Getting My Secret Out

Hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Weekend, no matter what you did! Even though part of me hopes your weekend included getting outdoors and enjoying nature.


I did get out, went on a few hikes this week. Didn't take my camera on one of them (I know shocker) I felt nearly naked without it. Bummer too because it was sunset and fabulously beautiful. But my friend had her GoPro and I may have to borrow a few shots from her later on.

Got eaten alive by bugs this week. The biting horseflies are out, got me nearly every day out running LOL always came back with trickles of blood down my legs.
Then Sunday the mosquito's took a liking to me, I am seriously going crazy with bites all over my arms and face (lovely I know, LOL)

A friend and I did a little let's just call it a little rock climbing, we had a rope some of the way left by another but forgot to bring our own to get us up one obstacle. So we took a detour up a dried waterfall area, oh my gosh the views up on top were stunning. (All the outdoor pics on today's post are from this climb.)

But leave it to me to not wear my hiking pants, and if you saw my legs you'd cringe. I got pretty scraped up and even got stabbed by something sharp in my calf filling my shoe up with blood. Nasty, and the funny thing is I don't even remember it happening LOL
So now my legs just look like someone kicked the heck out of me, oh well, LOL (I'll spare you the images, LOL)


Saturday morning I went out to just see how close to 10 miles I could get. After all, I've been training to hike long distances not run them, LOL. I'd only run up to 5 miles before this. But my legs despite all their cuts, scrapes and major bruises wanted to run. I stopped myself at 12.5 miles because I've got something coming up that I need fresh legs for and felt I had pushed it enough.
I was even more surprised I wasn't even sore from it, just my lungs a little tired. Guess this means, I can pull off that half marathon in less than 2 weeks now!

Weightloss - I'm at officially 32.5 pounds lost! Not easy, but I'm doing it!
On a side note, I rarely post pictures of me, (or so everyone says, LOL) but I had to do a few Maybelline selfies for a campaign on Instagram.

But on the plus side, the weight loss is definitely showing up on my face, even if not much elsewhere! (Ignore my hair, I literally woke up, put the makeup on and didn't realize until after I hadn't even combed my hair that morning, LOL LOL. I have long straight hair, it doesn't tangle much LOL)

Now for the details on my secret, I am getting out.

I was going to write a whole post about this, but I've decided to just condense it down. In short, I am working on my thesis project to go with the paper for my degree.

I selected a project that brings my Digital Design, Recreation Management and my research study on Influencers together into one idea.

(The catch, I can only use influencers to promote this race as part of my research study.)

I'm hosting a virtual race this September, I'm in the beginning planning phases. The name:

Run Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Races - Half Marathon, 10k and 5k

Although I do have the website up, even though it's not fully finished.
You're more than welcome to check it out and give me your honest opinion!

Actually, I'd welcome some opinions!!
(But don't share the info of the race yet, I need another two weeks to finish the website and details)

If you want to register and you are an influencer, wait! Because I'm going to have some fun opportunities for discounts or free entries for those who would like to help me out and earn them.
I'll be rolling those out in a few weeks. But if you are interested, let me know and I'll make sure to reach out to you when the time comes!

T-shirt design, I am working on that now and designing it entirely myself. I've got a cute idea I am playing with, as well as a few others so I'll share the design with you in a few weeks when it's ready.

Medallion design, this is one I am having fun with. I am using a medal creator vendor who does a very nice higher quality job. I came up with the medal design before I even knew the exact name of the event, LOL
But I may tweak it a little after I get it done, after all right now the idea is only in my head, LOL

Logo, Still working on this!. It's not done, but this is the image I've put up so far on the social media pages I created quickly for them. But the official design will be similar but hopefully much better. I only had a few minutes in Illustrator with this one.

So I do have one more question for you:
I'm trying to set my Virtual Race apart from others and I'm kinda tempted to go after a more fun or unique t-shirt color(s).
What are your thoughts on that? If you could pick a race t-shirt color what would it be?

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