Cliff Jumping, Bucks and a Few Updates

I've been so busy with putting my thesis paper together and all the things I have needed for the thesis project, I've neglected my own blog. Decided I needed to create a quick post today and share some updates.

First, I want to thank so many of you who have been so kind to help me promote the Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Race. I appreciate every little or big thing you've done more than you know. It's meant a lot to me that you were willing to help me! I will always be there for you if you need help some day with things and projects you are working on in life!!!

While I have been kept indoors for the past two weeks (mostly) and I have another week to go, because my thesis paper for the project is due this coming Friday. Well technically it's due next Tuesday, but I have a personal goal to have it all done by Friday because this girl needs some vacations before the fall semester begins in a few weeks!!!

What have I been up to? Took an evening to go cliff jumping with some friends a while back, had a great time and my friend took this awesome photo. You may have seen it on IG, but I love it looks like I'm running through the air, LOL

My parents are in town so they can help me with my thesis paper, we took a break last night and went and check out some wildlife. The images aren't great but we did see a beautiful 6pt buck and two 4 pt bucks.

Tonight we are taking another break to go see a Tuacahn Broadway in the desert play Disney's Newsies, I've been looking forward to this a while. We bought season tickets this year and this is the first time we have been able to get together to use them!

You may have noticed I had to edit the design on the finishers medallion for my virtual race.

Apparently, the vendor told me that my original design while they would do it it may open me up to liability if a child had gotten the piece and broke off one of the small objects??  Who knew parents let their kids suck on finishers medallions?? But then I guess in today's world nothing surprises me, so when I did the re-design had to make sure the same idea and components I loved about the first medal were in place and it is less of a liability?? LOL LOL LOL

Also, the ribbon design and the t-shirt colors were determined. So in the above, image you can see all of it, exactly as they will look as the iron cast is being created right now by the vendor!  I really love how it all turned out!! That says a lot because normally I stare at my work in design so much I'm tired of it before I show anyone. But I created a medal I'd be interested in earning! Yes, I am excited to participate in the Half Marathon in my own Virtual Race.

Today is actually the last day to register before the price increase. FUNRUN is the promo code to save 15% off. If any of you are interested in registering, you can HERE.
But please don't feel like you have too, I am just over sharing this right now because well my life sort of resolves around it right now, LOL Don't worry there is an end in sight, LOL

But I will say you may think a Virtual Race, not much too it LOL They are far more work to put together, organize and promote than you'd think. Seriously, it's been like a part time job on top of the school, LOL
Oh, well it could have been worse. I could have picked a boring project, at least this one has held my interest!

I created one more slide show video for the project, you can see it above. My sister, her kids and her trail running friends helped me with a photoshoot to obtain all the images. You've probably seen some of the other images they helped me as I included them in several blog posts that I created to guest post on other blogs. LOL Yes, that's another reason why you haven't heard from me, I wanted to make sure all the blog posts on other blogs were different or worded differently to avoid google rankings blacklistings or anything with copied posts! (Yup, I would never do that to my friends!!)

I can't wait to be done with everything on my thesis! Fingers crossed I survive the week!!! Not playing for 3 weeks of the summer at all, is slightly killing me LOL *Keep telling self, it will be worth it LOL*

Tell me something you've done that I've missed while having to be a thesis writing hermit this past month?

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