Travel to Mount Desert Island, Maine


Today I'd like to take you to a beautiful island in Maine, Mount Desert Island.  To name a few, this is home to Acadia National Park, State Parks, Carriage Roads and Trails, Light Houses, beautiful seaside towns and Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the island and the first place in the continental United States to see the sunrise each day.

It's a place where you can drive or walk down a road, and sit at point like above, and no matter which direction you decide to take its impossible to take a wrong one.

The history is deep on this little island, which won't feel so little once you start exploring.  You'll see carriage road gates like the one pictured above that were built long before your time to guard the roads.  It will give you a chance to jump into a time before your time and allow your imagination to roam.

Occasionally hidden, and at times in plain site are beautiful old carriage road bridges.  Just imagine a time where you sat in a horse drawn buggy and traveled these forests.  But you don't have to have a horse and buggy, if your active and love to hike there are miles and miles of hiking trails to get out and explore this beautiful island.

Beautiful lakes and ponds are all around.  Wake up and get out early and you might catch sight of a large moose or other wildlife.

Hike up Cadillac Mountain and stand at the top in the early morning and watch the sunrise come and be the first in the continental United States to see the rays of the sun touch the ground that day.

While your up on the mountain, walk around and explore the views around.  You can pretty much see the entire lay of the island from up here.  

Charter a boat and go whale watching, or fishing for the day.

Or just drive around the different seaside towns and take your camera and appreciate the quiet beauty of the place.

Visit a lighthouse or two, watch for seals and other sea wildlife.

Grab a backpack and hike on a carriage trail and explore the forest, you'll never know where it may lead.

It might end up leading you to a beautifully built old carriage home.

I never got bored just taking my rental car and driving around the island.  Taking in the views, and looking at the beautiful fall foliage.  This is New England after all, lush green forests become brilliant fall colors of every color imaginable on the color palette.  Brightest of oranges, blood reds, corals, yellows of every shade.  

Everywhere you go, you'll see something new and beautiful.  It's a small peaceful island, so it gives you a chance to visit small town peace and quiet.

Mount Desert Island is a beautiful place to visit, you'll love it!  And if you are a runner, they have a beautiful fall marathon.  My pictures would have been a tad more brilliant, but I actually visited during a Nor'easter and a lot of the leaves had already dropped from the storm.  But no matter when you visit spring, fall or summer you'll love it!  I am sure it is just as peaceful and a different kind of beauty in the winter too.


*  Bar Harbor does have a small airport, but their aren't many flights.  You can fly into Bangor and rent a car and drive the less than an hour drive to the island.
*  There are many beautiful hotels on the Island.  I chose one that had a seaside view.
*  Mount Desert Island is also home to Acadia National Park
*  This is a fish and lobster town, if you love fish you'll be able to eat anywhere:)  If you are like me and don't love fish I will warn you there aren't many other options.  But I did track down all the little pizza and sub shops:)
*  I highly recommend renting a car.  There is so much to see, you'll want your own vehicle to be able to explore it all.
*  Bring a GPS if you have a hard time getting a sense of direction in trees.  But if you are like me, after an afternoon of driving around you'll have no need for it after, its very easy to find your way around all the towns and roads on the island.


  1. Love the colours, we don't get as many colours like that here in Australia. Our colours are a lot cooler in winter, different, but still beautiful.
    Does is snow there? cause it looks like it would.

    1. Yes, they do get quite a bit of snow there, though I have never been there in the winter myself. But I love visiting in the fall, the colors are so vibrant.

  2. I just went to Mt. Desert Island 2 weeks ago! It's one of my favorite places on earth! We were technically not supposed to go into Acadia since the government was shut down, but me and like 200 other people snuck in and had a blast hiking without any cars! If you check out my blog and scroll past all my Runner's World 10k posts you'll find tons of pictures I took while hiking!

    1. I'm on my way to check out your blog right now:) I am glad you got into Acadia, it is so beautiful. Actually, I had decided to break this travel post up and do a separate one next week which will be all about Acadia.

  3. I just have to say that these are some of your most beautiful shots yet! I've wanted to go to Maine for some time (I have a huge lists of places I'd like to go) as it just seems so pretty. Of course, that's assuming it's not winter. No east coast in the winter for me.

    1. Thanks Carla! Yes, make sure you keep this on your list to see someday! Although, I agree I don't think I'd go in the winter, but any other time of year is probably perfect!

  4. Beautiful must also be a professional photographer.

    1. Your so sweet:) No I am not a professional photographer, just someone who appreciates a good picture and loves to take them:)


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