Fun ways to track your progress

     I came across this fun online tool for runners, specifically distance runners.  You get to take a transcontinental virtual trip across the US.  You start in Yorktown, Virginia and will make your way across the country to Florence, Oregon.  CLICK HERE FOR TOOL

     What I love about this tool, versus all the other online running tools and other mobile tracking devices is the safety of it.  What a lot of people may not realize a lot of the running apps, track your run virtually, so someone could know where you are at, and know your habits.  This is great if you’re only giving the information to your spouse or family members for safety reasons.  But once you post it on Facebook, you have pretty much given a potential online predator access to your life and habits.

     So when I saw this online Transamerica virtual trip, I signed up and will be inviting all of my running friends to see who can make it across America first.
All you have to do is log your daily mileage and the tool does the rest.  Not only does it provide you with a map of your journey, but it has actual pictures of the road(s) across the continent.  This could just be for fun, but if you like to travel (which I do) you can take a look at some of what America has to offer and if you see a picture or destination you like, hey plan a trip!

     The tool is also great because if you are not a distance runner, but have a team of running friends, you could enter your trip across the country as a team. 
Or if you’d like set up a little healthy competition with your friends and track each other’s progress as you make your journey this year.  The tool will even send you a message if you didn’t hit your weekly goal and one of your friends is passing you.

     Because everyone is different, one thing that works for someone may not work for another.  I bet there are dozens of fun and different ways to stay healthy and active and share your goals and progress with others.  So please share with me any tools or apps you love to use to track your progress.  


  1. This sounds like fun! I never thought about the other apps giving out your info to a stranger. Not good!

  2. That sounds like a fun way to track. I use No sharing or anything exciting but it tracks all the important stuff.

  3. What a fun idea. There are a lot of great apps but I can't seem to give up my Garmin and it gives me everything I need to train.

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