How I tripled my blog readership while I wasn't able to write new blog posts

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Monday was my first week back to the blog in many months. While I did post once in March, I actually wrote it in December so technically I haven't blogged since February and even then it was only once.

But I'm going to let you all in on a secret, I actually tripled my blog readership monthly (February, March & April)  without writing a single post. In fact, I had my second highest month ever in March.

At first, I thought it would be dumb to share this, but then I realized others may get in a similar situation and find they aren't able to post as often so in case you ever find yourself fall into this category I will share a couple of things I did.

First, I went through and found some of my more popular blog posts on a range of topics.

Second, I took the date markers off my blog (and if you just looked, yes I put it back up this week.)

Third, I took about 1-2 minutes a week and shared them on social media during peak reading hours for the topic type.

Fourth, well that's it! I didn't have time for anything else. I just attempted to be diligent at this for at least once a week. (I don't need to tell you what topics I picked if you read my blog or my About Me page, you know what type of content I post!)

Hint, it helped to have a lot of shareable content to choose from. Of course, I have been blogging for officially 6 years as of last month (YAY) so that helped in the content factor.

To new eyes, if it's the first time seeing something it is new and it doesn't matter when it was posted as long as it didn't appear to be something dated, so that was how I chose my content. No personal story posts, or race recaps, I chose stuff that wouldn't matter when it was shared.

Will it work for everyone? I can't say, but if you have some quality content beyond the fun day in the life stuff that isn't as datable as when it was written then it's definitely a more likely possibility.

Are all those new page views new blog followers? Probably not, but maybe a few will stick around! I noticed page views on the specific topics I shared, other similar posts also increased in page views around that time.

(I use Google Analytics, if you don't I highly recommend it. It's fast and easy to see who is coming to your blog, what they are liking, how long they actually spend reading it and where they go after. Best part it is FREE!)

A funny thing happened 

While I did this, my Twitter followers passed the 9,000 mark. Which was really cool and very exciting to notice the other day. I didn't really do anything different there, so I can't say why I increased over 1,000 in followers in a couple months time. But I'm taking a wild guess it was some of those new visitors to my blog checking out the content I was sharing?? Beyond that, who knows! But I sure appreciate them and I hope they'll continue to enjoy what I share!

That's it!

Seriously, I literally only took 1-2 minutes a week to do this, and my page views are nearly triple now than what they were when I was blogging frequently.  Additionally, because of this, I have been able to take part in many social media campaigns which have helped provide me with enough income to cover my food while I have been here at college.

So if you ever find yourself in a blogging break that cannot be helped, I highly recommend taking a minute to share some of your older more informative popular posts!

Happy Blogging Friends!!!

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