Hiking Snow Canyon Overlook Trail

Travel Tuesday posts have always been my favorite. Funny story about this hike, I have lived just down the road from this trail for nearly two years now, and I've always thought about taking but only just recently tried it out for the first time. Let me tell ya, I can't believe it took me this long, these views are amazing!

This hike, can be hard to locate, to find it you begin at the Red Canyon trailhead, which is located in Southern Utah, St. George area for those who may be nearby looking for something spectacular to see.

When should you do this hike? Well, personally I thought early morning was the best, as you can see the sun is at a perfect location lighting up those beautiful red and white canyons within Snow Canyon.
Snow Canyon is often referred to as a mini Zion National Park, for those who have hiked Angel's Landing or Observation Point within Zion and have experienced the stunning canyon view, you may notice some similarities and see why Snow Canyon and this viewpoint is occasionally referred in that way.

The Snow Canyon Overlook hike is about 5.2 Miles long round trip. It is a fairly easy climb up on a well-traveled trail. You begin at the Red Mountain trailhead and follow it about 2 miles, until you see the overlook fork in the trail, at that point, you will take the left fork another 1/2 mile to the overlook.

This trail is able to be accessed year round, however, if visiting in the summer or during the hotter months and warmer parts of the day, make sure you bring water.
Take your time, and enjoy the view, the panorama is definitely worth a little enjoyment once you arrive!

Have you been to Snow Canyon before?
If you are in the St. George, Utah area is this a hike you may enjoy?
FYI: If you're a runner, the St. George Marathon passes right by this trailhead!

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