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It's about time I offer a giveaway for Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Races.  I'm going to skip right to the point and make it easy for you.

Below you will find a Raffelcopter form with several options to enter. Select one or all, or come back daily to earn additional entries, that's it!

NOTE: If you have already registered for this race and you are the winner you will be refunded your original registration price and be given the free race entry.

Above pictured is the medallion and t-shirt you will earn for participating in the race. For those who know what a Virtual Race is, here is the Rafflecopter to enter. For those who need additional information on this race, scroll down below to find out more.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How does a virtual race work?
You register for a race distance, then train and come event week you run, walk or hike your way to your goal. You pick your own course, and you can complete the distance at ANY pace you prefer fast or slow it is entirely your choice. In return like a street race, you will be provided with a race t-shirt, finishers medallion, and race bib to show off your accomplishments. Need more details? You can learn more HERE.

Also, Virtual Races are not only fun motivation for yourself, but they can also be fun for the whole family. A healthy competition among friends or co-workers or a great way for your kids to have fun being active and earn a finisher's medallion for their accomplishments.

Are you already training for a big road race this fall? Virtual races can be great motivation to stay on track and earn some extra bling for your long training runs!

Want a guaranteed spot in the race? REGISTER HERE and use promo code FUNRUN15 for 15% off the registration price.  Or learn more HERE. If you register now and are the winner of this giveaway as stated above you will be refunded your registration price.
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