My Review of "Carrier of the Mark"

     "Carrier of the Mark" by Leigh Fallon is a creatively amazing supernatural YA novel.  I don't believe in adding spoilers to my book reviews, so feel free to read on!

     Megan Rosenberg ever since her mothers death has lived a life of moving around never staying in one place long enough to find friendships or to even find herself.  That is until she moves with her father to Ireland.  Almost from the day she arrives everything thing quickly falls into place and she feels comfort and excitement as she settles into her new life.  Almost as if this was where she was finally meant to be.  Soon, Megan becomes drawn to a gorgeous guy in her class, Adam.  Unable to keep her eyes off of him, as if forces were pulling them together, she soon discovers that Adam has been having the same feelings and it doesn't take long before they both give into the forces and allow fate to take it's course.

     However, what comes with love also comes challenges and choices.  Megan discovers that higher powers not only brought her to Ireland.  But also brought her to take hold of her true destiny.  A destiny embracing an amazing life and power.  But, that same destiny could also force Megan to watch from a distance the passions she desires more than anything else.

     Leigh Fallon, has created a quite unique novel, with a love triangle that intertwines choices and challenges with love.  If you enjoy a great read tossed in with a bit of supernatural that is hard to put down.  I highly recommend this book!  I myself will have a hard time waiting until 2013 when the 2nd book is to be released.

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