Hello Again

It's been a while, I tried really hard to keep my blog up while I was going back to school and getting my degree's. But it ended up being kinda impossible, but I did my best.
Then I graduated thinking hey, maybe I'll get the blog going fulltime again, and to be honest I didn't have it in me. Facetime around a screen was less and less a priority, instead of exploring and enjoying life seemed like a better way to spend my free time.

It was easier to keep up my blogs Instagram account, and if you follow me there, you likely saw many wonderful images and adventures. I've also periodically popped up on my Twitter feed.

However, despite my absence, I have always wanted to get my blog going again. But decided if I was going to do it, things needed to be different.
I no longer have the time I did before to dedicate to it, so it was time for a new plan.

This blog will still be the adventures of me Runaway Bridal Planner, I am still a runner and I have high hopes of getting back to my 50 states and D.C. marathon goal this year, and I hope to share much of that on this blog.

Meanwhile, hiking has become a huge part of my life. I've always been a hiker, but a once a week hike turned into once a day and sometimes 2-3 times a day 50-60 miles hiked a week...

Granted, I did take a dream job for the past 8 months, and hiking and taking tourists on hiking, kayaking, SUP or other adventures was my job. (I know, it's hard work, but someone has to do it, LOL) Yes, they actually pay people to take people on adventures and it is by far the greatest job I will have ever had.

Catching up.

I mentioned above I've been a hiking guide in southern Utah, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park were just a few of my cubicles, and my office views looked a lot like this each day.

When I wasn't hiking for work, I was hiking on my own. Why? Because life is better when it's explored. Here are a few of my favorite destinations I hit up.

I also was able to do a little of my other hobby and got some backpacking in, when you're 20-30 miles on foot into area's that you already have to drive 40-100 miles down dirt 4x4 roads, and you don't have to see anyone else for miles, well life is just the best then!

Of course, I also know how to kick back and relax doing a little SUP, Kayaking, Fishing or Camping.

It wasn't all play, I made sure to take some time to enlighten the mind with some reading.

Additionally, I have been an Ambassador in the Hikerbabes Community and started up the Southern Utah Hikerbabes chapter. We had some fun times on our group hikes each month.

The biggest change is, after living in Southern Utah in the hot desert sun for the past 2 1/2 years, I am putting my coat on and moving to northern Utah.

Literally two days after I was here, my sister took me out on a birthday snowshoe hike and I had a foot fall into a hole and have a slight hairline fracture. So for the first time in years, I am forced to take a short break. I'm hoping a few weeks off will help it heal. In the meantime, I was having some insane tendon problems since September, and this force of getting off my feet may be helping that as well. Sometimes things happen for a reason!

Regardless, I'm looking forward to starting up the new Wasatch and Uinta Mtn. Hikerbabes group here in Northern Utah. If you live near or vacation near these mountain ranges, you should join our group. You can find out group events and details on this page HERE.

As for my blog changes.
If you like outdoors, you will see many pictures and posts about exploring the north southwest. Additionally, tips and information about hiking.
Between going back to school for Recreation Management and being a Hiking Guide, I realized many even experienced hikers make some major and very stupid mistakes while out on the trails, so I think it will be fun to share my 2 cents on it and offer some tips.

For now, I may leave my comments on. However, in the future, I am toying with the idea of turning comments off. I want to think about that more first.

That's probably enough for now.  Happy Adventures friends!! I look forwad to being back!

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