Injury, Recovery... It's just LIFE I guess!

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    It's been a rough 6 weeks for me, being unable to run.  (Peroneal Tendonitis)  But I have very high hopes that in one more week I will be able to get back into running again and slowly work on getting my body conditioned and ready to run marathon's again!

     I have been doing everything the Dr's and others have told me to do.  Ice, Naproxin, elevation, compression wraps.  I even own a home ultrasound machine and did a little low frequency therapy.  When I did have to go out, I broke out the heel's, 3" high heels seem to hurt the least, and oddly enough actually helps it feel like its healing.  Of course spending several hours standing or walking in high heels, has it's other tender feet issues.  But I did what I needed to do!  Now I will be wearing a foot boot for another week and hopefully if everything goes right, I might be able to go out for a short few miles next weekend...

     Originally I wanted to run 19 full marathon's this year and finish my 50 states & D.C. goal.  But that quickly turned to 16 when I missed the deadline to enter a few I wanted to run in.  Then the injury basically has me hoping that at this point I'll be lucky to get 10-12 in, most of which will be later this fall.
They say everything happens for a reason, so I hope that in the end it will all work out for the best!

     So what have I been doing in my free time?  Well I have worked really hard on eating healthier, even have dropped 16 pounds.  (Guess we'll see when I start running again, how much of that was muscle loss...  But either way the weight loss is a good thing!)
I've done a little strength training, and mini workouts that haven't required me to put too much strain on my injury.

     Last I have been working a lot!  Working is great for me, I absolutely love my job.  Decorating weddings and coming up with new and creative idea's for brides.  I have a big wedding today that I am really excited about, it should turn out beautifully, I just know the bride is going to absolutely love it (that's the best part of the job, seeing their faces and hearing how much they like it.)

     Doing weddings is generally an amazing workout in itself.  People always thing decorating for weddings is all easy and fun.  Well the fun part is right, but they forget a lot of the equipment is 50-100 pounds.  Each table linen weighs about 10 pounds.  So you get some great strength training just carrying 5-10 linens across a room:)  There is a lot of running around, carrying things, repetitive squatting, lifting and stretching.  So I guess because of weddings I have been able to stay a bit in shape:)

     So since I can't post great pictures of races I have been in, or gorgeous trails I have been training on.  I thought I'd share a picture from a small wedding last weekend that I just designed a backdrop for.  I have done this backdrop before, but generally I like it up against a plain white wall, this time it was against a dark wall.  I also had to do a rush set-up, I didn't have much time that day.  But even with being short on time, it turned out not too shabby if I do say so:)

Well here's to a speedy recovery and the hopes of being able to begin running again very, very, very soon!!!!


  1. Hope your last week of healing goes by quickly! Beautiful backdrop ;)

  2. Injuries and not running are tough! Hang in there for one more week! Hopefully the next time I read your blog it will be about a pain free back to running :)

    1. I really hope so too! Can't wait to start running again!!! Thanks!

  3. Hope you are back to running again in no time!


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