Graduation Day, Finally Here... WAAHOOO

Blogging has been mostly on the back burner for the past two years, while I navigated going back to college.

I heard this funny commercial the other day making fun of bloggers who apologize for forgetting to post, or not posting enough. The spoof was saying why are they apologizing because really no one cares if they skip a day or stop posting LOL.
I have to admit I've done that in the past, but I laughed more because it's so true, you go MIA for a while and let's be honest probably no one or so few care that there is no need to apologize or make excuses. I couldn't tell you what the commercial is promoting, but if you're a blogger and you see it, you're going to get a great laugh!

So to get to it, I did it, I am an official college graduate, FINALLY! It has been one of those things I regretted not finishing when I was younger and when I decided to do it as an adult everything just fell into place.
I was able to secure enough grant and scholarship money to completely 100% pay for all my college tuition for the past two years (YAY ME!)
I'll tell you this now, I was a skeptic, but if you're thinking of going back to school and you're worried about affording it. Just apply for everything you can, I did.
Yes, it took time to apply for all of them. But It paid off in the end, there is in fact money out there just waiting for some of us to apply for it and ask for it.

I now officially have majored in both Recreation and Sports Management as well as Digital Design.

What am I going to do with them? Well, that will soon be shared, but for now, I'm just loving the fact that I did it.
I pulled off 16-18 credits a semester so I could graduate in 2 years instead of 3. I did my thesis research and project last summer to make the best use of my time. Literally, everything went so perfectly, even the exact classes I needed were available right as I needed them. Honestly, things couldn't have been more perfect if the college had catered to my needs specifically.

I worked hard, so many late nights. Things at times I wondered how on earth I was going to be able to pull off. Learned new design programs in record time (for me) and was able to figure out every single thing I needed to in the time I needed to do it. Seriously, lucky right!

Additionally, I was able to get straight A's every semester and I made the Presidents List each semester as well. (Yes, I'm gloating but it's okay haha)
I was only a few points away from being a full Honors Graduate, but that is my own fault from many years ago when I did my Associates Degree and was basically in college to party and didn't really care too much about my grades. But to be honest, who cares, I graduated and since businesses now are starting to require copies of transcripts mine will look fabulous and that's all the matters.

Okay, I'll shut up now!
Time for me to move onto the next phase! Well and enjoy life a little haha

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