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This summer has been busy but fun and the best part is summer has just begun.

I'll share some of the fun. I recently visited Bryce Canyon National Park and did a lot of hiking and sightseeing. Absolutely loved it! I live nearby it, but truthfully I hadn't been there since I was about 12, so it was great seeing it again and hiking around it.

I'm actually hoping I can make it back there soon. I have a few hikes I didn't get a chance to do that I really wanted to.

I'll have to do some Travel Tuesday posts soon and share some of the hikes!

Additionally, I visited the Escalante National Monument area and went hiking to a lesser known slot canyon called Zebra Slot. It was a beautiful day, 100+ and really enjoyed seeing this new area.

Again for this one, I'll have to write a Travel post on and show you more images sometime!

Most my trip in these areas was hiking in smoke-filled air and sky. Which isn't great I know, it's sad we had (still do now 3 weeks going) a massive wildfire. It's burned a beautiful mountain range over 40 miles so far.

But it did make for some beautiful sunset photo's as you can see above and below. No there was no filter used on these photos. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw these and many more.

But I also came across lots of wildlife on this trip, here is a 5 point beauty I saw on one of my last days on the trip.

I also visited another place called Red Canyon, basically, the name says it all. It is a beautiful place, one I've only ever driven past. But this time I got out for some hiking!

Red beautiful and desolate this area is actually really pretty and much different than I originally thought! I won't overload with pictures like I have said now 3 times, I'll tell you more about it sometime in a Travel Tuesday post!

I am back right now, I have 4 weeks left of my thesis class this summer. The project is really taking off, but it is sooo much work.
And I still need a few other influencers who wouldn't mind helping.

Basically, if you want to just help me out, let me know in the comments below and I'll email you some images you can use to help promote it. I'll take any and all promotional help I can get from influencers!

Or, if you want to earn a free entry. I have THIS PROGRAM running right now, it's fairly simple. Promote it any way you want and as much or as little as you want. If you can get 6 people to sign up using a unique promotional code I will give you, then you earn a free entry! There is more information HERE.

Also, and this is one I am still working on and haven't 100% decided how many or how I am going to roll it out.  (That is what I am working on this week for my class :)
But I will have a required post and amount as well as a schedule of what to do and when. Those who participate in this one will automatically receive a free entry as payment for their influencer services, if they post and promote as will be required. As well as complete a small influencer survey that I need for my final.  If you are interested in this, watch for it on my blog. I'll be sharing it as soon as I have all the details and marketing materials created. (Hint: it most likely will be next week.)

I'll leave you with a few more beauties from Bryce! (If you're wondering yeah there is a lot of smoke in the air in these pictures, that's why they have a more haunting look LOL)

Utah is so beautiful, I seriously could never get bored living in this state!!!

Tell me what summer adventures have you taken or done so far?

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