5 Reasons Maybe YOU Need to Take a Cruise

If you live in a cold climate like me, you are probably buried in winter right now, with many long months ahead before we can go outside in a t-shirt and bask in some rays again.
So I thought it being a new year, for Travel Tuesday it would be a great day to show off a few reason's why you may want to take a cruise in 2016.


When you figure in costs as far lodging, food you really can't beat the prices you can find when you search for deals on cruises. Depending on the cruise line you take, your looking at inclusive prices that start at $299 for 4 day cruises. I've seen them as low as $399 for 7 day cruises.  (They really can be great deals, you can't even find hotels for prices like that.)

Shop around, and don't be afraid to find a deal. You'll have access to the same all you can eat buffets or dining rooms or dessert bars and entertainment as everyone else. Other than your room size, you will have pretty much the same amenities as guests who pay much more for theirs.


Cruises usually have 1-2 days at sea depending on the length of a 1 week trip. So when they are not at sea, you are docked at a port where you can go out and explore new places and try new things.
You might find you are able to visit a few islands or countries that you never normally would have booked a trip to go on.
SAFETY TIP: Stay where the tourists go when you visit these places. Don't venture into odd area's or away from the tourism sections mostly for your own safety. Most places are safe, but not all areas welcome tourists or are patrolled for visitors safety.  If ever in doubt, ask a tour guide or cruise director before you venture out.


So many first time cruisers will only book excursions through the cruise line themselves. Which is totally fine, if you don't mind paying nearly double for the exact same thing you could have booked on your own.

Many think that if you book with the cruise ship that is the only way to make sure you make it back in time before the boat leaves the port. While this is a definite plus for booking them through your cruise line, it's not always true.

Those same companies that the cruise line sends you to when you dock and meet up, also book these adventures on their own. The difference is, you don't have to pay a heafty price for the cruise agent to book it.

I literally have saved half and sometimes more by booking them on my own and because I do a little searching I have always been safe and surrounded by many others on the ship doing the exact same thing.
Additionally, if you don't want to worry about planning ahead and have a relaxing go with the flow type of trip. When you dock the ports, you will see MANY tour excursion companies with signs with their prices and you can book and go right then, most the time they will even send you on the same exact tour group as others on your ship that booked through the ship.

TIP #1, double check on the end time of the excursion so you won't have to worry about getting back in time.  They will tell you exactly what time you will be back!
TIP #2, if you are booking on the spot when you get off the ship. Go ahead and barter with the tour company. If they aren't full and want to sell more tickets you can talk them down right on the spot on occasion!


While yes cruise ships have casino's and spas you can spend your money at. I have to say on all the ones I have taken I have never even paid once to do those things.  There is no reason to, unless it's something you really want to do.  There are so many awesome free shows, and entertainment going on around the ship.  From musicals, to movies, pools, rides and more. You'll be surprised with the talent they have in the evenings at the comedy clubs or shows they really have great productions!

Not to mention you don't have to sacrifice your health either, you can eat all that yummy buffet foot and go work it off in the gym, or even many ships have outdoor tracks that run around the ship. What a fun way to get a workout in!


Where else can you get 360 degree views at any time you want? Whether you want a full view of the islands or countries you arrive at places/locations/sights you are passing, or want to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset. You can't beat the ease and availability of the views.  So don't forget your camera!

Those are just five reasons, that a cruise just may be something you should consider.
While there are several reasons a cruise may not be for you, if you are looking for a low cost, low stress alternative and more of a relaxing vacation. Then a cruise might just be something worth looking into taking.

Have you been on a cruise before? Or is it something you may be considering?
What was your favorite thing about a past cruise you took?


  1. I totally agree with all this and can't wait to go on another cruise! My sister is heading out on one in February! I've always been afraid to book an excursion with an operator outside of the cruise lines. I guess it would be okay if it was something that I didn't need transportation to get to!

  2. I've never been on a cruise, and have found it difficult to understand the appeal of cruises, but after reading your list I might have to reconsider pushing the idea of cruises aside. Thanks for getting me thinking!

  3. I've been on two cruises and loved them! I wouldn't want it to be the only way that I traveled, but it makes for a wonderful trip! Great post!

  4. What I love about cruises is I would go to sleep and wake up in the morning in the next port of call. I didn't have to worry about anything. I saw so much when I did a cruise, it was so much fun and I knocked off a few countries along the way.

  5. I've never been on a cruise but it sounds like a wonderful vacation - especially since Wisconsin is currently buried under a pile of snow :) The views look gorgeous and I love the idea of an outdoor track right on the ship to work off the all-you-can-eat buffet treats!

  6. Oh lucky her, it would be nice to get away to somewhere warm in February!
    Actually, most of them when you book in advance come and pick you up the same time and most the time your on the same transport as those who booked through the cruise itself and drop you right back off at the port dock when they return the others, to them it's all about selling seats on the excursion they don't care how:) But ya, it's always wise to look into that in advance.

  7. Before I had been on one, I never saw their appeal either.
    Granted they are not my first choice for a vacation, I would much rather travel somewhere to be able to explore. more. But if you're looking for more of a relaxing, less hassle, low cost alternative to a vacation, cruises are kind of nice for that! Plus, they do take you to a few places you may not ever travel to on your own, so there is that:)

  8. I totally agree, I don't mind a cruise every now and then, but I would not want it to be the only way to travel either. They can be fun for 4-7 days, but after that they can get a little dull. Well that and I much rather go somewhere and discover all it has to offer on foot and have a few more adventures:)
    But on occasion, they can be a relaxing fun!

  9. That is so true, they are totally a hassle free (mostly) vacation, and a good way to see places and countries we might not normally take a trip to.

  10. Oh, that is no fun! I'll tell you a secret, so do it. The older I get, the worse my motion sickness gets. But I use those prescription patches when on water, and they work like a charm. If you ever know your going to be on a boat, call your doctor and have him send a couple day supply and give it a try and see if they work for ya. I have a friend who gets blurry vision on them, that comes back to normal when she's done, but I have never had that happen.

  11. Oh ya those all you can eat buffets are a terrible pleasure, LOL I hate most cruise food, because I don't like fish and won't eat meat that hasn't been burned and cooked through, which leaves me the pizza and desserts, not good I know, LOL
    They are fun, not something I would do every year, but worth it ever now and then just for a relaxing low cost trip!

  12. I really enjoyed the cruise I did last year. Our main goal was to have a relaxing week away and a cruise really accomplished that. It felt like everything was taken care of us and we had no worries other than where to get our next drink :)

  13. I think that is one of the best parts, they are so stress free, everyone caters to everything you want and need:) They can be a lot of relaxing fun!

  14. I have never been on a big ship. I would love to do it if I could find a deal :) it is fun to have a break from the icy temps!

  15. Cruises are so much fun! Our family is a big fan I love all the activities

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE cruises!!!

    I went on one for my 30 bday years ago. My husband and I went on one for our anniversary a few years back and we are considering one at the end of this year for out 10 yr anniversary. Also considering a Disney cruise for the kiddies.

    OMG the food....YES!!!

    Thanks for the info on booking our own excursion....will look into that!

  17. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:10 PM

    While in New Orleans we saw 2 ships docked an it started our conversation of wanting to go on one. This is is a great article on it. I didn't know you could book your own things to do off the ship so I'll remember that. Where have you been? Id love to take an Alaskan cruise.

  18. Can you believe I've never been on a cruise?! You have certainly piqued my interest - from the entertainment to the views to the fun and relaxation - I am SOLD!!! Now to convince my husband... :)

  19. I haven't been on a cruise yet but they sound like so much fun! Hubby is not a fan because you are on the boat for so long and have a set amount of days at a certain location. I've heard Disney Cruises are fun, especially for the the kids, so if we ever do one, it may be one of those.

  20. I have been on several cruises and they are a ton of fun. We just went on a Disney Cruise before Christmas and had a blast (despite getting the stomach bug.) If you haven't don't Disney yet, I highly recommend it!

  21. What a fun post! I just need a vacation. Period!


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