My Review of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"

     I have to be honest, I had received several recommendations from my blog followers to read this book.  Initially, I was all for it since several recommendations rarely lead me wrong.
Of course, when I picked up the book I seriously thought to reconsider.  Just looking at the cover and the back alone, made me wonder what the heck I was about to read.  Although I like to read a diverse types of books, this just didn't appear to be something I would normally enjoy.
However, by the time I finished the first chapter I realized I should know better by now to judge a book by it's cover.

After having read the book the pictures all make sense and I find them perfectly fitting, and actually quite exceptional.  I even got literal chills at one point, I was so involved with the words in the novel and the pictures.  I won't lie I found this novel completely strange, but in a interestingly fascinating way!

Jacob being very close to his grandfather, had been told strange and unusual stories of his grandfathers childhood and past life over and over again for sixteen years of his life.  At one point he decided that they had to be just stories, and although he believed his grandfather suffered a horrific war torn childhood. The tales of an enchanted island of wonder and peculiar and talented children who would remain children forever was just that, a fairy tale.  He let go of his childhood dreams of discovering adventures like his grandfather, and accepted that his life may be nothing of exceptional, just plain ordinary.

However, his grandfathers suspicious death and the horrific images left in his memory of that night and his grandfathers last whispered words.  Leave Jacob a craving to discover the hidden truths of his family's past, and more importantly the truths of an island and it's past or current inhabitants.  When the opportunity and chance of discovery presents itself, Jacob immediately throws himself into it.  He soon finds he never would have imagined the lurking dangers and adventures that are about to unfold.

     Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs was crafted with vivid imagination, tales and twists that will take your mind on an unforgettable quick page turning adventure.  The strange and at times haunting pictures which accompany this novel, will allow you several moments of thought as the stories of the "peculiar children" unfold.
This novel is overall a fairly clean read although I will mention it does have a bit of teenage foul language.  I do think anyone with an open mind and a love to read YA will enjoy taking their mind on a different kind of adventure in reading!

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