Just Another Busy Week

I am a little off schedule this week.  Normally, I prefer to keep to a consistent blogging topic schedule, but with the GIVEAWAY hop that started Monday, I decided to save my weekly update post until today.

To give you a little update on the work injury flare up.  If you didn't hear, this one is pretty bad, almost more of a re-injury as for how it feels, but it's still related to the first that had never quite finished healing.

PROGRESS that is what I have been having with it, which has me still in good spirits.  The steroids they had me on, which I am finished taking.  Took a lot of the pain and swelling down.  The topical anti inflammatory medicine took the rest of the swelling down.
Yup, it's true.  It took about a week for it to all work, but I had virtually no swelling last week.

Additionally, there has been very little pain!
I am still in the boot, most of the day, and all night.  But I have been going a little less each day.
Once the swelling went down, my tendon loosened a little and gave me a little flexibility again.
Not much, but by mid week, I could walk in a normal sports shoe with only a 1 inch lift, as long as I kept the pace slow.
By the end of the week, I could put my foot flat on the ground barefoot, and stand and not feel like my tendon was tearing apart:)

I did a little slow walking each day, and PT started as I am working on building the stability muscles back up again.  My ankle is pretty weak, but it's been responding pretty well to the building exercises.
This coming week, I will be adding a little (minor) stretching into the PT routine.  I'd be lying if I wasn't a bit scared that this will bring the pain and inflammation back, but if I do this smartly and not really stretch as much as just feel a slight pull I should be okay.

I did play on the swings with the cute nephew and nieces though:)


I did take on a last minute event last week.  I don't know if I ever told you this before, but occasionally (3 times now) I get hired to decorate for a funeral.
I know, that sounds crazy.  But not all cultures embrace death with black and sorrow.
In the Tongan culture, the funeral brings everyone together to celebrate the deceased life. Sometimes party's are thrown, to support one another to celebrate with memories and joy.  In addition, the casket area is decorated with a pillar design and flowers and greenery, and items that reflect their culture.
So yes, I decorate the backdrop area that the casket will sit.  But before you get all creeped out, it's not that bad.  I arrive and do all my part before the casket arrives, and I return once it has been removed and taken to the grave site.

It's also the only time, I accept a rush request and waive my added "rush" fee.  But then again, when I do these, I generally do them mostly myself with only 1-2 others.
Because of my foot issues, I brought 2 others.  I have to thank my parents for that, they were awesome and came and helped this time.


My sister and her husband, who I am fairly certain don't even read my blog:) Kicked some but in a triathlon this weekend.  My sister took 1st in her age, PR'd over last year, and even took 12th place overall the other men and woman competitors!
Her husband, took 2nd in his division.
My Sis, has been through a lot this year.  She had a neck operation and in the process a dye they had to inject for an CT Scan was accidentally shot through a vein, which paralyzed one of her arms and she had to go through months of OT to gain use of it again.
In addition, she always battles with her allergy, yes she is actually allergic to exercise.  Not that she has ever let it stop her.  In fact, she just slowly pushes herself more and more, because she can, she loves it, and she isn't going to let anything keep her down!
Pretty amazing gal, so I am very proud of her and her accomplishment this weekend!


We had some fun family fun, it was a week filled with lot's of family birthdays.  So lots of fun parties with all my nieces and nephews.  I just have the cutest ones ever.

The kids were doing potato-sack races, and the horses all ran up at once from across the field to check out all the fun and laughter going on.  They just sat watching them over the fence the whole time, it was so cute.  (I love horses, I wish I could have my own:)


This week has reminded me, that life is always going to be filled with obstacles.  Things may or may not always go our way.  But we decide how we are going to handle it, and how it is going to affect us.  We may not be able to control what happens, but we can definitely control how we get passed it, and which voice and thoughts we are going to use in doing so!


Last, I am finally getting around to SHOPPING for a new comment system.  I loved Intense Debate, but when it wouldn't work with blogger mobile versions I had no choice but to drop it.
I do not want to stay on the blogger comment system, I don't like not having all the control options.

I also want a system that not only allows me to respond online, but at the same time returns a response to the visitor who commented and engages conversation more.
If you are on blogger I would love to hear which comment systems you prefer.
I am leaning towards Disqus, it seems to be one of the most popular blogging comment systems, not necessarily in the healthy living blogs, but overall.  It works with blogger well I hear, and if you switch you don't loose all your previous comments.  (Which is what happened to me when I removed Intense Debate.)

If you have an opinion on comment systems, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Hope you all had a great past week everyone!  Tell me something you have going on right now.
How do you like to treat obstacles thrown your way? 


  1. Glad to hear that your pain is decreasing and that you're having to spend less time in your boot. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before you are out of that thing for good!

  2. Wow, congrats to your sister and her husband on that tri! And I had no idea that there was a market out there for funeral decoration. That's really interesting. Yay for your parents being able to help out and yay for improvements with the foot :)

    1. Thanks, I am so proud of them, awesome athletes for sure:)
      Oh, neither did I:) If you had asked me if I would ever be doing a funeral 6 years ago, I would have laughed at the thought, who knew:)
      I have awesome parents, I really am lucky!

  3. I am glad that your swelling has gone down. Foot injuries are the worst. Re the comment system I would try to find one that doesn't use captcha! Funeral decoration that's a new one.

    1. They certainly are!!
      Oh ya absolutely no Captcha that is without question!!!!

  4. GO SIS!!! That's amazing! I love an athletic family!

    I can see funerals being decorated. Some people really take it as a celebration of life. I've seen where some people hire photographers for it as well - not to capture the deceased but to just capture the day - the guests, the emotions of the day. Especially if its someone young. I don't think there is a right/wrong way to do funerals any more.

    1. She is a great athlete!
      I can see the photographer thing too. I think a lot of people use funerals as family reunions too:)

  5. Sounds like a week of great progress! That funeral decoration is a new one though! WOW! I did not know I had an option on the comment portion of my blog but the ones that have the captcha thing that you have to check does not work on my I-phone my comment simply disappears :(

    1. Oh I most definitely will not have anything to do with Captcha I hate those!!!!

  6. I've never thought about decorating a casket or a funeral. But I like the practice of celebrating a life, so it should be that way, I think. I have also been looking for a comment system. I've seen Disqus on a few blogs. I'm also on blogger so I'm interested to see what you find. There are so many obstacles and it is absolutely what you do with them that counts. Great outlook. Congrats to your sister and her husband too!

  7. Wow, I did not know all that had happened to your sister. Good for her for even getting out there but to take first is amazing! Good for her. You'll be back out there soon too!

  8. That's great to hear about your injury progress. I'll keep my fingers crossed the progress will continue.

  9. Glad to hear your foot is getting better and no more swelling! And congrats to your sis for winning her AG! Hope you found a comment system. Like I told you earlier, I like disqus but if you find something better, would be great to hear about it.


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