Not so Sleepless in Seattle

Downtown Seattle at Night
      I just returned from a trip to Seattle with my sister and my adorable niece Brinley.  We expected Seattle to be full of rain, but we didn't even get to experience a drop.  It ended up being fabulous weather, so no complaints.
However, I must say that one unexpected part of this trip was all of the rude people.  I think that Seattle was by far one of the rudest cities I have been to yet.  My sister also agrees, she had her baby in a stroller and no one would let her off the train at the airport, she had to yell to get them to let her off.  As we were walking up the streets of downtown, we had to be extra careful as so many drivers ignore a red light and decided that they would just hit the gas and or make a turn right into us because we had a stroller.  Completely insane!  This was one of my first trips since last October where I didn't run a Marathon.  Actually it was a free trip that I had won from a previous job...  However, aside from the countries rudest people, we had a great trip, Seattle is beautiful and we enjoyed going through Pikes Market Street, we both wished we could buy beautiful flower bouquets in Utah for the prices we could get them there!

     Additionally, I am getting really close to getting my first book ready to send to try my luck with getting it published.  My book is and actually has been finished for quite a while.  Oddly, of all things the hardest part for me has been getting the cover letter and the author questionnaire filled out.  One would assume, if I can write a 370 page novel, what is so hard about a cover letter?  Well, I have heard that they don't even read your book if you don't completely capture their attention in the cover letter first.  So I'm taking additional time to make sure I get it just right...   Wish me luck!

     Last, wedding season is full in bloom.  We kicked off the beginning of our season last weekend.  Made a family very happy with our work.  (I:ll never get tired of hearing people tell me they love my decorating work and how they loved receiving so many compliments on it throughout their special day!)  Between now and the end of August we have 18 weddings to get through.  I suspect a few more last minute ones (like always) will come along as the weeks progress.  Thank goodness I love decorating for weddings and events!  I LOVE what I do!!

View of Seattle

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