply for even late usually. I even went to talk to my church leaders to find out what type of grants/scholarships that they know about since education is a big thing in my religion. So if your religious definitely check with your church and see what info they have, you just never know!
    Good luck, not sure if any of that helps ya. But I do hope you can score some on your own too to help offset or pay for all the costs!

  28. That is awesome!! It is nice how things fell into place for you. I hope you love the new place. That is fantastic that you got some grant money :) I tried to go back to school many years ago and the debt is what caused me to not finish. It was overwhelming...
    That is great you will still be able to get in hiking and running adventures. Best wishes to you over the few months as you adjust. It is a lot but very exciting!

  29. Karen @ fit in FranceMarch 8, 2017 at 6:39 PM

    How exciting! I love new adventures. Looking forward to following you.

  30. Ahhhh! I'm so happy for you! That's so awesome that all the grants went through, and I think it's super cool that your blog helped you get through some of the prerequisites, hahaha. Yay for unintentional helpful accidents!!

    I'm glad you'll be blogging still! :]! I wanna keep up with your adventures! I definitely use blogging/social media to help me cover some of my fooding expenses. :P

  31. All such good news and it's awesome that you got your tuition paid for. And who knew blogging would even help ya out!

  32. Kristy, I am so super happy for you!! You are seriously living my dream. Can we trade lives? ;)
    That's so awesome that you got tuition and everything paid for. Wow!! I can't wait to follow along on this journey. And hopefully come visit someday! :)

  33. Thanks Farrah!
    Yes, I thought it was quite funny and great that blogging actually helped me skip a few prerequisites who would of guessed, LOL
    That's awesome you did that to pay for some of your food expenses too!

  34. Thanks Meranda! Yes, I feel very lucky about how it's all turning out and yes who knew blogging would help me skip a few prerequisites!

  35. Thank you Karen!
    Yes, the thought of debt is what caused me to not do this until now, it can be overwhelming to think about for sure!

  36. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:39 PM

    What a wonderful opportunity Kristy and yes I fully believe that life has a way of working out! It sounds like you are well on your path to this next chapter in your life. I can't wait to follow along and see what new things your blog will be filled with!

  37. I am very excited for you! And of course I'll be following along as your go begin this new adventure!


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