Funny Questions Runners Ask

I belong to several online running pages, where runners ask questions seeking answers from other runners.  While most of them are interesting and deserve valid responses.
There are occasionally some really funny exceptions.
Sometimes runners ask some seriously crazy questions, and I will just say it also some very dumb questions.  At times I wondered if they should have drank a few more electrolytes after their run before asking them:)

With that said, for fun today I am going to throw out some questions that I have seen over the past year, odd, funny and give you my straight forward response.

Keep in mind, this is all supposed to be in fun.  Please take no offense if these questions have rolled through your brain before too:) Because knowing myself, I am sure I have asked some weird ones too.

I would like to mention, I have been saving this post for MONTHS, and I started working on it almost a year ago and just added to it as things came up.  I did this, so there was no way people would think I was talking about them in case the running pages I follow, also have runners who follow my blog:) I took these off Facebook entirely, not any blogs I follow or posts I have read.  After all, I do not want to intentionally hurt any one's feelings, it's all meant in fun! 

Q- The weather report lists rain for my race, I haven't been training in rain, how do you run in the rain?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Same as you did when it was dry, but this time you get wet.

Q- I want to qualify for Boston in my next Marathon in 4 weeks.  I just ran a 4:49 marathon last weekend, what do I need to do to get down to 3:35 over the next month?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Pray for a miracle, because unless the running God's have picked you as their next project, you have zero chance of accomplishing that in 4 weeks, maybe shoot for next year!

Q- This weekend the temps are going to be in the 90's for my race, what should I do during the race to stay hydrated?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Umm drinking water usually helps:)

Q- Don't you all think that races should give a medal and podium finish to the last 3 to cross the finish line at a race?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Um, No! I think you forget what the words "running a race" means.

Q- I just finished my 4th marathon, and each time I find it to be more and more difficult.  I know I don't train the best, and don't get in the long runs, but there has got to be a way to make these races easier.
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; I literally have no words for this one, *shaking my head* still don't!  I never understand why people want to do races, but don't want to do the training for them.

Q- I entered a race and I can't do it anymore.  The race says no bib transfers, but I don't want to be out the money I put into it, I am selling it for $$ who wants it?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; First of all, shame on the seller.  Second of all, shame on the person who bought it! Rules are rules, and races are cracking down.  They do check race forums, so I wouldn't be publicly selling bibs where runners and directors can so easily be reporting you.

Q- Is running a mostly uphill marathon hard on the legs?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Not as hard as running a mostly downhill for 26.2!

Q- I want to run more races, but with race costs I am running out of enough money to do them.  Any tips on how to get free race entries?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; While some races do give free entries to Ambassadors and Pacers, generally they are not just handing out free entries, if they were we would all be after them.

Q- I just entered a race that has a 5:30 cut off time and I am worried I won't finish in time because I've never come under 6 hours before, any tips?  Should I email the race director and ask about an exception to the time?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Not sure why someone would enter a race they knew they couldn't finish in the time frame in the first place.  But all emailing that race director will do, is give him or her a great laugh for the day.  Keeping a course open 30 min to 1 hour longer can cost a race director on average $1,000+ I am pretty sure that is one exception they will NOT make!

Q- How do I make a 5k or even a 10k run feel as easy like it looks on other runners?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Training generally helps, LOL.  So does smiling when you run past other runners:)

Q- I have an injury in my hamstring, every time I run it gets worse and worse.  What can I do to make it stop hurting and heal, any tips?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Stop running!  While this seems like a no brainer for most, I have to say I see a similar question to this at least once a month on the forums, so crazy how people just don't get the whole stop and let things heal bit!

Q- Help I am about to do my first marathon, I missed my 1 long run of 20 miles, and my marathon is in 6 days.  Should I run 20 tomorrow or would it be better to wait and do it the day before the race?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; First, what marathon training plan only calls for 1 long run? Second, I am thinking if this person thinks it's okay to run 20 miles the day before their first marathon, I could be wrong, but they probably need more help than any can give.  (One response did say, "sure run that 20 the day before, and let us know how that race goes for ya.") It's funny how they never come back and say how things went after, LOL

Q- The race I entered didn't give out finishers medals, do you think it would be bad if I had one designed for myself and had more made up for others who wanted to purchase one from me too?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; *shaking my head* If a medal is so important to a runner, then enter a race that hands them out (most do).  If not, it's probably not good race etiquette to create your own medal for a race, and it is even more NOT okay to sell them to others.

Q- I broke my foot the other day, and the doctor has me in a walking cast, told me no running. But I have a half I signed up for this weekend, what do you think should I do it?  Anyone else ever raced with a broken foot in a cast?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Probably not, if they did they probably won't want to admit to it after.  A broken foot and 13.1 miles, ya that won't hurt it at all???

Q- I love running on the beach, but I get so tired so much faster than on the road, any ideas on what might be causing it?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Do you ever just wonder what goes on in peoples minds, or in some cases what does NOT go on in peoples minds?

Q- I do all my long runs on Saturday's, but my race is on a Sunday.  I am worried my body will not be used to the day of the week change.  Any one else have problems with this, what did you end up doing that helped?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; If you're trained, a difference in day is only in your mind, your legs aren't going to care if its Sunday or Saturday.

Q- How does everyone here keep hitting a PR.  I've been running for years and never had a PR, what do you do to get it?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; While it isn't uncommon for someone to not know that PR stands for Personal Record, with that said, even if you've only run 1 race, that race was your PR.  I will say, this one was a fun one to read the comments they left in response.

Q- I just had my first baby last weekend, but I can't wait to get back to running again, do you think 2 weeks is too soon to sign up to run my first after baby half marathon?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Um maybe just take it easy and enjoy being a new mother and let your doctor tell you when is or isn't too soon to start running again.

Q- I have been running with a fuel belt and it drives me crazy while I run, no matter what I do with it, it still annoys me.  What can I do with it to enjoy my runs better?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking;Taking it off, might help!

Q- I plan on entering a race that I will be mostly walking in.  The problem is, the one I want to do has a cut off time that doesn't allow for walkers.  What should I do?
What Myself and Others were likely thinking; Besides switching from walking to running it... Enter a different race that allows for walkers.

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While I am sure we have all had a few moments that weird questions or thoughts run through our minds.  One thing I always get from reading the funny questions people ask is; Always think something through before posting it publicly:)

We've all heard them or seen them.  What are some of the funniest questions you have heard runners ask?


  1. Funny post :) I really don't get the people that ask random people online for medical advice instead of just listening to their doctors.

    1. I always think that too, when I see someone ask medical advice to strangers. Reading the replies on them sometimes make me cringe.

    2. Could not resist jumping in here to say that that's kinda the bane of my existence sometimes. ;_; Second to "But Dr. Oz said..."

    3. LOL, I never thought about that but I bet you guys get the But Dr. Oz said.. as well as, I heard on the Doctors or but I googled something and came up with a different answer, LOL
      Some people:)

  2. Oy! These types of questions could apply to so many topics, not just running. It makes me shake my head.

    1. It's true, I get a good laugh sometimes at things people post just on their own Facebook walls, I always tell my sisters if I ever post something incredibly dumb please tell me asap so I can ban myself from posting lol.

  3. I love this post! You had me cracking up as I read some of your answers!

    1. Thanks Kathryn, I actually had a lot if fun creating this over the months. Keeping my eye out for the questions that made me laugh the most :)

  4. This is hilarious. It is amazing the ridiculous questions people ask on FB. I shake my head and chuckle so many times.

    1. Thanks! I know, in fact a few weeks ago a friend who is not on FB asked me why I even bother staying on it. I told her truthfully some days its just for a good laugh:)

  5. I've seen some doozies before too.
    ... but come on... you all know everyone is still running with those hurt hamstrings :) haha

    1. Absolutely, the more torn up you make it the better, right, LOL

  6. Oh this is hilarious and I love your responses!

    1. Thanks:) This is one of those posts I worked on for ages and forgot about at times and realized I really need to post this:)

  7. Oh goodness. You've got so many of these! Did someone really wanna make their own medal?? I've never heard that one! Yikes!

    1. I know I just kept adding to it over the year, probably shouldn't of waited so long.
      Lol yes they actually said they wanted to make their own, oh the responses to that were hilarious I quit reading them when it got over 100 lol

  8. Replies
    1. Agreed! I shake my head at a lot of people sometimes, LOL

  9. People sometimes ask the craziest questions in our group too. I should screen shot them! I do think the last person across the finish should get something though :)

    1. LOL, you should screen shot them:)
      I do think the last person should get the same finishers medals as the rest of the finishers, but I don't think they deserve an extra something just for coming in last:)

  10. Haha these are great! Funny to see the questions people ask.

    1. I know, sometimes people provide great humor, and they don't even know it:)

  11. I know, huh! I remember months ago when I saw this question pop up, and I realized some people seriously don't look into things, it's like a question pops into their head and they just decide to go public with it, LOL But on the plus side, this question provided so many people with a good laugh in the group that day:)

  12. Haha, I love this, especially the one about BQ'ing with a month to train! Wouldn't that be nice? I had someone ask me if a marathon was 6 miles....ummm, no, no it's not.

    1. Wouldn't it!
      LOL, I have had people ask me questions on if a marathon is just the amount of time you run, or odd things about mileage. I get it when non-runners ask, but sometimes things runners ask, when you'd think they should know better, can be pretty funny!

  13. Lol! I've seen similar questions on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and they always make for a good chuckle. Although I cringe when I read the ones from injured runners asking if they should still keep running through severe pain. Ugh :(

    PS - Love the new blog header!

    1. Oh they do! Honestly, sometimes the only reason I keep following a FB page is for a good laugh every now and then:)
      Oh I hear ya, the oh, I will just keep running while injured, I kinda don't feel as bad for them when the injury gets worse, common sense is missing from a lot:)

      Thanks so much! It was something that I have been working on, it still has a few minor touch ups before it's done but I put it up until I can finish it:)


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