I'm Looking For Influencer's Who Want to Earn a Free Race Entry

As many of you probably know I am hosting a Virtual Race for my Senior Thesis project in college. One of the challenges set for it is only utilizing Influencers to help promote the event.

The first phase is using influencers who are interested in earning a FREE entry into the race of their choice, see below if you are interested.

Run Sea to Shining Sea is a Half Marathon, 10k or 5k Virtual Race event.  You can find more information about the race on the website Runseatoshiningsea.com

If you'd like to help me out with this event, by sharing it with your followers I'd love any help I can get! I'm looking for Influencers of ANY kind and you don't need to have a large following.
This could mean any of the following: Bloggers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram anyone who uses any form of social media with friends family...

While I'd love to be able to give everyone who helps promote it a free entry, I am not that rich because the t-shirt, medallion, and shipping cost more than you'd think. However, I have set up a reasonable way to EARN a FREE ENTRY for those interested in doing so.

It's Simple

If you'd like to see if you can get 6 of your followers, friends or family to sign up under a unique discount code you can use to promote the event (the unique discount code is for tracking purposes) you earn a free entry!

More information and the sign-up can be found at the link below.

I want you to succeed, in addition to your unique promotional code which will allow your followers to earn 15% off the list price.If the person who uses your unique code is willing to promote the event on their own Facebook page (during registration) they can save an additional amount to make the total discount 25% off the list price.

You will also be provided with marketing materials, tips (which I have learned through the research phase of my thesis on Influencers) to use to help maximize your promotional and influence abilities.

NOTE: Promotion for this event is from now throughout August 1st, I may have other opportunities coming up , this is phase one of the marketing plan in my thesis challenge. While it is not required, anyone who signs up to help promote this phase will have the first word about other promotional or free entry opportunities before I announce them to others.

I'm looking for runners who will let me feature them on my race blog. (You don't need to be a participant. I will be linking to your blog from it. If you are interested in this, fill out this form HERE and I'll be in contact!

Thanks, everyone!!

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