Why you should explore on foot!

Sometimes you will find I will tell you where a location is. Other times, like today I will not share the exact location.

Why? Well if I did then it would just increase the traffic and eventually, these lesser-known sweet spots will be crowded with people like you find in the national parks, and pretty much any cool trail people tag on Instagram.

That and if I shared the location on my blog my small group of friends who go out to find these hidden gems would quit sharing their finds with me because I'd be a whistleblower of sorts LOL.

All I will tell you is, this location is in Utah and I visited it last month.

Sometimes the best locations do not have trails to get to. However, even without trails, you still need to be careful where you are walking to keep your trace to a minimum.

Sometimes, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Like this location for instance, if I hadn't known to look around I would have missed this beautiful unique natural feature.

My pictures don't exactly do it justice. Those drip marks down the rocks, that is the black crust top dripping like paint into the nearly pure white rock below.

The swirls, swipes, and drip marks of yellows and grays were quite brilliant. My camera didn't pick up how bright that yellow really was.

Now I could give you an entire geography lesson on how it was formed, but I will spare you and just say this about this location:
It may look like a slot canyon, but believe it or not, it actually isn't.
However, it was formed by winds, rains, and floods throughout the years.

I'll tell you another funny fact about this location. Thousands of people flock to an even more popular trail near here, for one of the worlds best bucket list items. They pass by this canyon on their way to it, never realizing it is there.
Why? A couple of reasons, one is the other location has become too popular and it's on nearly every hiker's bucket list.
But also, because if it's not on the maps, and there are no trail markers, and fewer people are tagging it on social media, it can still remain a slightly hidden gem.

Happy hiking my friends!
Hope you can find lesser-known treasures like this on your journeys!

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