Royal Blue Wedding

One color you don't see at weddings very often, but when done correctly can actually be quite beautiful is Royal Blue.

On this particular day the brides colors were Royal Blue and Light Pink.  I've placed a few pictures below, so you can view me and my companies decorating work for their wedding day.  We actually used only the most subtle hints of pink, as not to clash too much with the Royal Blue.

Wedding Gazebo

We wrapped the gazebo in white tulle with lights underneath to give it an icy looking glow.

We went with a lighted tulle cross backdrop that matched the gazebo. As you can see below the only hints of pink we used were in the centerpieces, which are hard to see in this picture but we had royal blue flowers floating in water.


  1. Royal Blue and pink....hmmm interesting. I do like the hint of pink. Love the wrapped chairs!

  2. LOL OH Royal Blue!!

  3. I had to come see this post because of what you mentioned in today's post (12/29/15). Interesting!! The pictures are very beautiful. I've always loved this color blue - sapphire?

  4. I love blue, but I don't think this would have been my choice. It's fun to see wedding choices those and it is nice everyone does not choose the same thing.


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