FINALLY Back into Running Again

     Finally after a couple of months off and only light treadmill running the past couple months before that, I am BACK into Running Again!!
This tendinitis forced me to take off more time than I would have liked, but hopefully that is all in the past now, and I can continue the recovery process by slowly building back up the miles again.
But regardless of how few miles I am able to run right now, its better than nothing and going back into it slow is the smartest approach!

     I was going to start running last weekend, but I had a last minute wedding come up and I decided to wait until Monday.

MONDAY - 1 mile, with minimal pain...  Yes I know that is not much, but I had to test the ankle and foot carefully and see how everything acted after.  I only made one mistake on that run, I ran in my neighborhood.  All the corners, hills and little things like sidewalk or road cracks that normally go unnoticed.  Well they made things twist a little too much.
     I hate to admit it, but man a few months off sure made me out of shape.  Only 1 mile, and I had my first side ache in about 8 years...  Until then, I had really forgotten how it feels to run when you're out of shape.

TUESDAY - No running, decided to let the twists heal a little before getting back at it.

WEDNESDAY - Still no running:(

THURSDAY - I went to the high school track this time, much easier controlled surface to run on, and it beats my treadmill!!!
I was only going to go 2 miles, but I was feeling SOOOO good!  I had very minimal pain in my ankle, and at one point it even felt like it left a bit.
     Around the time I was about to hit the 2 mile mark, the sun was beginning it's decent.  It was around 38 degree's, cold but at the same time perfect for running.  I was enjoying my run, and surroundings.  We'd gotten a few more inches of snow and the mountains were all even more freshly covered.  The sun was hitting them with that pinkish white glow, and glancing out toward the lake the sky was shades of pink, orange, purple and blue.  Everything was just so beautiful, this is one of the reasons I love to run, to be in nature and see beauty like this.  So I couldn't help it, I decided to keep going.
     About the same time a teenager showed up at the track to run going the opposite direction as me.  I got carried away, we'd cross path's twice each lap, and I couldn't help pushing a little to make sure I was not going slower than him.  I know probably not good for the injury... But on the plus side, he wasn't going all that fast (thankfully). By the time I hit mile 3, I noticed he'd crept up a little on me, but then shortly after, it donned on me.  He was in lane one, I was in lane four.  So doing the math, he should have been gaining a little each lap even if we were going the same pace.  That thought put a smile on my face at this point.  I said to myself, okay I am going to stop at mile 3.
But of course then he stopped around that same time and I couldn't let him think I could only run a short distance too, (yes that is my competitive nature kicking in, and I know he probably didn't even give me a second though:)  But regardless I kept going a few more laps.  Finally he left and I decided to stop at 4 miles.

     It felt so good, reminded me how much I absolutely LOVE this sport!  My mind is so ready to get back into it, I think even my body is craving higher mileage.  But for now, slow and steady:)

     To be on the safe side, I'll only go 2 miles Friday (really) and probably only 3 Saturday.  I've been off for a while, so it's going to take a little time to build back up the muscles and strength correctly anyway.  (I have of course left out how huffing and puffing my lungs felt while running.  You know it's amazing how long it can take to build up the endurance, but yet how quickly it can leave ya!  Doesn't seem fair, just saying:)

     Also, I think I"ll stick to the track for a few more weeks.  It's a flat surface I can control my footing and know I won't twist my ankle on a crack or dip.  Playing things smart, as well as starting a really good stretching routine to keep injuries healing and any others from coming is the plan!

     I know I am only running a few miles right now, and it's going to take some time to build back up to 26.2.  But the future is looking bright, and sure it's going to take a little time, but it's going to happen!  That thought alone will keep me going through this slow building the mileage and getting back into shape period:)

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  1. Your week was great,and I love your consistency. luv @runningbloggers

  2. Congrats on getting back to running! That must feel so good. And you're very smart for building back so carefully, that will pay off!

  3. You have such a great come back attitude! And you're being so smart. Great come back run!

  4. Yay, glad you are back to running!

  5. take it easy; especially after an injury.

    i started running again too; after a long winter (and i loathe the treadmill), we finally have some nice weather so i hit the pavement the other day and loved it.


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