On Wednesday's I ether like to post a Book Review or Wedding Pictures from some recent weddings my company has decorated for.  I haven't done some wedding pictures in a while, so here are a few different ones from a few event's.

This first wedding was in an indoor event center that had a large fireplace 51 feet wide and 10 feet tall.  Or job was to turn this into a backdrop for the bride to get married in front of.
Additionally, there were doors on the sides of the fireplace that we transformed into window's by adding curtain window displays.  
The brides colors were Red and Bright Yellow

This next wedding was a fun outdoor wedding in a huge beautiful backyard.  
The brides colors were Coral Pink and Apple Green

This next wedding the couple was a little bit country western.  So we went with the western backdrop and other decor.
The brides colors were Teal and Browns

Next picture was for a wedding inside a church and the bride wanted a smaller version of our big backdrop to hide the stage behind it.  
Brides colors: Dark purplish reds and champagne

Next we had a event center that needed to be decorated.  We used a large pillar backdrop that extended the entire width of the room.  

The brides colors: Eggplant and Peacock Blue

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I have a lot of fun doing a job I love, and I enjoy sharing it!


  1. Pretty pretty! They are all so unique!

    1. Thanks! That's kinda the fun part, how each wedding can be unique. The interesting part is working with colors the bride picks from time to time, that don't exactly look good together:)


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