Getting Creative with Workouts

     So I recently (Monday) noticed my treadmill smelt like something was burning in it.  So apparently you can run them to their death!
We've had 10 years together, a lot of boring miles, but at the same time helpful miles. Especially since I only run on the treadmill when the weather outside is impossible to run in or I am forced into a very late night run where it's just safer to run indoors:)
     I am hoping I can find replacement parts, but if not I guess it's done its job:)  My longest straight run on it was 18 miles (horribly boring, but watched a few good movies to pass the time.)
However, despite my dislike for the treadmill, I can't believe I am saying this but I miss it!

     So because of the continually bad weather here, never ending snow and freezing temps.  I am left with a couple of options, go to the local fitness center and use their treadmills and indoor track - I dislike gym's more than running on a treadmill at home.
Or get creative...

     I am going with the GET CREATIVE method (for now...  I'm sure I'll eventually need to hit up the gym a little).  So I have been turning my home and normal life into workouts.

     For starters, the stairs.  I have 2 flights of them inside, and a 3rd if I count the set outside on the back porch.   I am a distance runner and I can run several miles easily.  But you throw in only running up and down stairs and I feel like I am out of shape after only 5 minutes...
It can also get boring, so I have been mixing it up. here is what I have been doing:

Run a couple of flights of stairs, stop and do 1 minute of what I call elevated push-ups (using the stairs)
Run a few more flights of stairs, stop in the middle and do 1 minute of jumping jacks.
Run a few more flights of stairs, stop at the top and do 1 minute of sit-ups.
Then repeat.
I do this for about 30 minutes, it really wipes me out!

     I do own a stair climber machine, but I find it works best to use while watching any T.V.  I find actual stairs slightly less boring than the machine!

     Other things I have been doing.  I have a part time library job that lets say I do for 4 hours a day.  Mostly just standing around, but does require me to go around and find items on the shelf and push 100 pound carts.
Well since I can do this without anyone having a clue or thinking I am weird, I have added a leg workout to it and I take the long way around the libraries with the carts now:)

     When I have to squat down to get a book at a lower level, I will squat and hold the sitting position for 15-20 seconds.  (In case anyone is watching I just pretend it is taking me longer to find the book, LOL)
I have been offering to pull the "holds" which no one likes to do and they are glad to hand over to me.  This gives me a 15-30 minute time period (twice a day) where I can do squats and lunges and hold them and burn a few extra calories and get a decent leg workout in, all at the same time having some alone time.  I don't know why I never thought of this before!  The best part is, I can plug in my headphones and listen to some great tunes while I do this:)

     I know that none of this will completely help me keep up my mileage for running, so yes I will force myself out to the gym or if mother nature plays her part maybe the temps will melt the snow enough to run outdoors a little??? (PLEASE)
But it's changed things up, I've discovered new muscles and I guess in a way it is it's own form of cross training:)  Overall, I think (for now) this is a good thing that the treadmill broke!

     So what kind of fun and  CREATIVE things do you do, when you need to mix it up, or just get creative to get a workout in?


  1. Last summer a group of us did morning playground workouts and it was amazingly tough but fun !

  2. Good job getting creative with your workouts. It's so easy to make excuses to not work out! You definitely didn't do that! You go, girl!


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