The Spirit of the Marathon II

The Spirit of the Marathon II Comes to Theatres this Wednesday at 7PM.  If you are a runner of any kind or any distance, this is a movie you'll want to make time to go check out!

Additionally a portion of the proceeds from the “Spirit of the Marathon II” event to The One Fund Boston, assisting families affected by the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon on April 15.

“Spirit of the Marathon II” focuses on seven inspiring individuals whose lives will forever be transformed by the experience of preparing for the 2012 Rome Marathon in Italy. The event also features inspirational interviews with marathon greats Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter, Kathrine Switizer and others as they offer perspective into this legendary race and its history. Deleted scenes and memorable outtakes from the filming of the documentary will also be included.

Here is just a few of the stories you will see in the movie:

"Cliff Scott – First-time Marathoner – Scott’s bucket list decision to run his first marathon in his 60’s is an inspiration unto itself. When faced with an unimaginable family tragedy he struggles to make peace with himself during training runs in the woods. It is painfully obvious that his loss has taken its toll and calls into question whether he will be able to finish the Rome Marathon."

"Ylenia Anelli – First-time Marathoner – While struggling to keep her mom-and -pop running shoe store open in Milan and raising two children, Ylenia takes on the challenge of training to run her first marathon."

"Julie Weiss – Veteran Marathoner – At the Rome Marathon, Julie began a quest to run a marathon a week for a year to honor the memory of her father on an emotional journey to spread awareness and raise money for pancreatic cancer - the devastating disease that claimed his life."

"Mimmo Scipioni – Veteran Marathoner – The good-natured, hard-working owner of "Pizzeria Il Podista" (The Runner Pizzeria) in Rome, Mimmo has lined his pizzeria’s walls with photos and trophies from the more than 40 marathons he has run. It is a pre-race tradition for runners to carbo load with Mimmo. For Mimmo, the family tradition of running the Rome Marathon is in jeopardy due to a nagging injury."

"Domenico Anzini – Veteran Marathoner – Prodded by his cousin Mimmo, it took a lot of convincing for Domenico to give running a try. Now, 18 years later, the 73-year-old has run in every Rome Marathon since its inception. The camaraderie and humor the cousins share during their training runs goes to the heart of family."

"Epiphanie Nyirabarame – Two-time Olympian – One of the few professional runners in Rwanda, Epiphanie proudly represents her country around the world to create change for women. Having been deeply affected by the genocide in 1994, Epiphanie uses her resources to invest in her community, advocating for progress and growth, especially for the future generation of runners."

"Vasyl Matviychuk – Olympic Marathoner Hopeful – The elite, but aging marathoner trains with the pride of country in his heart in hopes that a fast time at the Rome Marathon will earn him the last spot on the Ukrainian National Olympic Team."





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